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Book cover-Draupadi-Kalki revealed real history translataed by Sreekumari Ramachandran. Kalki Purana by Agastya and Vishvamitra. Divine conversation of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi.

Draupadi: Arjuna is the Sole Husband – Sree Krishna. Kalki Revealed in Yugadharma in 2000. Translated by Sreekumari Ramachandran.

Arjuna, the Sole Husband of Draupadi – Sree Krishna


Kalki Revealed in Yugadharma, Malayalam monthly, in the year 2000. Thereafter, published as book in 2008 by Kalkipuri Publication.

Translated by

Sreekumari Ramachandran from YouTube
Sreekumari Ramachndran | Image from YouTube

Sreekumari Ramachandran

Book Cover-Draupadi-Arjuna is the Sole Husband-Sree Krishna. Kalki Revealed

Historical Evidences

Kunti was meditating on Lord Sree Krishna while busily preparing food for those who would arrive soon. There was very little space and convenience in the potter’s house. But in her present situation, that was a blessing. She was worn out due to her long tiresome journeys. There was no one to share her burden of work and she was exhausted.

Food should be ready when her sons reach home. She slipped into fond reflections of her sons while cooking. Bhima would be famished by now. Yudhishthira couldn’t stand the pangs of hunger even a short while. Arjuna would never complain. Nakula and Sahadeva also would suffer silently. They were very understanding and co-operative. Five gems, her sons! But what a fate! Her thoughts wandered around them.

Kalki says "Not to disgrace is the real grace"

Did she hear their footsteps outside? She listened. Yes! They were coming! Kunti was instantaneously relieved of her anxiety though she was fatigued and her body craved for rest. Her long journeys had taken their toll on her. Even rising up from her seat was a painful effort but she tried to ignore all her pains and immersed herself in the finishing touches of her cooking.
Suddenly, she heard the joyous outburst of Yudhishthira from outside “Ma, see the extraordinary alms we have got today!” She answered spontaneously without thinking, “Whatever it is, share it equally among yourself”!! Hearing this hasty reply, Yudhishthira was puzzled and disturbed. When Kunti hurriedly reached out to receive her sons, she saw Draupadi. She was shocked to realise the gravity of her thoughtless words. She had mistaken the ‘alms’ to be the usual things they brought home daily. She was devastated! Who was this Lady? She enquired about Draupadi, taking care not to show her mental turbulence outside.

Yudhishthira gave a very tactful reply to Kunti’s queries. “This is the most appropriate reward for Arjuna’s valour.” His presence of mind was always intact, he had the ability to speak amiably on any occasion to anybody, without revealing his mind. He narrated the happenings that led to the swayamvara of Draupadi to Arjuna. After hearing him, Kunti composed herself and received Draupadi with suitable formalities and courtesies and took her in. Then she addressed her sons with compassion. “The words I have uttered should not be in vain. But at the same time, nothing should go against ethics and morality.” But in her heart she started repenting her own thoughtless words. Seeing the plight of his mother, Arjuna said that they would obey their mother without questioning. But Kunti was in a dilemma. Draupadi was not just an object but a human and how could she be shared equally. Others also fell silent. Yudhishthira spoke decisively that they should ask Vyasa who was the last word regarding right and wrong. His words and its tone frightened Kunti. She asked uneasily, “What about Krishna? Couldn’t he be the adviser”? But Yudhishthira tried to justify his suggestion by saying that no one could surpass Vyasa in Vedas. Kunti resorted to silence knowing that her persistence would end up in dispute and drift between them. ‘Was Yudhishthira manipulating them using her own unintentionally uttered words?’ Kunti was in grief. Yudhishthira again asked, “Shouldn’t the virtuous sons obey their mother’s words to fulfil their filial duty?” Their discussion became very much alive with these words. ‘If so, are we not obliged to follow Ma’s order to share the alms we got?’ Kunti was growing more and more restless because she could see Yudhishthira’s hidden intentions behind his show of propriety. Bhima said that Yudhisthira’s decision should be regarded as the final regarding the issue since he was the eldest and so the wisest of them all. Yudhishthira asked for a repose after which he would be in a position to speak out his decision. So the brothers got up and Kunti rose to escort them to serve them food. Suddenly she froze at the door! Draupadi! The beautiful daughter of the king of Panchala, Drupada; the ardent devotee of Lord Krishna; the Krishna-like complexioned princess, Draupadi was standing at the doorway! Would she have heard all their conversation? Aren’t her eyes pleading to Kunti, ‘Don’t, Please don’t’! Kunti was grief struck once again. She invited Draupadi with compassion to have food. After their supper, they retired to their resting places. Kunti was incessantly praying to Krishna to lead them through the right path; to help them adhere to right ethics; to take charge of the situation so that they could just follow Him.

Kalki says Draupadi, also known as Panchali because she was the daughter of Drupada - the King of Panchala.

Kunti was startled out of her tired slumber by a distant sound of galloping horses which were fast approaching. Suddenly she became attentive. Could the enemies have found them out? Had Drupada grown suspicious? Had Arjuna’s archery skills exposed him off to the enemies? Had Dushasana, the disgraceful brother of pious and noble Duryodhana, heard the news? Did he seek any evil path to take revenge? What he always secretly wanted was to grab Duryodhana’s power. Nobody could suspect the poisonous snake hidden in him! Kunti heard the unmistaken sound of the horses’ hoofs and the chariot coming closer and closer, louder and louder. She was filled with fear and anxiety. Who could there being the chariot? Could that be Lord Krishna himself? She woke up from her thoughts, lighted a wick in an earthen holder and glanced at her sleeping sons. There was very little room for them to relax peacefully. They were in fact, crammed together. Kunti’s heart went out to Draupadi when she saw her tired figure curled up in a little space among them. Poor girl! What a fate to be in that hell! Though Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva were sleeping almost touching each other, Yudhishthira had been given a special place separately as a sign of respect. While Kunti was thus reflecting upon her children, hesitating to wake them up, the chariot reached at the threshold of their abode. Kunti immediately woke up everybody including Draupadi and told them what she knew and what she feared. They lost no time in arming themselves and were ready to face the unknown. Arjuna was all alert, Bhima held his club ready to strike, Yudhishthira, Nakula and Sahadeva were also all set for action. They were used to such quick moves and didn’t face any difficulty while preparing themselves to face any danger. If there was going to have any combat, the people who gave them temporary shelter might get frightened and behave like those in other places had. Now that Draupadi was also with them… In spite of five strong and courageous sons they didn’t have a place which they could call their own… Were not all these misfortunes their own making? Kunti’s thoughts of reality were abruptly and rudely disrupted by heavy footsteps outside.

‘Hey Pandavas, open the door. We are not enemies, but friends.’ They heard a voice. Kunti roughly calculated the number of people from the noise of the shuffling of their feet. They were many. Meanwhile, Yudhisthira opened the door without fear. What a surprise! king of Panchala, Drupada had come with his people! Though with limited material resources, Yudhishthira extended a very grand welcome to the honourable guests and paid them due respects. Still Drupada was filled with grief to see the plight of Draupadi. What a fall for someone who had lived a princely life! Fate had been very cruel to her. He consoled himself thinking that at least she got the husband whom she had wished for; everything else could be set right in due course. Even while thinking so, his eyes were overflowing with tears.

Kalki says "Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now."

