Lord Rama History - Kalki | Translated by Mukundaraj
Lord Rama History. Kalki reveals the real history of His previous incarnation as Sree Rama. Most important scene from the first part.

Lord Rama History – Kalki | Translated by Mukundaraj

Lord Rama History: Revealed by Kalki. Most important scene from the first part. Sree Rama says “In a battle, when Queen save King’s life and wife save husband’s life, no need to give boon. The boon should not be given for carrying out the duties because both are duties. The boon should not be given for carrying out the duties. The King has no right to give boon to the queen at any time for the help she had done in the war. The wife need not be given boon for saving the life of the husband.

Sree Rama said “Here Dasharatha is the first accused because he gave the boon which is not deserved for him. Ma Kaikeyi is the second accused because she was the reason for the citizen going orphan, administration of the state getting shattered, she misused the boon which was given to her and she was the reason for not understanding the righteousness and it caused misconception in the thoughts of the citizen. Manthara is the third accused because she was encouraging to do all these. In administration of justice,righteousness is in this order. King kindly excuse.”Rajasabha was astonished to hear the verdict of Sree Rama which was logical and ethical.

English translation of യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ശ്രീരാമ ചരിതം: പ്രഥമഘട്ട സുപ്രധാന രംഗം – കല്‍കി.

Translated by Mukundaraj


It has been my privilege to meet Kalki in the year 1991. From thereon I was in a deep research about Kalki. I have presented a seminar on Metempshychoses at Calcutta Univerisity Centenary Auditorium on 19-1-2014.

The original text of “THE REAL HISTORY OF SREE RAMA” which was written by Kalki in Malayalam was really a challenge and opportunity before me to translate it into English. I am sure I did not make as it is but I suppose I could complete it successfully within my limitations from the best of my knowledge and I am glad to present this translated English version. May this be a good guide to all the seekers of truth.

(Another translation by Sreemathy Ajitkumar is available here ).

First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugdharma Magazine in 2000 written by Kalki, later on it was published as book by Kalkipuri publication in 2008. latest internet edition is available.


“I respect the fundamental right to know what actually happened. I have only that good intention.” – Kalki.

Historical Evidences

Ganyamaay Athanmunnai Manithanaay (1):10:3)
Kadamaiyathu Maaraamal Irukkavendi (1):10:4
Vendithaan SreeRaman Avataramkondu (1):11:1
Vehumsirappai Arakkarkalai MaithavanNee (1):11:2
Kaanappin Thaithanthai Thunaikalkkum (1)11:3
Ganyamaay Ottrumayaay Kadamaimaara (1):11:4
Maaraamal Avarkaludan Anbaaynintraay (1):12:1
Makkalellaam Purunthittar Amaithiyode (1):12:2

Before Sree Krishna, Kalki incarnated as Sree Rama (7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) for the fulfillment of real welfare rule. At that time, You have destructed evil forces and practically implemented the real welfare rule and proved how to do the duties and responsibilities between family members and people as per justice and morality with their position in the country. Lord Shiva informed. Read More

Kalki says "Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now."
“Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now” Kalki

Kalki says "Not to disgrace is the real graceness."

“Not to disgrace is the real grace” Kalki

Kalki Reveals the Real Facts

What is the difficulty for those to mutilate the history of incarnation by adding false stories who did not preserve the real photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna (7th  & 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu)?
From an ocean of innumerable people, how can one man be distinguished from another?
Though the general outward appearance may be the same, each individual has a distinct face, shape, structure, finger prints etc. It is only a universal truth that these factors differentiate one from another.
Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are the 7th and 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu. But at the same time Kings and humans. During their times also there were talented artists and sculptors. But the original statues and portraits of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now. So the artists used their imagination and portrayed in different forms, colours etc. as Sree Rama and Sree Krishna. If the original idol and portraits of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are available, then will the present portraits and idols made by several artists and sculptures with different image, face, physical structures and colour be accepted?
If so then, is it that tough to mutilate the real history of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna by adding contemptuous and imagined stories?
The real portrait of Gandhiji is available now then there is no need to draw any picture of his from one’s own imagination and imagine as it is of Gandhiji, if so done then it will be a real disgrace for him.

real facts of hinduism-kalki

Real History of Sree Rama

Kalki Reveals the Real History of His Previous Incarnation as Sree Rama. Most Important Scene from the First Part.

Situation: Dasharatha, the King of Ayodhya has decided to coronate his son Sree Rama as the Prince. The coronation day was also declared. Citizens are fully involved in the celebration. While the arrangements for the coronation was going on…

Kalki reveals what has really happened

”Crowned Prince Rama ! King is requesting to see you ” Sumantra informed the command of Dasharatha to Sree Rama.

” I am ready!” Sree Rama replied by keeping the manners of hospitality.

While on the move —

” Return soon. Arrangements are getting ready. Isn’t that there are only few days for coronation”?

Sita was in contemptuous while she was dressing up.

” All right” Rama replied.

“We will move” Sree Rama told Sumantra while going out from the chamber of the palace.

” Anything special? ” Sree Rama enquired.

” It seems like the King is experiencing excruciating feeling of emotions. Tears troubling eyes, filled with sadness, dishelvelled hairs, careless dressing, the atmosphere of the fort – All indicates that the King is in jeopardy over something. But I don’t know what actually the problem is! I could hear only that Queen Kaikeyi is in a state of displeasure. I don’t know much about it.”
Sumantra informed only what he had known from the suspicious situations.

” Umm!” Sree Rama did not say anything more.

On reaching the palace, Sree Rama entered the inner chamber to see Dasharatha.

” My son ….Rama” As soon as Dasharatha saw Rama, quite contrary to the usual, he groaned in agony and embraced Rama.

Just as Sumantra described, Dasharatha has totally changed but Sree Rama was unperturbed. With trembling lips, shaky hands and staggering steps, aged King Dasharatha told Rama like these…..

” Rama ! I am trapped in a vicious circle, tell me a solution by yourself. As righteousness should be the base of our deeds and you are the crowned King and righteous man so you should give a verdict. According to Kings diplomacy, I have not informed these to anyone .―

” Kindly let me know , what exactly the matter is! ”

Rama enquired with grace and profound gesture, as if Dasharatha is more than a father to him.

” Rama! Let me ask one thing before revealing the matter ! I am the father of Rama and the King of Ayodhya. As you are the crowned King and you are my son aswell, so whose word will you obey ? The Kings or the fathers ? ”

Though Dasharatha was serious but anxiety was storming him.

” I am the crowned King and so I will obey the King words only if it is beneficial to the well-being of the people, prosperity, if it is according to the morality of the state and righteousness, if they are morally and ethically right. I will obey the words of father only if it is legitimate to the righteousness of the family relations, positions and if it is helping the well-being of the citizens, practically and lawfully. Fathers words also should be obeyed. For words there should not be any attachments or discriminations like King or father. I will obey the King and father only if it is righteous and according to the authority of positions. There is no importance to individual and attachments. Importance is to the individual who is upholding the positions, justice and righteousness ” Sree Rama informed humbly.

” I am happy!!Rama is the right person! For becoming the King , Rama is the right person! People of Ayodhya are lucky to have him!!!” Dasharatha repeated these in ecstasy.

Few minutes back , Dasharatha who was like the drunken the bitter of repentness was now seen cheered up.

” Long time ago the King has given a boon in words to one of the Queens but later that Queen is claiming the King to fulfil the boon. If the Queen has demanded something against the crisis of ruling,morality of the state and prosperity of the citizens then, does King has the responsibility to fulfil that boon righteously ?.” Dashradhan asked again while arranging his clothes . Dasharatha is using his course of action as an allusion.

“A King should not do nothing against the administration of the state, welfare rule and righteousness. There is no authority for the King and Queen to act against the security of the country and peoples prosperity. The country is not families asset. Family exists only if the country exists. The King power should not be used for selfishness, unrighteosness and against the moral of the state .”
Sree Rama continued.

” The King and Queen etc are all designations. Whoever may be in such positions then they will have the authorities for that positions. There is no authority for an individual. Authority is only for positions. Individual will have only human rights. A person power is depending only upon the basis of his positions. An individual who is in that position, at any cost should not misuse the designated powers for selfishness. Power should not be misused for personal likes, dislikes and for personal gains. Individual who is bestowed in any positions should not try anything which is undeserved andunauthorized. ”

” Individual will have only human rights and don’t have their own powers. Individual which ever position he is, then at that particular time he has only certain designated powers vested on him. Power is only for the positions he holds and so there is no power for individual. Individual will have only human rights and this is the righteousness and the morality of the state. ”

” King, Queen, Prime Minister, Commander, Mother, Father, Physicians etc are designations. There are certain structures and powers for each positions. For each posts which a individual(male or female)have powers is according to that positions. Individual should work according to that positions and as per the prescribed protocol. Otherwise there will be misuse in power, corruption and unrighteousness will prevail. ”

“ Powers of position of the Queen is the position of the woman, who is the wife of the male who bears the position of the King. Husband, wife etc are the positions included in the family. King, Queen etc are the positions included in the nation.”

” Always, priority for the nation is most important. A nation exists only when our culture and, relations exists with importance.Any country which is not built upon the proud pillars of its own culture then the citizens will have to suffer slavery from the foreign rule. This slavery is in two ways. One is from the foreign ruling and the second is the slavery from foreign culture. That is the reason importance is given to the nation than to the family.Any country will have their own culture. Its victory lies in maintaining it unadulteratedA strong country can only maintain its own culture. Foreign occupation leads to foreign culture taking roots in that soil. For safe guarding the nation from insurrection, King, Queen, Ministers, staffs and moreover citizens should be more alert. ”

” The members of the family has the right only for the matters within the family. The merits and demerits of the family is limiting within the family. Every individual is a member in the family and at the same time individual is also the citizen of the country. All the citizens is included in the nation. The problem of the country will affect all the citizens ,whereas family issues will affect only the family members. ”

” Nobody should misuse and control the King, who is the member of the family and nobody should control position and relation of the individual who is included in the same family as a King. The security, future, fame, progression and well-being of the country is vested in the King. At any cost,the King should not surrender and get influenced by the ignorance , greed, desires and cunningness of the family members. ”

” He should put his family members at its place. If they reach to the state of deciding the countries issues then it means the King has become inactive. That should not happen and it should not be allowed. Kings inactiveness is a danger to the nations security, well-being and future of the country so King without getting attached to his family, he should protect himself. Then only the citizens will be protected. If father and mother is not alert in their life then the situation of their children will be in danger and so King and Queen should give more attention the nations existence and prosperity. They should work only as per the wishes of the Kingdom. ”

“When a person get married, he will have wife who is a concern of that family alone. But for the Kingpin, his wife itself is a Queen and they are again included as individual in this country. The individual,who is the King is also holding positions in the family as son, brother, husband, uncle etc. Similarly Queen will also be holding the positions like daughter, sister, wife , mother etc in the family.”

” The wrong doers of the Queen has to be beared by the citizens. But, the wrong doers of the wife should only be beared by husband and the family members. The same women has the position of the Queen in state administrations and position of wife in family matters. Maturity is the most important. A King should be aware that the Queen personal flaws like ardent desire, wishes, greed, ego, selfishness, arrogance in power etc will threaten the country. King should only fulfil the Queen wishes in an equanimous mind and in a righteous way, accordingly state administration should also be taken into account for the likes and well-being of the citizens. King should have strong idealistic principles. The individual who is bearing the position of the King should be alert throughout and should not get influenced by women, relations, positions and facilities. Moreover observation by the citizens is at the most important. ”

” The positions of King and Queen are designations. When the women with the position of Queen has the man with the position of King as her husband then the citizen will see a father, protector, son, friend etc in the King. Similarly, when the man with the position of the King has position of a Queen as his wife then the citizen will see a mother, sister etc in a Queen. The prime duty of the King and Queen is to safe guard the citizens through the state administrations and according to the righteous ways .”

” Therefore, the King and Queen should not do nothing against statesmanship and protection of citizens in the name of boon which has given long time ago. If the Queen has wished so then it should be understood that she is in the trap of some traitorous influence or supporting the wicked minds to shatter the country and to create instability in the ruling by deceiving her. Accordingly, Queen and those who are the reason behind the treason should be given an exemplary punishments by investigating and cross-examining infront of the chief among ministers, authority persons and the facts should be revealed to the citizens. If it has not done so then the King is betraying his own country through the Queen. Its repercussion is that the country will be divided and the reward is citizens curse.” The explanations of Sree Rama was making clear that he is a true statesman and a judge, this made Dasharatha relaxed.

” The answer is very correct ! The people of Ayodhya is lucky to have Rama as the King !! No doubt ! Really fortunate !!!” After making a pause, Dasharatha commanded Sumantra to see him.

In no time Sumantra came.

” Tomorrow itself make arrangements togather rajasabha and special arrangements for citizens also should be made for their involvement. ” Dasharatha ordered Sumantra.

In the mean while….

” But to call rajasabha in a hurry…..” Sree Rama enquired with humbleness.

” Everything will be revealed in the rajasabha.” Dasharatha gave the reply suddenly but then made a pause, observed his son in meaningful way. Then ordered commander to see him.

” I wanted to see Vasishta , the moral advisor of the state and call the queens as well. ” Dasharatha sighed heavily and then informed Sumantra.

In the mean time commander came and saw Dasharatha.

” Nobody should leave the place. There should be high security and alertness throughout the border.” King Dasharatha ordered the commander.

” Sree Rama should stay here. ” Dasharatha informed as Rama was about to leave the palace.

” As you wish.” Rama paid obeisances with clasping hands and withdrawn from Dasharatha.

Next day morning in the Rajasabha –

The King is solemning the palace. That sound has echoed the rajasabha.

The King entered the court. Members of the rajasabha stood , wished with clasping hands and made jubiliant acclamations. The King throned to the seat.

” Everybody please sit.” Members of the court obeyed Dasharatha , who was also the chairman of the rajasabha.

” Sit down Rama.” Sree Rama was sitting next to Dasharatha and he observed Rama with affection. Sree Rama was accompanied by Sita, Queen and Lakshmana was sitting next to Rama.Eminent ministers, important persons, advisors, authorities who were to execute laws and citizens was also present with special permission.

” Today is the crucial and also the important day in the history of Ayodhya. If there is a full moon day then there should be a new moon day too. Crime and punishments, accordingly investigation is also necessary.” As an introduction, the King Dasharatha informed the court after taking the initial steps.

Dasharatha stealed glances at Kaikeyi in the gap. She happened to give a special attention than on the other days because of her pale face and there was a indescribable quivering expressions of afraidness on her face.

” Sree Rama is going to crown as the King within two days and it is an opportunity for the citizens and rajasabha to know his diplomacy, skills in truthfulness and righteous,dutifulness and punctuality so rajasabha was called today immediately for a specific reason. ” The King of Ayodhya continued.

” In keeping witness of the court, Rama should answer to all my questions with intergrity and the persons who gathered here can opine .” Everybody became happy ,attentive and happy over the official statement of Dasharatha. Nobody is knowing what is going on and everybody was perplexed and surprised and it was alternatively shadowing in them. ”

” What is meant by King and Kingdom? ” Dasharatha asked the question

” Citizens belongs to the nation and King is the representative of the citizens for the righteousness. In a particular region with well defined boundaries, the citizens are living strongly with their own culture, administration of the state and it can be said geographically about the citizen of the country. It is the citizens who entrust the King to rule through the welfare ruling for their own well-being and to use the state administration in a righteous way,that important position which the citizens has allowed in a country and that position is the King. The individual who is in the position of King should only use the powers of the state for the well-being of the citizens.” Sree Rama answered it
seamlessly. Everybody became silent and was keenly hearing it.”

” How should be the King? ” Dasharatha again questioned.