Drupada profusely apologised for waking them up at those odd hours. He had suspected the five who had come coveting Draupadi at the swayamvara were none other than the Pandavas. He cleared his doubt by verifying with Lord Krishna even though Krishna was not present at the swayamvara. Once he became sure of their true identity, he was rushing to see his dear daughter, unmindful of the time of the day. Drupada’s words of humility stole the heart of the listeners. It was obvious that those words had come straight from his heart. Draupadi was a prized possession of Drupada and he had never before known the sorrow of separation from her. On top of that, he came to realise that as a father he had in many ways fallen short of fulfilling his duties towards his daughter. Lord Krishna was instrumental for this realisation. This was the reason for him to make this unpremeditated journey. Kunti observed Yudhishthira’s expression to see if Drupada’s words explaining his reasons for the visit had created any uneasiness in him. But Yudhisthira was composed and he courteously said that their hut was blessed by the visit. His words pleased Drupada very much.

Meanwhile, the sound of the chariot had aroused the curiosity of the villagers and they started trickling in to see who had arrived. The guards rose to the occasion and dispersed the villagers as per the instructions of the King. Their conversation was resumed after that. Drupada said that the purpose of him going there personally was to invite all of them to his palace; noble people like Yudhisthira and his brothers should be invited appropriately and not through a messenger. He also said that Lord Krishna was waiting for all of them.

Drupada’s words arouse suspicion in Yudhisthira. Kunti suspected that Yudhisthira would object. But when he added that since their identity had been revealed to the enemies, their security was of prime importance, Yudhisthira consented without hesitation. Kunti’s fervent prayers to the Lord had been answered!

Without wasting any more time they commenced their journey. Nobody spoke much on the way. Kunti was silently praying to Almighty Lord ShivaDeva and VishnuDeva. She gained confidence that all would go well with the blessings of Lord Krishna. Draupadi would not be made to suffer the humiliation of becoming a wife to five brothers. Lord would see to it. Subjecting her to such an embarrassment was unthinkable! Any lady with self-respect would be succumbed by such an insult! And Draupadi, being the daughter of a King would not have any dearth of self-respect. Till that moment, in spite of facing such an awkward situation, Draupadi had only behaved with dignity and maturity. She might be loving Arjuna so fervently. Otherwise why should she put the swayamvara garland on a loitering vagabond like Arjuna? ‘It should be the will of Lord Krishna’, Kunti immersed herself in deep meditation.

Their chariot reached the palace. The King had made prior arrangements for a befitting welcome to the honoured guests. Draupadi also took rest with Kunti and others. Though the palace was her own home, the place where she was born and brought up, she now completely took up her new role as the bride of Arjuna and seemed to have forgotten her past maiden life. Kunti was surprised at the change that had taken over Draupadi within a single day. She admired her with affection for her matured behaviour.

Drupada formally addressed his guests and as per etiquette extended a warm welcome to them in the assembly of his people. Kunti was at ease as she saw that Lord Krishna was present there and was adorning the most respected position. Krishna started to speak, “Yudhishira, it was I who arranged this meeting to let you know that all your present difficulties would vanish if you follow the path of truth and righteousness. This is an opportunity for that”. But Yudhisthira did not respond. Krishna continued, ‘Now Arjuna is not just another prince. He is the husband of Draupadi and the son-in-law of King Drupada. So it is mandatory that he keeps up the dignity of his position.’ Krishna’s majestic words were keenly listened to by all. Suddenly Yudhisthira came alive, “It’s not yet decided who are going to be Draupadi’s husbands”. Everybody except Krishna was shocked to hear these rather retorting words of Yudhisthira! Kunti was also taken aback. When Krishna half teasingly asked, ‘How could Yudhishthira ever utter such nonsensical words, his resentment grew beyond measure. He said unperturbed, “We are dutiful sons who obey their mother’s words, whatever they be.” He was testing the patience of everybody! Kunti realised that the discussion was taking an unpleasant turn and decided to step in. ‘Listen to me, Krishna. My sons reached home with Draupadi while I was busy cooking food for them. When Yudhishthira called out to me that they had brought some special alms that day, without even checking what it was, I unwittingly told them to share whatever it was equally among themselves. Yudhishthira is now misinterpreting my words!” Kunti’s words were most appropriate in that situation.

Draupadi’s eyes reflected her immense relief in hearing Kunti. But Drupada and his other family members were not so relieved because they could sense tension mounting up in the atmosphere. Krishna tried to lighten the scene by trivialising Kunti’s utterance to her children while she was busy in cooking. Seeing this, Yudhishthira again became agitated. His words became sharper, “So do you mean to say that our mother’s words are to be ignored? Do they have no value?” Krishna tried to convince him that he was mistaken. ‘Ma Kunti herself has confessed that she was otherwise engaged while instructing her sons to share the alms they got and didn’t pay due attention to the happenings outside. She deeply regrets it now. She was only stating the general rule that they always followed and there was no intension in her to ask her sons to make Draupadi a wife for all of them!’ Then he proceeded to analyse the different aspects of the issue with hair splitting precision. ‘The bounty they received that day was not something that could be measured in quantity and then divided equally! The bounty was Arjuna’s wife!’ Then Krishna started shooting questions at Yudhishthira, disarming him of all his senseless arguments. ‘Is it your culture to share one’s own wife among many? Does such an act show any morality? Is it Yudhishthira’s nobility to partake in such a heinous act in the pretext of obeying his mother? Does sharing his own wife exhibit Arjuna’s bravery? Are Yudhishthira and Bhima showing piety by making their brother’s wife their own? How could Nakula and Sahadeva be so immoral as to share their elder brother’s wife? Is it Kunti’s speciality to divide and give her daughter-in-law to all her sons alike? And is it Draupadi’s chastity to remain a wife to many brothers? Should a pious ruler like Drupada support such an unethical deed? I cannot be a part to this immoral act.’ Hearing this all those who were present there lowered their heads. They had no answer to Krishna.

Finally Drupada was relieved of his heavy mind. It was Krishna who had inculcated deep love for Arjuna in Draupadi by telling her stories when she was a small girl. Now she got Arjuna as her husband. Drupada saluted Krishna in his mind. Kunti was also regaining her peace. Draupadi, who was known as Krishna or Panchali was happy and thanked Krishna profusely in her mind. Though Arjuna was a little embarrassed, he also felt pride in Krishna’s words. Krishna, the Eigth Incarnation (Avathar) of VishnuDeva, would always take actions based on strong morals and practicality. He would not support anything illegitimate. Kunti also felt confident that since the issue had reached in the hands of Krishna, it would be settled in the right and amicable manner. Meanwhile, Krishna continued, ‘Motherhood is the last word of selfless love. Although a woman has to enact the roles of a sister, wife, daughter and mother, her position as a mother is the most noble. All her children have an equal place in a mother’s bosom. Hence, when Kunti said ‘divide your bounty equally’, she was only being fair in fulfilling her motherly duty. Everybody should get what they rightfully and morally deserve, or else there would be anarchy and instability in the country. And that would be its downfall. Every action should be based on principles and good values and then only Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu would shower their blessings consistently.