” The King should be righteous. Goodness of intention and righteousness in duties should be the part of life. He should not be bonded with the family relations and should not have no affection towards any one. While maintaining humbleness and moral character within,he should also be strong and unselfish. He should also be aware of the important general needs of the citizens from time to time.He should utilize the administration of the state perfectly for the well-being of the people. The position of the King is not personal so he should always obey the position of the King. The individual who is in the position of the King should always obey that position. The King should always know that it is the citizens who should benefit from his position of King. Exact wisdom is that to have the consciousness about his own position. The state administration should be implemented righteously. The protection of citizen is not a business and ruling is not the source of income. A King should not use citizen as a tool for his business. King should not expect anything from citizen and should not be done anything in business interests. He should not do nothing for financial gains through the administration of the state. Ruling is only for the well-being of the citizens. King is a protector and shelter to the citizens. ” Rama answered.

” Then how should be the citizens ? ” Dasharatha asked.

” Citizens should be the governance of righteousness. The King is like the righteousness of the sun and citizens are like its rays. ” Rama replied humbly.

” Then how should be the administration. ” Dasharatha continued his question.

” The administration should be for the well-being. The administration is only for implementing the well-being for citizens in the righteous way. The importance should be given to the basic needs of their life. The changes should be understood according to the age and implement the needs as per the rules and morals of the state. Mordern technologies and defence is the most important. King should not buy debit and should not make the citizens into the trap of the debit. If the welfare rule has not implemented, then the citizens will appear to be owners but in effect they will be the tenants and in reality a stranger. ” Everybody was satisfied with the explanations which Sree Rama has delivered about the state administrations.

” How should be the King when the governance is in crisis ? ” King Dasharatha asked the question to the nominated King .

” The King should be righteous and matured enough to give importance to the well-being of the citizens and he should directly control the state administration. The citizens should get administration of justice from the state. Inorder to make the governance implemented in a easy way, it should be organized and arranged in a powerful way. The King should confidently address the people. The reasons for the crisis should be discussed with the chief of the ministers and whoever is necessary , it should end in exact conclusion and the opinions of the people should be known at all times. For the solutions, King should directly authorize the experienced. After the detailed discussions and analyzing, definite solutions has to be taken.The same has to be known to the citizens and their decision has to be understood. The defence has to be strengthened, network of informers should be spreaded for espionage. Then, it should be followed by practical solutions to solve the crisis and logical decisions has to be taken to solve the difficult situations. But here, one thing is important, the crisis is only for the ruling but not to the consciousness of the King. ” The answers of Sree Rama has inspired all the members in the rajyasabha and Dasharatha also felt enthusiastic but only Kaikeyi was seen in discomfiture.

” When the King himself is the husband and how can one fulfil own word at different positions from father to various positions and how to fulfil his duties at different positions ? ” Dasharatha asked Rama.

” Promises and fulfillment of duties should be fulfilled in a righteous way. There is no difference for fulfilling promises in regard to King or father. The King, father etc is the same individual who is holding different positions. So righteousness in the individual is the basic for keeping up the promises. Pledging the words means fulfilling the duties. For a King his kingdom and citizens and as a father his wife and children or families are different positions to fulfil the duties accordingly. King should not get undue attachments to the country or to its citizens, similarly father should not have undue attachements towards his wife and children. One can fulfil the word only if they have good intentions and should be righteous in following the moral of the state. One should not get surrendered to the affection. If we surrender to affection then there will be a tendency for dependency and it will lead to destruction. Then the knowledge of wisidom will not get enlightened. ” Sree Rama continued with tender words which is his innate qualities. ”

” When fulfilling the words the King should follow the morality and righteousness of the state and father should follow the morality as a father. ” The words of Sree Rama was heavy but the speech was tender and it was encouraging for the members of the court.

” How should be the Queen ? ” The King of Ayodhya, Dasharatha’s next question.

” Queen belongs to the country and wife is of the family. The important goal of the Queen is to bring prosperity and well-being of the country. The Queen is one who should help the King in regarding the security of the state, service to the citizens and help in implementing all his matters. It is the duty of the Queen to see that King should not be enmeshed in the family matters, it is the duty of the Queen to do all the needed for the King to get involved in the country matters and it is her duty to give a moral support wisely. In any crisis, the Queen should give courageous support to the King. The Queen should not stand against the will and moral of the state. ”

” All wives should be righteous. Women is a companion who stands up for the righteousness and so Queen should be righteous. ” The explanation of Sree Rama made Vasishta more happy.

” If there are some Queens and in them there are many sons, whom should be crowned as the King ? ” Dasharatha observed everybody in the court and again questioned.

The members of the court looked each other with anxiety. Kausalya and Sumantra was not knowing what was happening and so was anxious but Kaikeyi was seen shadowing with afraid and anxiety.

” The King who should be the role model for the citizen should do the deeds based on righteousness. If the King who leads the nation, himself has many wives and in them many sons, then it is definitely not according to righteousness, culture and the moral of the state because there should be only one wife for an individual. This is the inviolable rule of the nature. Then only our life will be based on culture and moral values and principles. A country should definitely follow this rule. Ancestors might have done wrong paths but a knowledgeable persons should not follow it and should not pave path for the bad culture. If the persons didn’t hold the cultural values then unrighteousness will prevail in the country. In order not to happen such a situations, the King himself should hold moral values in his life and should be the role model to the citizen. That is the culture of Sanathana Dharma that which pertains to the sages. King , kindly excuse me! ” The explanations of Sree Rama has evoked everybody with different expression and at the same time anxiety and fear was seen on the faces of the people in the court. Rama stopped a while and looked at Dasharatha.

” You can continue. The words of my son, who is a righteous idol is leading me to ecstasy. No need to get afraid , quickly continue. My son can criticize my unrighteous deeds ! you can put me to trial!!you can sentence me!!!.” Dasharatha knows clearly the righteousness in Rama, who is his affectionate son and encouraged him. Vasishta eyes was seen overflowing with satisfaction. The people in the court has welcomed the pledge of Sree Rama and Dasharatha in protecting the righteousness and at the same time he was exemplary.
Sree Rama continued.

” One who consider state administration as the preceptor, duty as father, protection as mother, responsibilities as children, righteousness as wealth, good intention as truth, evolution as the nature of creation, citizens as nation, principles as the path, wisidom based on truth and good intention as guidance, well-being as the goal, nonviolence as his sibilings, unrighteousness and corruption as his enemies, practicality as his foundation, morality, humbleness and selfishness as characters, one who is self observing and does not get influenced by affection, love and satisfaction as reward. Moreover those who have true devotion towards Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who is accompanied by Parvathi Devi and Lakshmi and who has such qualities as mentioned above should only be nominated as the King . ” Sree Rama continued with unbiased.

” King is not the one that should be got through inheritance. Maturity, selfishness, no compromise in implementing laws, efficiency, practicality, moral life, logical insight, courage, moral character, hardwork, good intention, pure devotion, alertness of a student, should be sharp in duties and should have the skills to implement the well-being for the citizens, should have eager to gain knowledge, should have determination that well-being is his own matter. Alertness, ego and righteousness are those general qualities for the eligibility of a King.”
Sree Rama, the seventh incarnation is scripting the important chapter in the history of administration of justice. Anxiety and curiosity has evoked in all the Queens except Kaikeyi and Dasharatha, Vashistan,who is the moral advisor of the state, chief of the ministers, the members of the rajasabha, citizens, other important dignitaries and in Lakshmana and Sita. Everybody was blurred and so they observed with curiosity.

” Your explanations is great!! ” The words of Rama was accepted by Dasharatha with full gratification.

” My dear son! Kindly give answer to the next question perfectly. ” Dasharatha continued.

” Let us imagine that the King has decided to crown his son who has all the qualities, which you have mentioned now and the date,time for coronation was also proclaimed. In the mean time , let us imagine the Queen is putting forth a particular demand with her selfishness that long years back , one of the Queen had helped the King in a battle and the king has promised that she could ask for two boons as a reward for her good deed. ” Dasharatha made a pause so as to arouse the curiosity of the listeners in the rajasabha.