‘Draupadi should be wife to only Arjuna and sister-in-law to the other four brothers, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva. There would be strong bond and harmony in the relations only if they behave wisely and sensibly.’ Krishna’s judgemental statements were strongly based on the age old culture of the land that still remain to be the pillars of our heritage. ‘A mother gives appropriate food to each one of her children. What she gives to the eldest may not be suitable for the youngest; what is good for one may not be so for another. Requirements depend upon the body structure, age and other factors. She would be satisfied only when she identifies and gives the food that is needed for each one. The quantity and quality of food varies from one to another. It is not wise to insist on giving the same to all the siblings. What is required by the eldest might be too much for the youngest and what is enough for the youngest might be too little for the elder. There it would be foolish to insist on uniformity.’ The words of Krishna were like a soothing shower of nectar on Kunti. Draupadi also was energised by Krishna’s words.

‘It is true that a mother should never show partiality to her children. But should all her children get uniform portions from her, whether they are small or big? This would create difficulties. For the small child the food will be more than what he could consume but for the big child it would be insufficient. Since the general wellbeing of her children is her prime aim, the mother should take into consideration all aspects like age, body structure, health etc. Only then she could be said to be fulfilling her motherly duty. Likewise, Kunti said what they got should be shared equally. That only meant they should take their share according to their position in the family; what they truly deserve.’

‘If royalty itself goes against rules of morality, what would be the fate of the subjects? Pandavas should never set a wrong example.’ Saying this, Krishna glanced at everyone present, especially Draupadi. He continued, ‘As an honourable lady of a royal family, Draupadi had never agreed to be the wife of all the five brothers when she consented for her wedding with Arjuna. Why should she subject herself to the obstinacy of Yudhishthira? Is it not treachery? Even an ordinary citizen has the right to live according to his values; so it goes without saying that Drupadi’s wish could not be violated. Any attempt in that direction would be unacceptable. Decisions should be based on good intention, care, consideration, observation, analysis and wisdom. Only then could those decisions be put into practice. And such practices should be unquestionable morally and ethically.”

‘Arjuna’s elder brother, Yudhishthira should have looked objectively into what Ma Kunthi hastily and thoughtlessly blurted out. He should have analysed it wisely befitting the royal dignity, before telling his opinion. If he had done so, the issue could have been solved in no time. This topic would not have got so much of undue importance.’ Krishna continued, ‘On top of all this, king Drupada’s criterion in selecting the bridegroom was very immature and unethical. Expertise and talent in archery should not have been the yardstick of eligibility to become the groom of his daughter. A clear vision of life, righteousness, practical insight, truthfulness, diligence, enthusiasm, moral courage, care to fulfil duties to parents and elders, wisdom to identify wrong notions and practices and ability to stand away from them, spirituality, flexibility, progressiveness, social awareness, tolerance, adaptability- these are the qualities a king should look for in a prospective groom. A wedding should not be reduced into a competition. In a swayamvara, as conducted here, the bride is choosing her groom from a pool of contestants. In effect, it is like insulting the rejected ones. A marriage is a matter of one’s very personal likes and preferences. It is not to be exhibited in the public but to be held in privacy in a small gathering of relatives and well-wishers only. On the other hand, if the bride selects one out of the many invitees who had come coveting her in marriage, it is equal to insulting the others. This practice should be discouraged. It only breeds rivalry; invites animosity even from friendly neighbouring countries.’

Lord Krishna said he had already made this clear to King Drupada. But he did not take it seriously. It is an individual’s decision to do what he wants. He has the freedom to take an advice or reject it. Krishna’s duty was to reveal the right path and never stand with wrong doings. The doer is solely responsible for his actions, good or bad.

‘I did not partake in the swayamvara, but I know what would have happened there. That is why I reached here and announce my judgement in an issue where morality is at stake. What happens here should not become a blemish to the period of my Avatar. Yudhishthira has to correct his misconceptions. I am not with him in this issue.’ He proclaimed with strong conviction.

Then he continued, ‘In the present state of Pandavas, where they wander with no place even to fulfil their basic needs, priority should be given to finding a solution for that. All problems should be truthfully and earnestly approached if a solution is to be evolved.’

Another context was recalled where the Lord had handled a very difficult situation in the most appropriate manner. Queen Kaikeyi misused the boon given to her by King Dasharatha and asked to send the Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sree Rama, to the forest for fourteen years. What did the Lord do? Discussing with Sree Rama he gathered the truth and weighed the pros and cons, called for the assembly of royals and led the discussion and thereby ultimately evolved the rightful course of action for Sree Rama. Realising his own mistake, Dasaratha stepped down from the throne to entrust the kingdom to Sree Rama. The enthroned Sree Rama very objectively examined the events starting from Dasaratha giving the boon to the happenings that led him to be exiled. He pronounced sentences to the deserving offenders who took the wrong paths. Though Dasaratha, Manthara and Kaikeyi were guilty, their evil intentions had not been fulfilled. As they were publicly proved to be guilty they were in shame and were rejected by the people. No one should suffer punishment twice for one crime. So they were acquitted. To set an example and warn the people who instigate others to commit offences, Manthara was punished. A King should never heed to wrong requests; he should never give boons that would hinder imparting his official commitments; he should not exploit his official position for his personal benefits. Those who pretend to do their duties but have hidden agendas behind them, are to be dealt with as criminals. A King should punish the offender ignoring his relationship with him. That is the moral duty of a King. He should not only uphold the value of truth but also convince the people that he is doing so. ‘The story of Rama, the incarnation of virtues mandatory for a King, is helpful in taking a decision in the present situation’, said Krishna. (Read the first part of ‘The real story of Sree Rama’ by Kalkipuri Publications).

Kunti was amazed at the wisdom of Lord Krishna’s words. She mentally prostrated in front of Him.

Though Yudhishthira’s mind was filling up with resentment towards Krishna, he was not in any position to open his mind in front of all. Drupada rose to the occasion by saying that the course of action for the safety and success of Pandavas including Ma Kunti and Draupadi could be decided in the presence of Krishna.

“Yes”, Krishna said. “Decisions should be befitting the royalty. Draupadi is only Arjuna’s wife. She is the sister-in-law of Yudhishthira, Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva. They should uphold the values of the age old culture of the land by behaving with dignity. Since Draupadi always treated every one according to what they deserved, usually the Pandava brothers did not crave for undeserving possessions. Here, although their misplaced ambition did not bear fruits, the sheer fact that it occurred in their minds is a warning to Draupadi. She should, hereafter, pay more attention while mingling with them. Or else it will lead to suspicion and criticism which would affect their life. True knowledge of the law of the land alone will help in ruling a country with the blessings of Lord, extending peace and prosperity to the people.” Krishna’s words made Pandavas, including Yudhishthira, uneasy but they had no way but to accept them. Kunti prostrated at the feet of Krishna for setting the stage for Draupadi to live as the wife of only Arjuna.

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In ancient times, Lord Siva informed Parvathi Devi, the date of birth of Kalki is 14 Dec 1971. Star: Swathi (15th Lunar asterism). Previous incarnations- Rama, Krishna and Vivekananda… From Kalki Purana by Agastya and Vishvamitra. Original Sanskrit palm leaves are not available now. Aadi Tamil translation is known as Nadi Palm Leaves.

Kalkipuri Publication: Free Download Books, Notices etc.

Kalkipuri Temple. Devakarya: Unique Worship

“In Devakarya there is only unique worship, no castes, no discriminations. Devotees pray only directly to Lords (Devankal). Temple is only for that purpose.”

– Kalki

Temple Entry Proclamation. Devakarya: Unique Worship.

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Kalkipuri Temple. Devakarya: Unique worship. Part 1- 1920x1508px. Temple Entry Proclamation.

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Kalkipuri Temple. Devakarya: Unique worship. Part 2- 1920x1508px. Temple Entry Proclamation.

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Kalki Purana by Agastya and Vishvamitra


kalki purana-book 459x451px

Book works under process. To read highlights online : Click Here

photo of “To know the real history is the most important human right” Kalki

“Arjuna is the Sole Husband of Draupadi” Sree Krishna. Kalki Revealed the Real History in Yugadharma in 2000. Translated by Sreekumari Ramachandran.

Sree Krishna says Arjuna is the sole husband of Draupadi. Kalki revaled the real history. Book Cover.


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Original in Malayalam by Kalki: Click Here

Gandhari and Sree Krishna- Kalki Reveals the Real History

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First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugadharma Magazine in 2000 and later published as book by Kalkipuri Publication in 2008. Afterwards it was again published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily in 21 Sep 2010. Latest internet edition is available now.

Translation from Malayalam written by Kalki: ഗാന്ധാരിയും ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണനും- കല്‍കി. യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ചരിതം കല്‍കി വെളിപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു.

“Ma Gandhari! If the hand of the husband is amputated, then is it chastity for the wife also to self amputate her hand to show respect to her husband? Is it an exemplary act? If the husband fall sick, will wife also try to become sick for the gratification of her husband and is it chastity?” Sree Krishna.

Book works (latest edition and English translation) are under process…

Draupadi - Kalki revealed real history - Kalki Purana

Draupadi – Real History | Sree Krishna | Kalki | Translated by Sreemathy

Finally, Sree Krishna said, Draupadi is only Arjuna’s wife. She is younger sister-in-law to Yudhistira and Bhima and elder sister-in-law to Nakula and Sahadeva. Kalki revealed real history of His previous incarnation as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

English translation of “ദ്രൗപദീപതി അര്‍ജ്ജുനന്‍ മാത്രം” – ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണന്‍ Published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily on 21 September 2010.

Translated by Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Sreemathy Ajitkumar is a translator

“My translation is not perfect because I am not a well experienced translator. The depth of the content, style of narration and significance of the matter is exemplarily unique and contemporaneous with symbolic meaning of the original Malayalam book written by Kalki is highly official and as a normal translator I am not able to translate it with its importance and richness. I hope and I pray that the well experienced translators will do the great work for this extra ordinary book which is needed in our society.”

– Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Another translation by Mukundaraj is also available here.

First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugdharma Magazine in 2000 written by Kalki, later on it was published as book by Kalkipuri Publication in 2008. Latest Malayalam internet edition is available here.

Book Draupadi


I respect the fundamental right to know what actually happened. I have only that good intention.

Previously, Kalki had Incarnated as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) & Saved Draupadi – Lord Shiva (From Kalki Purana by Aagstya

Ithanmunnam Kiruttinanaay Avatharithaay (1):9:2
Paahupada Palaleelai Sheithumelaay (1):9:3
Paarulakil Ariyathor Undusholven (1):9:4
Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam (1):10:1
Udaviyathu SheithavanNee Panchalikkum (1):10:2

Previously, Kalki had incarnated as Sree Krishna and the official executions of that time are very famous. At that time, there were several divine secrecies and You have saved Draupadi.

Why Draupadi is called Panchali ?

Draupadi, also known as Panchali because she was the daughter of Drupada – the King of Panchala.

– Kalki

Kalki says Draupadi, also known as Panchali because she was the daughter of Drupada - the King of Panchala.

Arjuna is the Sole Husband of Draupadi
–  Sree Krishna
Kalki Revealed the Real History.

There is only very little space in the potter’s house. Even no facilities. However, that is a blessing in today’s circumstances. Mata Kunthi meditated on Lord Sree Krishna while busily preparing the food.
Before children arrives, cooking should be completed. Kunthi is very tired due to long journey. So her body condition is weak. No one to help.

Kunthi is fully involved in the sweet memories of her children while preparing food.

Bhima might have got tired of hunger. Yudishtira cannot suffer hunger even a short while. Arjuna would never complain. Similarly Nakula and Sahadeva would not complain and they are very co-operative to prepare food.

Five children! But fate….? Memories are following  Kunthi.
Kunthi listened to outside. Did I hear children’s footsteps? Yes! They are coming! Kunthi gets relief.

Travelled a lot. Kunthi is having strong pain throughout her body. It is quite hard even to get up. Suddenly Kunthi took care in preparing the food. She is not bothered about her pain.

11B img Kalki

Meanwhile, unexpectedly.

Mata! Today’s alms is special!! Yudishtira used loud voice to inform Kunthi when he reached  the portico. He is very happy.

Whatever it is, share it equally!!

On the spot, Kunthi replied without examining or enquiring what Yudishtira said. After hearing Kunthi’s reply, a mysterious reflection formed in Yudishtira!!

Kunthi went to the portico to see her childern. At that moment, Kunthi was shocked when she saw Draupadi!! I just considered it as the usual alms, that means food. But here I can’t believe it. Because I don’t know what was the intention behind the words of Yudhistira. I am shocked and tired.

Who is this? Kunthi got courage and enquired to clarify her doubts about Draupadi.

Kunthi has taken a great attention to hide her confusion about Draupadi.

Arjuna is a great warrior and this is the best reward for his bravery.
The timely reply of Yudhistira is quite peculiar.

Yudhishtira is always like that, isn’t he? Yudishtira’s skill is quite remarkable in presenting what he intends, as secret which could be never revealed at any time, but timely with sameness.

Afterwards Yudhishtira described all the matters clearly to Kunthi. Choice marriage (Swayamvara) and the marriage of Arjuna and Draupadi.

After hearing the whole, Kunthi with maturedness took Draupadi inside the house and received with traditional practices. Kunthi then came to Yudhishtira and all others.

Sit down children….

Kunthi said with great affection.

Hereafter, what to do? …..

My words should have the results. But nothing should happen against righteousness and morality.

Kunthi started grieving on her words that had fallen by mistake.

It shall be done as mother says….? Meanwhile Arjuna informed his decision so that mother should not be troubled.

This is not a thing to be shared, is it? But wife….?

Another question of Kunthi made everyone silent.

If so, we shall enquire to Vyasa! Who else knows about justice other than Vyasa?

Yudhistira’s advice as if he has decided something frightened Kunthi.

Then what about Krishna?

In no moment Kunthi enquired with uneasiness.

Yes! But if it is Vyasa, he is much learned.

While Yudhishtira started to justify, Kunthi became upset.

Isn’t the filial duty fulfilled when the mother’s words are obeyed?

Meanwhile Yudhishtira’s question made the subject live again.

If so, aren’t we obliged to fulfill the mother’s words to share equally whatever it is? Yudhistira’s question with special intention formed uneasiness in Kunthi.

Bhima left the matter to Yudhishtira himself stating that the elder brother is learned much about righteousness.

Right! Let me think. Yudhishtira‘s reply gave a temporary stop to the subject.

Everyone got up.

Let’s have food. After inviting all, Kunthi while getting in stopped suddenly!

Draupadi near the door!!