” The indifferent wish of Queen is to sent the proclaimed King , who is noble and enriched with good qualities to exile the forest for a particular period and then make her son the King!!!This is the abnormal need of the Queen!!!. ” The words of Dasharatha has silenced the rajasabha.

It is the state of witnessing the unexpected incidents. Ayodhya has not faced such a plight before. In the mean time the words of Dasharatha has shaked the raja sabha.

” Oh Rama! What should be the decision of the King in accordance with the moral rule of the state? ”

Everybody’s attention then turned up to Kaikeyi. Her restleness , afraid , the panic gestures made everybody the reason to feel dubious on her.Vasishta has liked the Kings style of presenting the matter in an allusioned way. Vasishta is the advisor of the King and so he had known it before. So his presence is important in protecting the righteousness. Lakshmana was also immersed in the thoughts. Sita intently looked at Rama. The people was very eager and attentive in every word.Rama continued in the atmosphere which is filled with happiness and afraidness.

” Opinions can be changed but decisions should be implemented and followed. Here, the eligible son was decided and proclaimed to coronate then definitely King has to fulfil the words given to the citizens without any delay.The King should decide a efficient predecessor for the ruling and it is the right of the citizens.The most important duty of the King is to sustain the rights of the citizens and to protect them.” Sree Rama looked at the people calmly and then continued.

” A woman is getting married for procreation and as a companion for the righteous living and then she should be protected as a wife. So a wife and husband should not claim each other and should not do nothing against the righteousness.” The verdict of Sree Rama has become the most auspicious in the history of Bharatha. The people has recognized the ignorancy which has prevailing for a long time and it paved a true path for attaining success and wisdom to the entire Bharatha.

The members of the rajyasabha has become proud of Sree Rama’s administrations of justice which was unbiased and with courage.
Rama continued.

“Actually , King and Queen are also the citizens. The King and Queen are the representatives of the people. Though timely help of the Queen has saved the life of the King and she was the reason for conquering the battle but the King should not give promises to fulfil her desired wishes in that name because saving Kings life and making way for the success in the battle is like saving ones own life from the enemies and that is the duty of every citizen. So the King should not give the promises to Queen in that name. Rather her timely help should be appreciated and she should be given higher positions for her courage because by appreciating, it is making clear from the incident that every citizen has the equal position in safeguarding the nation. Not only that trying to save her husband from the edge of the life is the righteousness of a wife. While following the righteousness path there is no need to give promises. There is no authority for a comman man to fulfil the wishes by giving promises and this is the important matter which the King has ignored. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, important Lords, enlightened spiritual great souls like avathars (incarnations) has only right to give boons to fulfil any needs.Nothing that could give a wrong message of vanity and pride should be given by the King himself because he should be a role model for the people. ”

For a while Sree Rama looked at the rajyasabha, especially on Dasharatha and Kaikeyi and then continued.

” For the only reason that the life was saved then King as a individual should personally fulfill the two boons if the King has given such promises. But individuals does not have powers of the state, only position of the King has the authority.”

” Though the beggar in the street has only the basic rights but when the beggar becomes the King then there will be changes in the authority. Therefore authorities is for the position. When powers is bestowed onto such individuals then he should not assume that authority is for the individual or it is the power of the individual.In the same way, the King will also have only limited powers but as a position of the King he is the supreme authority of the state. ” Sree Rama explained the jurisprudence in accordance with righteousness of science.

According to the righteousness of the state, the King has no authority to fulfil the promise given to the Queen ,make her son the King and sent the crowned King who is enriched in moral qualities to exile forest. Individuals might have wife and children but for the position of the King there is only citizen. There is no wife and children for the position of the King, everybody are citizens. The service to the citizens can only be implemented through welfare rule. It is the right of the citizens to get the King who is enriched in moral qualities. So senting the mentioned crowned King to exile the forest and bestowing the unqualified person to the position of the King is actually like neglecting the rights of the citizens. ”

” If the Queen is requesting the crowned King to exile the forest for a long period then definitely she should be cross-examined for treason because when she is demanding her son to become the King then it is against the moral of the state. If so then the nation is losing a strong ruler, it will create anarchy and instability in the state. Well-being will be stopped and the enemies will conquer the state. As a result the demand of the Queen will destroy the Kingdom itself and so nobody should be a part of it instead exemplary punishment should be given to those involved in the conspiracy. Finally only one question remains! How can the words of Queen be fulfilled?”

Rama paused and then noticed Kaikeyi. She was quivering with fear.

” A father has no authority to ask his son to exile forest. Father and mother is not just creating offsprings but they are only making opportunity for the creation.Not only that, to live is ones human rights. Neither the father or the son has the authority to deprive their freedom of living but has right only to make opportunities for living. Then only it will become righteous. ”

The explanations has made everybody think, others were satisfied with the knowledge of Rama, rest of them were curious and interested. But some including Lakshmana felt it is a sign of bad omen.

” To fulfil one own words means righteousness. One should give and receive promises according to the righteousness. If it is righteous and ethical according to that position then only it should be followed. First of all it is undeserved to the self and secondly it is claimed without righteousness and so as a position of father, husband, King and personally it doesn’t have to be fulfilled. When the words was unrighteously given then the King should not have asked his son to exile the forest and it is like depriving the rights of the son from living. The King and the father are the same persons and so as the position of the father, the King has no right to do so.”

My son explanation is Good! Excellent!!‖The King Dasharatha was satisfied and expressed it vociferously.

” Great !” Vasishta also blessed.

” I would like to know the decisions of the sabha” Dasharatha has given a opportunity for the gatherings.

” We all agree fully to the judgement of Sree Rama” Everybody replied unanimously.

” If so then, I am going to inform a important decision ” Dasharatha continued.

” Queen Kaikeyi and vidushi Manthara should be locked in the prison immediately. Commander of the army has to carry out my order right now .”

The order of the Dasharatha has silenced everybody. In no second the rajasabha has dipped into sorrow. Everybody watched with apprehension and everybody gazed at each other. Only Vasishta was seen stable.Rama observed with alert. Kausalya and Sumithra got frightened . Kaikeyi became silent and sat looking downward.The commander of the army came with soldiers to implement the orders of the King with the chains and reached near Kaikeyi –

” King! kindly reveal!what is the reason for sentencing this punishment in this manner ? ” Rama requested with atmost humility.

” Dear Rama! So long I was presenting a true matter in an indirect way. Actually the matter which the Queen has asked me to fulfil the promises is requested by Kaikeyi directly to me. According to the righteousness of the state, I have not revealed this to anyone except Vasishta. Kaikeyi and Manthara has kept it secretly.” The King explained clearly.

” Long years back I have given two boons to Kaikeyi for helping me in the battle but now she has put a claim for those boons. She wants her son Bharatha to be made the King and secondly she wants Rama to exile forest for fourteen years. ”

Everybody in the rajasabha were like sprawling birds shot down by arrows. Kausalya, Sita and Lakshmana were grief struck. Everybody tried to self-disciplined because it was Kings court. Dasharatha continued.

” The enriched moral qualities of Rama is dear to me and for the citizens. Kaikeyi, inspite of being a Queen, if she had a crooked mind in sending Rama for exile then definitely she should be given an exemplary punishment. Not only that, Rama has loved her as his own mother. Rama did not do anything wrong but Kaikeyi has claimed that Rama should exile forest for fourteen years and so she is a disgrace to the whole of motherhood. She deserved punishment because she paved a way for misunderstanding our living way of Sanathana Dharma. ” The King Dasharatha declared the judgement.

The court was silent but they were rejoicing at the punishment sentenced to Kaikeyi and thereby inspired by the faith in the laws and righteousness and culture that pertaining to the sages of Bharatha.

In the mean time –

” King! You may kindly give me permission to make you hear some more matter. ” Sree Rama requested humbly.

” You can continue” said Dasharatha.