Beautiful and complexioned like Krishna!

Beautiful woman! Daughter of Drupada, the King of Panchala!

Also called as Panchali and Krishna! An excellent devotee of Lord Sree Krishna.

She might have heard everything. Isn’t the afflicted eyes of Draupadi saying no to something? Kunthi became upset.

Come! Kunthi affectionately called Draupadi to get inside.

Everybody laid down after supper.

Nothing immoral should happen because of her words, Kunthi prayed to Sree Krishna. Kunthi also decided that everything shall be done only according to the decision of Sree Krishna.

Kunthi woke up in a shock from the light sleep she had fallen due to fatigue. Isn’t the sound of hooves being heard from the farthest? Kunthi listened.

Could the enemies identify? Had Drupada grown suspicious? Did the martial skills of Arjuna happened to identify him?

Had Dushasana heard the news? He is the disgraceful brother of pious and noble Duryodhana. Did he seek any evil path? What he always aimed was to grab Duryodhana’s power? But generally nobody could know it!!

The sound of hooves grew louder while the thoughts kept torturing.
Isn’t the sound of chariot also heard? Kunthi listened with fear and anxiety.

Who will be in the chariot? Is it Krishna or the enemies?

Kunthi woke up from her thoughts and lighting a wick in earthen holder glanced at her children.

As it was a very small room all of them laid together.

Draupadi was tired out of journey. Not a usual practice. Poor girl!

What a fate to be in in this hell? Kunthi became sad.

Though Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula & Sahadeva were sleeping together, Yudhistira is sleeping little away. They all always gave respect to Yudhistira.

Kunthi took a deep breath looking at her tired children.

Should they be called or not?

While Kunthi stood in doubt, chariot reached in the front of their abode.

Kunthi immediately called everybody.

Everyone including Draupadi got up. Kunthi told everything in a low voice. They all put on their weapons in no moment.

The sound of footsteps is getting louder.

Arjuna became alert. Bhima held his club and got ready for anything. Yudhishtira, Nakula and Sahadeva also got ready to fight.

Very soon they all got ready because of their habits for the past few period.

If the problems occur here too, then would the poor man who gave space for temporary stay shall also behave like others did at various places? Isn’t so the experience?

Now as Draupadi is also with us…..despite of having five strong sons, while thinking of even no place to rest….were not everything caused to happen?

Kunthi’s thoughts on reality were abruptly and rudely disrupted by heavy footsteps outside.

Hey Pandavas! Open the door. We are not enemies, but friends! They informed knocking on the door.

Kunthi listened to the variations in the footsteps that indicate the increase in its strength.

In the meantime, Yudishtira opened the door without fear.

Drupada, the King of Panchala and his company!!!

Yudhistira quickly received the King and his company. The treat given to the guests within the limited facilities was grand!

The presence of Draupadi raised grief in Drupada.

She who had lived in royal facilities became a common lady within a day! What a fate!! However, she has got whom she liked.

Everything else could be corrected! Thus he consoled. Drupada’s eyes’ were filled with tears.

I had doubted you to be Pandavas from the first. Drupada began after the treat for guests.

Doubts were cleared when enquired to Krishna; though Krishna did not come for the wedding, Drupada, King of Panchala stopped a while and gazed on beloved daughter Krishna alias Draupadi and continued.
Thereafter…..in a hurry! Continued the journey as per the advice of the emissaries. Meanwhile, did it create any inconvenience?

The endurance of Drupada with maturity and humility pleased everybody.

You have come and that is our fortune!! Yudhistira’s reply was suitable to the situation.

As Draupadi was born after a long desire, I have not yet stayed separated from her. Daughter’s absence caused much pain in me. Not only that, as a father much failures had happened in doing the duties towards her. I realized that fact only, when heard the advices and directions of Lord Sree Krishna. Therefore, I could reach here at the earliest.

Did the words of Drupada, making clear the intention of his visit create inconvenience in Yudhistira? Kunthi watched.

Your presence has even made this hut also noble!! Yudhistira’s calm reply pleased Drupada.

Meanwhile the sound of chariot awakened the village people. But according to the King’s direction the accompanying bodyguards handled everything. People went back to their own homes.

Again the conversation between King Drupada continued.

I myself came instead of the messengers to invite everybody to the Palace. Those who deserves should be informed accordingly.

Drupada’s words arouse suspicion in Yudhistira.

Krishna is waiting for you! Drupada watched everyone.

As the enemies had recognized you……security, isn’t that very important? With fear Drupada convinced the seriousness of the matter.

Would Yudhistira oppose? Kunthi suspected.

Yes! As you wish!! Yudhistira obeyed hastily. Kunthi’s prayer to Lord Sree Krishna had the result.

Suddenly everyone got ready for the journey.

No one spoke on the way. Kunthi watched it all particularly. Kunthi offered her prayers to Almighty, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Because of the divine blessings of Lord Sree Krishna everything would happen well and in righteous manner only. Lord Sree Krishna is beloved to devotees. Kunthi merged in devotion to Lord Sree Krishna.

Anyhow as Sree Krishna is there, no need to worry about Draupadi. Kunthi consoled herself. Is there any other insult for a woman rather than to be wife to five brothers?

Oh! It can’t be thought of! What would be the state of Draupadi if she has to become the wife to five brothers’? Anybody who has self-respect would not get ready for that? Or is that the daughter of King Drupada, lack self-respect?

Draupadi, a strong woman who feared nobody, behaved so matured even after such a despicable matter occurred. May be she has that much love for Arjuna. If not, why should Drupada’s daughter receive the wandering Arjuna by adorning the garland? This would be Sree Krishna’s wish. Kunthi plunged in serious thoughts.

Chariot reached the Palace. King had already made the arrangements for the guests to take rest. Along with Kunthi, Draupadi also took rest near Pandavas. Palace, where she had played and grew up! Draupadi behaved as if she has forgotten that.

The changes that happened in Draupadi within a day has surprised Kunthi. How could she get these much matureness? Kunthi became pleased on Draupadi.

Drupada did the service and hospitality towards the Pandavas in the assembly as per the rules. Sree Krishna is there at a suitable position giving importance to the assembly. Kunthi got relieved.

I myself have arranged this opportunity! Krishna’s sweet voice came flowing. Kunthi noted it particularly.

Hey! Yudhistira, if you exist in righteousness then you can be free from today’s problem. This is an opportunity. Krishna continued.
But Yudhistira did not respond.

Now Arjuna is not just only Arjuna! He is the husband of Draupadi and son-in-law of King Drupada!! Therefore that dignity should be maintained insistently. Sree Krishna’s majestic words became noteworthy.

It is not yet decided that to whom all should Draupadi become the wife?

Yudhistira suddenly raised argument opposing Krishna’s words.
Everybody except Krishna got stunned!

Kunthi also got shocked!

What is special to talk such nonsense? Though as usual Krishna’s question which indicate mockery raised anger in Yudhistira.

We are dutiful sons’ who obey mother’s words.Though quiet Yudhistira’s words created irritation in everybody. Kunthi quickly interfered on realizing the movement of things in opposite turn.

Please listen Krishna! They reached home with Draupadi while I was busy in preparing food. When Yudhistira informed from the portico that they have brought special alms, actually before enquiring about it, I told to share it equally among them! Kunthi’s words became timely appropriate.