” In this circumstances,matha Kaikeyi should not be punished because right now Bharatha is not here so he should be called back and summoned before any action is taken otherwise Bharatha will feel that these are cooked up stories to snatch the Kings rule, if he thinks so then he cannot be blamed because the matter is serious and so why he was not made him known about this serious issue. So this question of Bharatha cannot be answered by any of the residents of Ayodhya . According to the rule and righteousness of the state. Bharatha should be called immediately. Till then Ma Kaikeyi and vidhushi Manthara should be kept in house arrest instead of the prison. Not only that, punishing them alone is not justice! ” Sree Rama continued.

” Exactly!My son is telling the truth .” Vasishta endorsed the justice words of Rama. The chief of ministers and members of the rajasabha also agreed to the decision of Rama.

The Queens, Lakshmana and including Sita has endorsed the words of Rama.

” Arrange to call back Bharatha at the earliest .” Dasharatha ordered Sumantra who is the chief of ministers.”

” King! There is a important matter in this. Kindly allow me to proceed. ” Sree Rama again requested the King.

” Rama is also righteous man in determining the judgement! Kindly proceed quickly. ” Dasharatha gave permission to continue.

” Here individuals are not sentenced but his deeds. The body which did the deeds is responsible for experiencing the punishment.” Rama continued.

” When passing verdict, not only the culprit who did the wrong but also the persons who were also the reason, inspiration and who led it to the circumstances should also be counted.”

” May be who did the wrong deeds will not be the culprit but who led it to the circumstances is the real culprit. If so then, who led to the circumstances for the wrong deeds has to give priority for experiencing the punishment. ” Sree Rama clearly stated.

” In considering the justice and the moral of the kingdom, I am the son of Dasharatha, King of Ayodhya represent Bharatha which is pertaining to the sages of Bharatha and I am the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is the protector is revealing that the actual culprit is the King Dasharatha. So as a King, the punishment cannot be sentenced by holding to that position and Dasharatha who is also my father is not eligible and don’t have authority to pass verdict for punishment because the King is the culprit and the first accused himself is passing the verdict in which he is also a part of it then how can the citizen believe that it will be according to rule and righteousness of the state?. King has no authority to fulfil Kaikeyi wishes in the name of victory over the battle. It is not necessary for the husband to give boons to the wife for saving his life because both are doing their duties. Kaikeyi is both wife and a citizen in positions and she could be given higher authorities in positions and respected, honoured for her good deeds but King and husband has no authorities in positions and respected, honoured for her good deeds but King and husband has no authority to give promises to fulfil their wishes for such a help. If so done, it will be like misusing the powers and it is against righteousness. If so then the nobility of words will be lost and because of ourselves the citizens will go astray. It is the peculiar power of the Lord to give a boon to fulfil any wishes.Among humans, descents ,sidhars and yogis used to do it but a ordinary human has no authority to give boons.”

The relationship of the family, King or ruler’s position will gain importance only if the well-being is implemented through the welfare rule according to the rule and righteousness of the state. This is what Sree Rama is practically proving here.

” Though surprise, afraid and anxiety was completely filled in the atmosphere but the fineness of silence has made a change.The members of the rajasabha observed Sree Rama with wonder.They suffocated because they couldn’t able to believe themselves. ” Sree Rama contined the judgement with ethics and righteousness.

“Here Dasharatha is the first accused because he gave the boon which is not deserved for him. Ma Kaikeyi is the second accused because she was the reason for the citizen going orphan, administration of the state getting shattered, she misused the boon which was given to her and she was the reason for not understanding the righteousness and it caused misconception in the thoughts of the citizen. Manthara is the third accused because she was encouraging to do all these. In administration of justice,righteousness is in this order.King kindly excuse.” Rajasabha was astonished to hear the verdict of Sree Rama which was logical and ethical.

” Well done!Rama! You are the actual King! You are the actual King! You are perfect!!.” Dasharatha wanted to uphold righteousness and came running, embraced Rama.

” I am happy ! The residents of Ayodhya are lucky !! By getting the righteous man, the residents of Ayodhya are lucky !!! ” Dasharatha became overwhelmed with joy and went on repeating it loudly.

“Commandable! The judgement of Sree Rama is righteous!! I am the moral advisor of the state and I am agreeing it ” Vasishta congratulated.

” I , the King of Ayodhya, Dasharatha proclaiming before the justice that I am the King of Ayodhya keeping witness of the citizen and handing over the position of King in this moment to Sree Rama, who is enriched in moral qualities and righeteousness .All rituals can be done accordingly on the dayof coronation.” Hail the King of Ayodhya!Hail Rama!!”

Dasharatha was over excited and continued.

” King Rama verdict me, who is the culprit and sentence me the punishment. Let this culture be the fertile land for justice, righteousness and fulfil your goal of seventh incarnation.” Dasharatha proclaimed like a King who won the battle with excitement. Victory to the King Rama! Victory to the King of Ayodhya!.

The rajasabha was filled with jubilant acclamations.

” Stop it.” The sudden command of Rama made the rajasabha still.

” I have reestablished dharma as the mission of the incarnation and not for power. I have just explained how righteousness should be according to the morality of the state independently.”

Sree Rama continued…

” When there is misconception in understanding righteousness clearly then to re-establish it is the actual establishment of dharma. Incarnation is for the same reason.Incarnation is not for killing a particular enemy.”

” Who am I to rule?. The Supreme authority of the creation, Lord Shiva is only ruling. He creates; protects; destroys; who am I in that ? Everything is the wishes of Lord Shiva who is accompanied by Parvathi Devi. What authority has this body and life to take responsibility of duties ? I am just modus operandi. Everything is His mission and ultimate decision of Lord Shiva.An Individual’s selfishness,egos and bodily defects should not be blended along with that, so always pray with adore devotion and for good intentions.”

” Actually, Lord Shiva who is accompanied by Parvathi Devi, Lord Vishnu who is accompanied by Mahalakshmi and all other devathas are the one to be hailed but not me. Actually the righteous idol, Lord Shiva has to be hailed.

Sree Rama continued proclamation of the incarnation with divine expressions.

” Devotion and worship should be towards Lord Shiva, who is accompanied by Parvathi Devi and Lord Vishnu, who is the Supreme protector. One can attain salvation only through true pure devotion. According to the position of father,son,mother, King etc one should always fulfil their responsibilities,duties, obligations with self decisions and without any external inspiration and those who are always trying with righteousness and lawfulness are only welcomed by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The devotion with innocence should be sustained in ones life in this manner. ”

“Confusions, conspiracy,crisis and dilemmas in the fort will create panic and anxiety among the people. This will lead to breakdown in law and order, finance.”

” Court of justice is not for sustaining the criminals throughout. Duty of the court is to rescue the criminals from such tendencies and help them to lead a family life. This is the rule of the nature. Any kind of hatred, animosity, jealous, personal grudge should not be the obstacle for implementing the justice. Justice is not anyones monopoly. The value of righteousness will be known to the citizens only if the justice is implemented. For the blessings of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and for nations eligibility, the implementation of justice is most essential.”

” The soldier who is guarding at the border might have killed infiltrators and many terrorists. Though it is murder but intention is to safeguard the nation and so according to the moral of the state, killingthe enemies is permitted, soldier is not guilty and so should not suffer punishment. Similarly those who have tried to kill the King would have brutally killed by the securities but security staff is not punished. The intention of the killing is to protect the life of the person holding the position of King, it is also the reason for the protection of the nation and so security staff is not punished. Those who tried to murder the individual, who is in the position of the King should be arrested or considering the seriousness and circumstances it is the duty of the security staff to kill them and it becomes their duty and righteousness and so security staff is free from crime. If any crime has happened and if the criminals are also traced but before sentencing the punishment there are many things to be examined.”

” Here though the boon which the King Dasharatha gave is the reason for all the unauspicious happenings and it is not deserved for Dasharatha to give such a boon but it is due to love, gratefull for the life saved, anxiety without contemplating of justice, being proud to sustain the fame of the ancestors through the victory of the battle, the decision related to the body and it caused for giving such a boon. Today here, there is no intention for treason to create or form such a situations and wreck the kingdom. So definitely Dasharatha is guilty for giving boons but deserved to get exempted from punishment. ”

” Dasharatha did not agree or support Kaikeyi for the boon he has given which is against the treason then definitely Dasharatha has no wicked intentions and so the King is deserved to be free from punishments.”

” Here the King who has to implement the law morally but found guilty for an incident, if there is wicked intentions then he can neglect, suppress it by using his powers and then he would have become unrighteous .But the King Dasharatha was interested in righteous way and so blaming onto himself that he is guilty thus giving fame to the history of Bharatha and he was even ready to abdicate the authority of the King. He thus shown interested in receiving punishment and it is again evident from the circumstances that there is no wrong intentions.”

” In the rajasabha and in the presence of citizens, King Dasharatha has pleaded guilty and so was humiliated, dishonoured and followed by resigning the post.He has experienced the punishment for which he has given the boons which is righteous and undeserved. So for one act of crime there should not be two punishments. Whatever may be the act, intentions should be examined, guilty should be sentenced to be punished and implemented only if the actual situations is made clear. ”

” Kaikeyi was not knowing to herself that the boons which she got is not deserved and suitable. When her beloved son was away from her and another Queen’s son was proclaimed to be the King, in her time she rejoiced and embraced him in happiness just as if he was her own son. ”

” But when, vidhushi Manthara made concoted plots with her crooked mind and instigated Kaikeyi that she and her son would be ousted from the kingdom. In fear of that, she only thought to save her son. She then did not examine the fascinating words of Manthara whether it is righteous or as per law and so Kaikeyi accepted her advise and asked for the fulfillment of the boon to King Dasharatha. ”

” It is essential to examine the various aspects of Kaikeyi’s demand. Bharatha should be the King. Rama should exile forest for fourteen years. These were the demands of Kaikeyi. If Kaikeyi has demanded according to the inspiration of Manthara then Rama will never become the King of Ayodhya. Her intention is not to make him the King for fourteen years only, but as long as Bharatha lives, he should only be the King. Ayodhya is the main intention behind the boon of Kaikeyi or it is the substance. That is the reason for sentencing him to the forest. He should not be in the vicinity of the people. Manthara crookedly told Kaikeyi in her ear that if Rama is away from the country for sufficiently long period, Bharatha will be able to bring the people under control within that period through efficient administrations and that exactly was Kaikeyi demanded. Nowhere in the Kaikeyi demands of the boon it is stated that Rama will be coronated as the King, when he returns from the forest after fourteen years. If the unrighteous boon is accepted then Rama will never become the King of Ayodhya even after fourteen years. If he becomes the King then that will be equal to breaking of the promises. The meaning and intention of making Bharatha the King throughout the life is only about holding kings power. After Bharatha thronging as a King for fourteen years and when Rama returns after exile, thereafter make Sri Rama as the King ,these was not the boon which Kaikeyi has demanded to Dasharatha. Sree Rama should never become the King and this guileful wickedness was tried to instigate in a heinous way through Kaikeyi by Manthara.She knew that as a obedientson and the advise of his father, Rama will withdraw himself from Ayodhya. It is according to the pre-conceived notion that she moved the concoted plots to get boons fulfilled.A true knowledgeable persons will obey righteousness as per the morality of the state but not according to the individuals,positions and relations, these reality was forgotten by Kaikeyi and Manthara.An intellect will study any matter or incidents minutely and independently.They will implement only if it is according to the righteousness of the state and it will be implemented or accepted only after the final decision.The seriousness of this issue will be seen evident only if when we see that an attempt is made to obstruct the implementation of the welfare rule of the seventh incarnation and so thistendency is not that silly which cannot be rejected. ”

The assembly was stunned to know about the depth of the evil intentions and so became silent.They were amazed to see the skill of Rama in handling the complex matter which is beyond the family relation and capability of knowing the importance and dangerous state of the kingdom. Rama doesn’t have affection towards anything but has the sense to understand them and respect everybody and this diplomatic way and implementing the law has made citizens to praise Rama.

” The diplomacy of the state is won when the treason is nipped from the bud and not letting it grow like mountains. Steps should be taken against the wrong intentions of any such individuals in related to the country and steps should be taken before it is reflecting unfavourably. Intentions of the individuals should be known and steps should be taken.The King should not do or make room for others to do evil intentions.When the nation in such a crisis, he should implement the rule of the state with laws and regulations without giving over importance to personal and family relations and to sustain well-being of the people,stability of the ruling and necessary things has to be implemented immediately otherwise evil intentions of that unimportant individual will grow stronger and this fact should not be forgotten by any ruler. A ruler should not believe everybody but in limits. A ruler who implements welfare rule with precise observation, righteousness and lawfulness can only bring security and prosperity for the nation.He should not allow treason to grow and spread roots by family members or enemies. He should not allow to grow the animosity of the nation by family members or enemies. If evil forces acts in any shape or form then it should be understood and strong action should be taken. The King should not make delay in action and in taking precautions. ”

Sree Rama continued the judgement proceedings..

” The proclamation of coronation is to be done by informing all children and considering opinions but Dasharatha proclaimed about the coronation of Rama when Kaikeyi’s son was absent. This overinterest of Dasharatha was misinterpreted by vidhushi Manthara and made effective of the situations then the affections towards her son forced Kaikeyi to do heinous crime. ”

” Not only that, when one individual has proclaimed from many children of the Queen to be the future King then their efficiency, maturity should also be considered, their children should also have given appropriate position, according to their efficiency,capability,maturity, they should also be honoured and respected.Then only these children and their mothers will feel that they are not ignored. These are the solutions for anxiety, uneasiness and difficulties. But these are not done so, so the fascinating words of Manthara made Kaikeyi to misinterpret and inspire to put up wrong claims.”

” Thus Manthara’s provocation made anxious and feel Kaikeyi that she and her son will be thrown out of the palace, without clearly understanding about duties, responsibilities,law and righteousness, the further actions of matha Kaikeyi has led to the reason for the crimes. ”

” It was not due to her own decision. Manthara has made frightened Kaikeyi saying that she will lose her son and everything will be lost, followed by crooked minds for the material gains, fascinating words of Manthara and mistakes made by Dasharatha in proclaiming about the coronation has inspired Queen Kaikeyi and so she became the culprit.Not only that, for whom against was the unpleasant crime was done for the punishment, the mentioned person has experienced has pardoned the offender without others inspiration,pleaded for the offender to give an opportunity to live, actually the situations for the crime has not happened but only staged then definitely, according to the morality of the state, the court, authorities of the law and order has the authority to exempt the offender from experiencing the punishment to realize or to make free the offender. ”

” Here it is me, Sree Rama who would have to suffer the bad consequences. I do not have any hated or disliking towards matha Kaikeyi. She has led the crime only by the circumstantial pressure. I am making know that, the above explanations should not be the only reason for sentencing punishments but it should be based on righteousness and justice. ”

” I am the person who is going to undergo the inauspicious state and so I am forgiving matha Kaikeyi. She is deserved to be free from punishments. The King Dasharatha also experienced and insulted by the same situations in the rajasabha and judged guilty. She was also vendicted as a offender and insulted by giving open punishment for her wrong doer. She should not be punished for the same mistakes again and so matha Kaikeyi is deserved to be exempted from punishments. ”

” It is the carelessness of King Dasharatha and it is the wishes of Kaikeyi who made the tragedy scenes and so I am putting end to the decisive subject. Bharatha, the son of Kaikeyi and my brother is bestowing as Prime Minister of Ayodhya. Bharatha is capable in the administration which he has gained from my experience so let him become the King after my period and let him complete the welfare rule .”

” In one nation there are many states, these states are fragmented and so these has to be united, regained to the previous states of Bharatha and Ayodhya will become the capital . New song is being composed here. Whole beautiful Bharatha is being born here. Glourious days is nearing for Bharatha.”
Sree Rama, who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu is implementing the mission of incarnation and entered from basic stage to the welfare ruling or true ruling which is the second stage. Sree Rama has lifted Sanathana Dharma to the noble state and the judgement of seventh incarnation, Rama has become the glourious moment in implementing of law. The culture which is pertaining to the sages of Bharatha has touched at its peak. The verdict is the rare oppurtunity moment and it has revealed the importance of Lord Sri Shiva, who is accompanied by Parvathi Devi and Lord Vishnu. The platform of rajasabha has become the opportunity for the
people to know the importance of the nation, limitations of individual, importance of positions and power.