Draupadi’s eyes blossomed in comfort. Drupada, his wife and all others became doubtful.

Is it only? Krishna’s reply provoked Yudhistira.

Doesn’t the mother’s word have no value? Isn’t that should be obeyed? Yudhistira’s words became sharper.

Hey! Yudhistira! Here, Mata Kunthi revealed just now that in pre-conceived notion, without enquiring the reality, she had told to share it equally whatever it is, considering the alms to be as usual. Not only that, what you don’t know or to talk about a subject that is not clear by enquiring and examining the innate situation is only an opinion in general understanding. It is never a decision.

Sree Krishna started to analyze the things and causes of the issue with hair splitting precision.

This is not an object to be shared. Is it? Isn’t she Arjuna’s wife? Krishna started shooting questions.

Is it the culture to share one’s own wife among others? Is it moral to share one’s own wife among own brothers? Is this Yudhistira’s righteous argument to support such a mean thing justifying mother’s words? Is it Arjuna’s bravery to share own wife among others? Is it the nobility of Yudhistira and Bhima to take their younger brother’s wife as their also? Is it moral to Nakula and Sahadeva to take their elder brother’s wife as their also? Is it Mata Kunthi’s excellence to share her daughter-in-law to all her sons? Is it Draupadi’s chastity to be wife to many others? Is it the virtue of King Drupada to support such immoral things?

It is impossible for me, the eighth incarnation to support such things which is not suitable even for the common moral life. Everybody lowered their heads without answer for Krishna’s questions.

Drupada became peaceful. Krishna used to talk about Arjuna to Draupadi since she was quiet small. Then onwards she had started to like him. Anyhow my daughter has got Arjuna himself as her husband! Drupada saluted Krishna in his mind.

Kunthi also felt consoled. Draupadi also called Panchali being the daughter of the King of Panchal was gratified, praying Lord Sree Krishna, the eighth incarnation.

Though Arjuna had folly, he felt pride in Sree Krishna’s words. Sree Krishna, the eighth incarnation executes anything only morally, practically and in righteousness. He will never support anything against righteousness. Lord Sree Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the ten incarnations of Lord Mahavishnu. Since this mean subject has come in the presence of Krishna, it would end here. It is sure. Kunthi thought so.

In the meantime, Sree Krishna continued.

Motherhood is a unique model of divine love. A woman herself exists in various positions like mother to her children, wife to her husband, daughter to her father and sister to her brother’s. Among which the position of mother is the most noble.

As all the children are equal to a mother, whatever it is share it equally, these words of Kunthi is only the completion of her responsibility as a mother.

Everybody can take equally as per their deserved positions in righteousness. That is the rule in a country according to the science of governance. Otherwise anarchy, unrighteousness, evil customs would take debut and as a result would conquer that country.

Every actions should be executed always in righteousness only. If it is so, then only Lord Shiva’s and Lord Vishnu’s continuous blessings would be attained.

Draupadi should be wife only to Arjuna, as younger sister-in-law to Yudhistira and Bhima and elder sister-in-law to Nakula and Sahadeva, that is, they can share practically and reasonably only as their relations and positions in the family. Krishna’s statement based on virtue became distinguished to the Indian culture.

Mother gives food equally to all her children. But the quantity of the food varies according to their age and body structure. So, a mother is satisfied only, when she finds that her each child is fed with appropriate quantity of food. Moreover, among the children it is not necessary that the younger brother should also take the quantity of food taken by the eldest brother. Is it moral to force the younger brother to consume the quantity of food taken by the elder brother even if it is heavy to the former? Similarly, if the eldest is insisted to consume the quantity of food taken by the youngest even if it is much less for the former, it would result to starvation for the eldest. Sree Krishna’s words comforted Kunthi.

Draupadi is quiet cheerful. Sree Krishna’s words also have energized Draupadi.

It is true that mother gives equally to each one. Equally means the quantity would be the same for the eldest and the youngest. But that would create much problem. Because of the same quantity it would be more for the younger one but less for the eldest. Mother would feed each child considering its age, body structure or health, position, miseries of diseases etc.

Childrens’ welfare is mother’s duty. Therefore, mother gives the required food equally to her children as per their body structure, age and position. Doing likewise only completes the duty of a mother. Similarly, Mata Kunthi has just said to share it equally. So each one can take equally as per their positions and relations.

What would be the state of citizens if Pandavas themselves belonging to royal dynasty behave against morality? Sree Krishna stopped for a moment and looked on everybody. Especially Draupadi.

As a woman Draupadi has never agreed to Yudishtira’s obstinacy for being wife to all the five brothers while receiving Arjuna as the husband. Cruel cheating! Even the ruler has no authority to deny a woman’s right to live morally, then in a royal family whoever tries to execute such injustices for whatever causes should be never admitted. Sree Krishna continued.

Good intention, interest, experience, observation, analysis, wisdom etc. is must in deciding any matters based on righteousness.

Then only those are able to be executed in accordance to morality, righteousness, practicality and propriety.

Therefore, before accepting the sayings of a person as it is, that should be examined minutely, whether it is morally suitable, acceptable according to the positions, practical, agreeable to logical arguments, proper to the occasions and whether it is suitable to oneself. After that only it should be decided to accept or reject.

Here, Mata Kunthi’s words even without enquiring about the object, actually, if Yudhistira, Arjuna’s elder brother had examined righteously and handled it suitable to morality , then this immoral issue could have been solved quiet easily. Moreover, this common issue wouldn’t have been so important and relevant. Thereafter, isn’t it unsuitable to the assembly? Sree Krishna continued to explain as to how should be in righteousness.

Above all these, King Drupada’s understanding that war skill is the qualification for choice marriage is totally against righteousness. Clear view of life, morality, practical insight, faithfulness & willingness to work hard, interest in taking effort, moral effort to earn wealth, intent look on the works to be done, to have interest in doing the responsibilities morally among parents-brothers-sisters-relatives who all are in friendship, to get awareness and prevent oneself from getting involved in superstitions & bad customs, mode of living should be in righteousness with pure and pious devotion, strong, moral and social relations, skillful in achieving needs of life according to the changes in time, energetic and correct executions based on righteousness according to the opportunities and the power to endure, scientific study, devotion etc. all these should be the merits of the bridegroom according to the diplomacy.

It should be clearly observed whether he has the qualifications accordingly. Marriage is not a contest. As conducted here, when the betrothed girl selects bridegroom among others in the assembly, it results in the defamation of all others participated in the choice marriage. Marriage is a matter of personal likes or dislikes and acceptance. It should not be demonstrated publicly. Privacy should be the stage to select the life-partner. It should be absolutely a private function with only responsible family members and friends. When the betrothed girl selects only one whom she has liked among the several others present in the assembly, definitely it results in disgracing all the others invited there. It is not a permissible precedent. An opponent is formed from insult. Insult would cause all friendly countries in becoming enemies.

Long before, I explained this matter to King Drupada. But he did not take it seriously. That all is each one’s own decision. Along with the revealing of how is the righteousness, it is our morality to not support anything against righteousness. One can obey if it is necessary or can reject. Whatever it is, has its result.

I did not partake in the choice marriage (Swayamavara). But, I know what would happen. That is why I reached here personally in the august presence of Drupada to inform the moral verdict of this immoral issue. These should never become a blemish to my history of incarnation. I shall not stand at any time with the misconception of Yudhistira, here. Therefore, the explanation of how the righteousness should be, in this matter, adorned majestic aspect to Lord Sree Krishna. Sree Krishna continued.