Sree Rama continued the proceedings.

” But he who misuses any situations crookedly then it will only destroy the motherland, well-being of the people, crisis in the administration, hinder the implementation of the well-being and it will be the reason for the obstacle, conspiracacy, treachery and to lead a immoral life. Then definitely not to happen further, the culprits has to give exemplary and tough punishments.Manthara has tried to make hatred on each other and it led to the shatter of the family relations. She has given inspiration to commit the act of crime. Inspiring offence is an serious crime and sometimes any individuals can become a culprit through inspiration. One who does the crime is more dangerous than who inspires the culprit. So the actual culprit is the inspirer. The inspirer will take the advantage of the culprit and thus making him a culprit.The inspirer will not be seen in the front. The one who planned and encouraged another person to commit the crime is the real culprit. So Manthara is such a culprit and so she should be given an exemplary punishment. The court can decide what course of punishment should be meted out. ” Sree Rama gave an opportunity for the court to decide.Give her life imprisonment. Let the traitor and enemy of the state be imprisoned till her life. ” All the members in the court unianimously demanded.

” I accept everybody’s decision. Commander!At this moment, imprison Manthara for life time in jail. ” Sree Rama ordered.

” When any matter is solved practically in the right time without getting delayed then it can avoid such calamities that might happen due to those issues. ”

Sree Rama is upholding the justice and becoming righteous, citizens became the witness of the implementation of law.

” My dear son…..Rama…Let me also get punished …..A mother should not have done such an offence and so it cannot be accepted. Let me also get punished. ” Kaikeyi was lamenting loudly.

” Punishments should be verdicted in a righteous way. It is necessary to examine whether it is righteous or not. The act of the individual should be the base for the justice before giving punishment. When a person is living with fame but suddenly if he is defamed then definitely it is the great punishment. When she was investigated before the court today,that itself is a dishonour for her and that itself is a great punishment for matha Kaikeyi. Devote towards Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for true knowledge. ” Sree Rama consoled Kaikeyi.

” Victory to the king Sree Rama!Long live the son of Dasharatha! !” The members of the court was unianomously raising triumphant uproar continuosly…

” The coronation can be conducted after two days as decided with rituals . ” Vasishta informed Dasharatha.

” Yes, we will celebrate it as festival!! ” Dasharatha replied.

” Coronation of Rama will be conducted with celebration on the proclaimed date and so everybody should be present.” Dasharatha informed the rajasabha. The idol of justice in all matters is known through Sree Rama, who is a virtuous man and the news spread like a wild fire.
The judgement which was staged in the kingdom of Ayodhya and which might have been the destruction of the disastrous incident was dealt minutely but practically and in a righteouss way, solved and passed verdict thus the execution of duty of Sree Rama has made the people with new believes, enthusiasm and expectation in people and the people have also recognized that hard working without selfishness is also needed. The devotion and righteousness also has increased in the people. People was satisfied.

After two days —

Ayodhya is in a festive celebration of the crowning of Sree Rama. Today is the coronation of Rama!!Rituals is going on…..

Vasishta, who has taken up the leadership is announcing the greatness pertaining to the sages of Bharatha.Vasishta then advised Rama to take oath. Finally Dasharatha worn his crown to Rama. Thus the king Dasharatha is withdrawn officially and ended in this way.

” Everybody should fully co-operate with Sree Rama for implementing the moral ruling and who always gifts with well-being. Kindly pardon me for the mistakes which has happened in my ruling! Let the Lord the almighty bless everybody. I wanted to lead my remaining part of my life calmly so I wish to renounce the worldy pleasures and go to the forest. Everything as decided by the Lord! ”

” Then Vasishta followed and informed like this ― I am welcoming Sree Rama of Ayodhya who is our leader, King and the idol of justice . King Sree Rama will advise about our duties. ”

” Blessed and fortunate residents of Ayodhya… Kindly accept my wishes!! ” The words of Rama made the people excited.

” I am Sree Rama, who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Re-establishment of dharama is the purpose of my incarnation. All of them should be a part of this, in accordance with ones own ability, do take part in it.The welfare rule is the right of the citizen. Everybody do co-operate. ”

Sree Rama continued it humbly –

” My father has great knowledge and experience as a King so we should make use of his experience and knowledge for the well-being of the citizen and remaining part of his life for it. We should try to understand the meaning of ―vanaprastham‖ so minutely. Nobody cannot refrain his duties and responsibilities.Perfection in fulfillment of duties will lead to salvation. Always doing justice to the people in a righteous way is exactly the blessed deed. Dont withdraw from our own duties .”

” Devotion which is logically based can only be accepted. Devotion and belief should be practical and it should be asset to the life. The micro,macro and the actual meaning should be understood.Mind should not do desired duties and to get experience from refraining from it is exactly which is meant by vanaprastham, One should not stay away from doing karma, at the same time one should not be attached to duties and to do duty is the training which is meant by the life style of vanaprastham. One should not lead a solitude by dwelling in the forest or by getting detached from duties, family relations and national issues .Knowing about our own image and doing without any affection and trying to do without any desires is actually vanaprastham. Running away from the duties is not vanaprastaham: I am requesting Dasharatha to continue with Vasishta who is the advisor and respected and advisor, according to the moral of the state. ”

Dasharatha and the citizens was satisfied with the words of Sree Rama.

” My son ! You have defeated in this also isn’t ?.” Dasharatha was overflowed with affection towards his son. ” The knowledge in righteousness is surprising!!I am accepting the order of Sree Rama. According to the state administration, a new composition is permanently coming into existence forAyodhya.”

” For your great vision ,the residents of Ayodhya is obliged. ” Rama paid obeisance towards Dasharatha and informed.

” I am appointing the Prime Minister as Bharatha, who is the son of Kaikeyi, he is my loving and efficient. Shathrugna as assistant and let Lakshmana be with me. These are the official appointment made by Sree Rama and it is the order .”

” Commandable Rama!Commandable!! You are the righteous idol at its peak form !!! No doubt you are the noble man!!!” Vasishta proclaimed loudly with ecstasy.

Sree Rama continued proceedings of the judgement.

” I am appointing Hanuman as Commander . He is my loving, great, saviour, true among humans, most respected in martial arts. Welcome to Sri Hanuman.” Hanuman came to the stage and respected Sree Ram with clasping hands.

Sree Rama has completed the rajasabha procedures and entered into second stage.

” Through welfare rule,the well-being of the citizens will be implemented. Agriculture will not be made as business but it will be widely cultivated and it will mark the beginning of the well-being. Everybody will become the owners. Tax system will be stopped. For everything there should be perfect documents. Is it needed for children to give taxes to the parents for making them grew up ? It is the children right and parents responsibility to protect their children.If parents brings up their children with business motives and calculating their source of income then parents is like a business man. Mother and father are positions. The individuals who holds the position of father and mother will have only the mentioned rights for that positions. Individual ar not positions. Individual will have only human rights. Individual does not have own authority. Authorities is for the positions. Any individual, whoever may in any positions then that individual will have that designated authorities. The ruler or the King is the important position of the country.The King who holds the position will have the mentioned designated powers. That is not for that individual but the position of the King is for the citizens who wanted to get benefited from that positions .”