Above all, in today’s circumstances when the Pandavas wander with no place even to fulfil their basic needs, priority should be given in finding the solution for that. Always righteous approach should be with the problems. If so only the execution is formed.

When the queen Kaikeyi asked to send Lord Sree Rama, the seventh incarnation to forest according to the boon given to her by King Dasharada, What did he do? He enquired to Sree Rama and analyzed the matter and its causes, then called an assembly in presence of the chief of ministers and people and asked Sree Rama as questions with suggestive meaning and then executed Sree Rama’s righteous verdict. Dasharada on realizing that he is guilty, vacated the authority of a King to the blessed Sree Rama and anointed him as the King. From the context of giving the promise, Sree Rama examined everything whether it is righteous or not, identified the guilty and executed punishment and without becoming a slave to relations, confirmed the verdict through free, moral and righteous investigation. Though Dasharada, Kaikeyi and Manthara are judged as accused, but as the evil intention which is the basis of the crime did not happen and they were proved guilty in the presence of citizens in the assembly and its abuse is serious and exist much more than the period of punishment, for a crime there is only one punishment and based on righteousness Dasharada and Kaikeyi were released. Whatever situations whichever citizen uses as a chance to inspire others to do the crime of treason, as an ideal thing those should be seriously punished and for this awareness Sree Rama punished Manthara.

Nobody’s words against righteousness should be obeyed and nor the boon should be given for doing the duties, an individual in the post of the King has no power to misuse the royal authority for his own desires and for the family, those with inborn aptitude of crime get ready in doing the criminal actions should be heard morally and execute punishment which is necessary for the country’s diplomacy and citizens’ welfare, this was made clear to the world by Sree Rama, the seventh incarnation and this real history, here, in this context of executing an immoral mean action is significant and much helpful in confirming the verdict. (Read: “The Real Divine History of Lord Sree Rama. Most Important scene from the First Part.” യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ശ്രീരാമ ചരിതം പ്രഥമഘട്ട സുപ്രധാന രംഗം-കല്‍കി published by Kalkipuri Publication).

Sree Krishna’s words surprised Kunthi! Kunthi worshipped Sree Krishna with great devotion.

Though Yudhistira was silent, revengeful attitude was forming in him, but could not raise another question.

Everything needed for the safety and victory in the life of Pandavas including Kunthi and Draupadi shall be decided morally. Sree Krishna’s eminent presence should be there! Drupada’s words became timely.

Yes! Everything shall be decided appropriate and righteous to diplomacy. Draupadi is only Arjuna’s wife. She is younger sister-in-law to Yudhistira and Bhima and elder sister-in-law to Nakula and Sahadeva. Thus established the glory of the Indian culture as a role model in good manners, appropriate to the family composition equally and morally.

Draupadi also should maintain contacts with everybody only according to each and every positions, because usually this sort of desires never happen among the brothers. Here, even if it did not happen really, but as the wish was formed, Draupadi should acquaint carefully with everybody according to each and every positions only. Otherwise, these will lead to form the base for doubts and criticisms and affect the life seriously. By Lord’s blessings the true knowledge allowed in diplomatic manner is the welfare ruling and the well-being of citizens.

Though Sree Krishna’s words formed uneasiness among Pandavas including Yudhistira, they were all forced to accept. Kunthi offers crores of salutations to the divine feet of Sree Krishna who has arranged the situations and blessed Draupadi to live proudly as the wife of Arjuna only.

Draupadi Real Husband - Real History by Kalki. Translator Mukundaraj

Draupadi – Real History | Sree Krishna | Kalki | Translated by Mukundaraj

“Draupadi is the wife of Arjuna only” Sree Krishna said. “Is this an object to be shared?” Sree Krishna has stated arrowing the question: “Is it the culture to share one’s own wife to others ? Is it the morality to share one’s own wife with brothers ? In the justification of mothers word, is it the righteous argument of Yudhishthira to partake in such a heinous act ? Does sharing his own wife to others is the bravery of Arjuna ? Is it the importance  of Yudhishthira and Bhima  to make their brother wife their own ? Is it the path of virtue of Nakula and Sahadeva to share the wife of eldest bother ? Is this the greatness of matha Kunti to share daughter-in-law to all sons ? Is it chastity of Draupadi to be wife with several people ? Is it righteous of Draupadi to support these immoral things ?”

Finally, Sree Krishna said, Draupadi is only Arjuna’s wife. She is younger sister-in-law to Yudhistira and Bhima and elder sister-in-law to Nakula and Sahadeva. Kalki revealed real history of His previous incarnation as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

English translation of “ദ്രൗപദീപതി അര്‍ജ്ജുനന്‍ മാത്രം” – ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണന്‍ Published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily on 21 September 2010.

Translated by Mukundaraj


Another translation by Sreemathy Ajitkumar is also available here.

First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugdharma Magazine in 2000 written by Kalki, later on it was published as book by Kalkipuri Publication in 2008. Latest Malayalam internet edition is available here.

Book Draupadi


“I respect the fundamental right to know what actually happened. I have only that good intention.” – Kalki

Previously, Kalki had Incarnated as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) & Saved Draupadi – Lord Shiva (From Kalki Purana by Aagstya

Ithanmunnam Kiruttinanaay Avatharithaay (1):9:2
Paahupada Palaleelai Sheithumelaay (1):9:3
Paarulakil Ariyathor Undusholven (1):9:4
Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam (1):10:1
Udaviyathu SheithavanNee Panchalikkum (1):10:2

Previously, Kalki had incarnated as Sree Krishna and the official executions of that time are very famous. At that time, there were several divine secrecies and You have saved Draupadi.

Why Draupadi is called Panchali ?

Draupadi, also known as Panchali because she was the daughter of Drupada – the King of Panchala.

– Kalki

Kalki says Draupadi, also known as Panchali because she was the daughter of Drupada - the King of Panchala.

Arjuna is the Sole Husband of Draupadi –  Sree Krishna
Kalki Revealed the Real History

11B img Kalki

There were only little space and no facilities in the potters house. But according to the present condition of today, that itself is a blessing. Matha Kunti was meditating on Lord Sree Krishna even while she was preparing food.

When sons reaches home cooking should be finished. Long journey has made Kunti weary. She was tired and nobody was there to help.

While she was preparing food, she immersed in the fond affection of her sons.

Bhima would be famished by now. Yudhishtra could not withstand the pangs of hunger even a short while. Arjuna will not tell anything. Similarly Nakula and Sahadeva will not be contemptuous and make trouble, they will help in all doings !

Five sons ! But fate …? Thoughts was patting Kunti continuosly.

Did she hear the footsteps of her sons outside ? Kunti tried to overhear it minutely. Yes!They are coming !

Kunti consoled to herself.

Kunti has travelled a lot and so her body was in deep pain ! She couldn’t  even get up but she ignored all her inconvenience and got immersed in cooking.

In the meanwhile, unexpectedly.

Mother ! Todays special alms !! Yudhishtra outbursted with joy from the verandah to Kunti, who was inside the potters house.

Whatever may be, share it equally among yourselves !!

The reply of Kunti was all of a sudden of not enquiring or examining and these made mysterious movement in Yudhishtra.