” The King who is holding the position of the King should use the authority of the King for the well-being of the people.Then only the welfare rule can be implemented. The ruler or the King should not do trading with the citizens. Ruling should not be the source of income and it is not for business. The citizens is not the means for making the source of income.Ruling is the solution permitted by the Lord for the implementation of well-being.Permission for the authority of ruling is allowed in the country through the important position called the King or the ruler. The well-being is implemented not by generating donations from the people. It should not be like parents shall bring up the child by getting donations from children. Parents should be capable of bring up their children. Then only there will be mutual respect for the things to be done. ”

” The developing projects should be well planned.Ruling should not be for over ruling. It should be only for implementing well-being. The places,comfortness, facilities are those which are becoming prosperous. A well balanced administration will lead to prosperity and that will lead to equality. Then through welfare rule, the well-being can be implemented practically. Everybody should gain well-being according to the position and that is meant by equality and that is welfare ruling. The owner and the worker are the two position which the individual holds.The owner and the worker are only the two factors in the individual. We should centralize on the position of the owner.The citizens are all the owners.The citizens should be ready to become the owner and worker at the needed place.”

” We should focus on position and not on affection.Love expects affection in return and the attachments towards me leads to sadness. By positions, we gain accomplishments of duties, self clarity, freedom and in return no expectations. If we are aiming for salvation, self clarity, freedom then it is good to do duty as per positions and not by affections. If there is authority for the respective position then only it is deserved for anything. When we recognize that we are doing only duties according to the positions ,then we should not get attached to the affection like I, My and Mine. we are doing only duties and nothing should be expected in return and to certain limit we will have peace by receiving blessings from Lord.”

” If the welfare rule is not implemented then citizens will appear to be owners but in effect, tenants and in reality they are strangers.”

The administrative reformation of King Sree Rama in a brief explanation has made the gathering a new experience.

Sree Rama continued….

Sree Rama has entered into most important of the second stage in the seventh incarnation as a ruler or King. The mission of incarnation will be implemented in the structure as country, world, universe, brahmandam and not as individual, family and society. Everything can be implemented only by the decision of the Supreme authority, Lord Shiva and the Protector, Lord Shri Vishnu. Welfare rule will be implemented and it should be for the well-being of the people and it should be practically and logically agreeable. Food , clothes , house , education , treatment etc will be free on the basis of schemes and it will be made available to the citizens.”

Sree Rama has explained about the administrative reformation.

” Though there will be a relief in poverty through welfare ruling, if a person has to go without food then it will be the decision of the Lord and definitely due to many other reasons he has to tolerate the experience of hunger. But it is not poverty. That person may have to bear it at that moment. It is happening so in regard to a soul because of the deeds of the previous birth and it will be due to minute other reasons. It is the decision of the Lord.Similarly, if at all we have everything,the things which is supposed to happen will happen without any change . Nobody can cross that . Everything is obliged to Lord wills. ”

” So I am not claiming anything new. To implement the well-being for the citizens, positions of the King is Supreme for the planning of the nation.The person who is bearing the position of the King should be very alert in providing good things which the Lord has decided to give through the position of the King without any hindarance. There should not be any attachments or animosity towards anybody. The King should be ready to implement the ruling independently and should not be obliged to anybody. Then only the citizens will be getting what the Lord has wished to give them .”

” I am not doing nothing new.what and all I have to do was decided by Lord Sri Shiva and I could do only that. Nothing is my own decision. Everything is the decision of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. My mission is only to understand it and to implement it. ”

Citizen will have true ruling if the King is ideal this is the important part which the seventh incarnation, Sree Rama has informed then the members of the court and the citizens became very happy. A good hope for tomorrow has welcomed them.

Sree Rama continued…

” The transportation facilities in the villages and town should be technically modernized with the facilities in hand. All steps should be taken to maintain a good relation with the neighbouring countries and the trading relations should be creatively maintained. Foreign policies should be creative and should be in a good relation. Inorder to establish a good relation with the neighbouring country Srilanka and to develop mutual relations, mode of transportation is a must. It will happen only with the blessings of Sri Shiva. The Lord have arranged a proper planning in that also. Firstly, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu must be pleased and idol (idol in stone or metal with Cylinderical shape -Dheergha Dhandakrthi) should be installed at Rameswara and will become world renowned. Through Lords grace we can construct an extra ordinary bridge in the ocean between Bharatha and Srilanka.Young men should be with me without dropping hardwork and enthusiasm. Then definitely, it will happen through Lords blessings.The glory of India is in spirituality and the well-being will allow through the welfare rule. It will become exemplary to the world when the welfare rule is implemented through the King. This is just the brief which has to be implemented. It is proved by making it practical and not by giving promises. ”

” Lord has allowed a space of for everbody. The victory lies in identifying where,how and when. Every minute we can know about it but if we could recognize it with the blessing of Lord then only we will win and that is the formula for victory. ”

” By hearing the unrighteous words of somebody and sacrificing ones own life is equivalent to commiting suicide. By becoming weakened and getting sacrificed for others and trying to get others mercy is not the ideal courage. Every steps should be made safe. The enemy will come in the form of carelessness. Every moment we should sustain to live in righteousness and we should take it has an opportunity, live in righteous way and strongly according to the administration of the state. This is actually the ideal courage and love for the motherland. ”

” My obeisances to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu!!”

Sree Rama has completed the proceedings of the judgement.

King Sree Rama has started implementing administration of the state. The devotees and and the believers has received the blessing at the maximum. When the people came to know about the welfare rule, they became happy.

The ruling of Dasharatha was in a average state and so citizens couldn’t get the well-being in its fullform. A true ruling cannot be implemented only with honesty and dreams but a strong steps should also be taken.

When a stable state of enthusiasm, efficiency,courage, true devotion and a exact fate is blended with Lords blessings, when it is allowed then eligible soul will take the leadership and well being will be implemented. There will a solutions for poverty and difficulties through Lords grace. That is the culture pertaining to the sages of Bharatha.

The citizens respected, honoured and worshipped Sree Rama who is the seventh incarnation. The people of Ayodhya was surprised to see Sree Rama who is the incarnation is living so courageously in a righteousness way. The citizens has welcomed the way which Sree Rama has handled the morality of the state in a minute way.

The tactics of the nation, the cleverness in the war, knowledge of law and alertness in implementing the laws has lifted the importance of Sree Rama, who is the seventh incarnation. Determination of Sree Rama even in the most critical crisis situation has not diverted in righteous way was highly praised. Though Sree Rama was considering the relation but was not attached to them Ram was ready to implement the law independently, Sree Rama who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu has became the pupil in the eyes of the citizens.
How to examine the righteousness and doer of an individual , according to the morality of the state and positions is the important knowledge which is conveyed to the world through Sree Rama.

How the King, Queen, wife, husband, father, children, citizens and individuals should be according to the moral and righteous of the state is revealed to the world and it has paved way to the auspicious occasion. By not giving priority to the personal relations of place and time, not getting frightened by the powers of the King, nation not getting shattered by implementing of duties and righteousness and how should a person obey onto himself has revealed to the world by Sree Rama who is the seventh incarnation, this was the auspicious moment which staged in the court of Ayodhya .

Looking after the citizen is more important than the family relations and these was the wonderful scenes which was revealed to the world and staged in the court of Ayodhya.

The verdict of Sree Rama has become the milestone in the history of law and administration. Sree Rama is the instant example of not getting attached to the relations from fulfilling the duties.

If a individual has achieved all wordly knowledge and if it is unrighteous and not according to the law and order then a individual cannot attain salvation. Holiness is the great knowledge which Lord Sree Rama has gifted to the world through these incidents.

Sree Rama has made all circumstances as oppurtunities, by holding onto righteousness and the morality of the state and how to make life fortunate is the rare incident which staged in the court of Ayodhya through Sree Rama.

The Supreme Organizing Authority Lord Shiva and the Supreme Protector Lord Vishnu has revealed the beneficiaries to the world, righteousness and the morality of the state to the citizens through Sree Rama, who is the noble man.

Sree Rama who is a virtuos man has fulfilled the Lord’s wishes and his own duties in the first stage with humbleness to the world.

Instead of trying others to obey and to command, Sree Rama has obeyed onto himself and revealed to the world how to be alert throughout in following the rules and administration.

By not getting obliged to anyone, not feeling animosity towards anybody and how to make the law and order possible independently is revealed by Sree Rama and thus the importance and glory of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu has spreaded throughout the world.


If this part “The real history of Sree Rama” was there in Ramayana then the ministers and the citizens etc. would have know how they should be…..


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