When she heard the voice of her sons, she came to the verandah but after seeing Draupadi, she became exhausted !!

She has mistakenly said  in considering  about the usual alms ….she then shocked to realize the gravity of her thoughtless words.

Oh ! Couldn’t !! Kunti became weary.

Who is she ?

Kunti observed Draupadi in doubt and then courageously enquired about her.

Kunti was in a dilemma but she became attentive in not showing it outside.

This is the appropriate reward for Arjuna’s valour !!

The reply of Yudhishtra according to the circumstances was always been a special !

Isn’t that Yudhishtra was always been so ?.What he intended will not be revealed and it will be with humble, timely, ambiably and presenting so are the special skills of Yudhishtra.

Yudhishtra, then informed the matter to Kunti in a detailed manner which led to the marriage of Arjuna and Draupadi.

After hearing everything, Kunti behaved in a matured way and called Draupadi inside. Then welcomed her with ritual formalities. After that Kunti came back  towards her sons.

Sit down children. …

Kunti said with affection.

What can be done now ?… My words should also be made effective but should not happen nothing against righteousness and culture.

Kunti was repenting because of the word which has slipped out mistakenly.

We will do as our mother says …. In the mean while, Arjuna informed his decision inorder not to make his mother into panic.

Is this an object to be shared and she is the wife know ?

The question of Kunti made everybody in silence.

Then we will ask Vyasan ! Who knows the actual of righteousness than him ?.

Kunti became frightened by the instruction of Yudhishtra because he was like strongly decided on something.

What about Sree Krishna ?

Kunti asked instantly in anxiety.

Can be ! But Vyasan has skills in Vedas aswell !!

When Yudhishtra was starting to justify, Kunti became silent. If it is continued then it may lead to quarrel.

Is Yudhishtra using my word as a weapon which I was told mistakenly and is he playing a trick on it ? Kunti became sad.

Isn’t that, when we obey the words of mother then only the sons righteousness will be fulfilled know ? In the meanwhile, the question of Yudhishtra has again made the matter lively.

If so then, whatever may be share it among yourselves of mothers words, isn’t that  we are liable to obey it ?

The question of Yudhishtra with a particular intention made Kunti deeply apprehensive.

Even brother has knowledge in righteousness know ? Bhima has left it to Yudhishtran.

Yes ! Let me analyse. The reply of Yudhishtra has put an end to the matter temporily.

Everbody stood up.

Now let us take food. Kunti invited everybody. While she was entering inside, she suddenly stopped !

Draupadi was standing  behind the door !!!

As beautiful as Sree Krishna with dual color !

Beautiful ! The daughter of the King Drupadan of Panchala ! She is called as Panchali and Krishna ! Ardent devotee of  Sree Krishna.

She would have heard everything. Is the depressed eyes of  Draupadi is telling that  it shouldn’t ? Kunti became sad.

Come on ! Kunti called Draupadi inside with affection.

Everbody slept after taking supper.

Kunti was praying to Sree Krishna that nothing should not happen unrighteously of the words uttered by her. She confirmed to her that, Sree Krishna will do everything as per His own decisions.

As Kunti was tired, she slipped into sleep and then suddenly awoke up. Is the sound of galloping horses is heard at a distant ? She overheard it.

Whether the enemies have identified ? Had Drupadan grew suspicious ? Had the archery skills of Arjuna exposed him off to the enemies ?

Did Dushasanna hear the news ? For the righteous Duryodhana, his brother Dushasanna is really a disgrace !! Hence, did he play anything crookedly ? Isn’t that his aim is always to grab the power from Duryodhana ? Normally nobody cannot understand his intention !!

When the thoughts are churning up, at a distance the galloping sounds of the horse became louder. Is the sound of  the chariots  is also hearing ? Kunti quivered with fear and became attentive , she overheard it.

Who could be in the chariot ? Will it be Sree Krishna or other enemies ? Kunti came out from her thoughts, lit a wick in the earthern lamp and then noticed her sons.

The room was very small so everybody was sleeping together.

The tiredness of the journey has made Draupadi exhausted.

The tiredness of the journey has made Draupadi exhausted. It is not usual, innocent girl ! Her fate is to be in this hell. Kunti became sad.

Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva were all sleeping together but Yudhishtra was sleeping separately. Everybody specially respected Yudhushtra always.

Kunti sighed heavily after looking at her exhausted children.

Should I call them ?

While she was hesitating, chariot has reached the home.

Kunti then called everybody.

Everybody, including Draupadi awoke up. Kunti informed everything in a tender voice. In no time everybody became armed themselves.

The galloping sound of the horse was heard louder and louder.

Arjuna became alert, Bhima was armed with club and became ready for anything. Yudhishtra, Nakula and Sahadeva were ready for the battle.

Everybody became ready quickly because of  the experiences of the last many days. If there happened a problem here then the innocent man who gave us shelter even temporally, will he behave the same way as in other places ? The experience is like that !

Now Draupadi is also with us.Though five children are strong but there is no place for shelter. These all happened with the consent know ?

When Kunti peeped out to the thoughts of reality then it got shattered due to the strong footsteps from outside.

Hey Pandavas ! Open the door. We are not enemies but friends ! They informed by hitting the door.

Kunti noticed that there is a difference in the footsteps and it indicates the increase in numbers of body guards.

In the mean time Yudhishtra opened the door courageously.

What a surprise !

Kalki says “Original photos of Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Arjuna, Draupadi (also called Panchali, being the daughter of Drupada – the King of Panchala) etc. are not available now.”

King of Panchala, Drupada has come with his people !!!

Yudhishtra quickly greeted the King and his people, asked to sit. The greeting for the guests was grant within the facilities !

The presence of Draupadi has stormed sadness in Drupada.

She has lived with aristocratic facilities but one day she became a comman woman ! What a fate !!! Any way she has got the man whom she was longing.

Everything can be made alright ! Let us console like that. Eyes of Drupadan was filled with tears.

I had the doubt in the beginning itself that they are Pandavas. Drupada started the conversation after he was entertained as guest.

When it was enquired to Sree Krishna then the doubt got cleared ; Though Sree Krishna did not attend the marriage, then Drupada made a pause and looked at his affectionate daughter Krishna, so called Panchali.

In the meanwhile, did it become inconvenience when we reached here in the unfavourable time ? Humbleness and courteous of  Drupada has made everybody hearty.Then …. They became haste to go ! According to the instruction of the espionagers they started the journey.

Your visit is been a lucky was us !! Circumstantial reply of Yudhishtra has striked them.

Draupadi was born after a very longing and so we did not depart from Draupadi. The separation of my daughter has made deep pain,  not only that as a position of a father there were many mistakes in performing the duties towards the daughter. When the instructions of Lord Sree Krishna was heard, then only we are knowing the fact. So we quickly reached here.

As he was clearifying the intention of  his visit, does the words of Drupada created uncomfortness in Yudhishtra ? Kunti noticed it.

Your presence has made even this hut great !! The humble reply of Yudhishtra has made the King Drupada satisfied.

In the meanwhile the sounds of the chariot has awakened the citizens. But by the instructions of the King, the bodyguards has done a good job by senting citizens  to their own house.

Again the conversation with Drupada has begun.

I  myself have marched here to invite everybody to my palace, instead of the messenger because the worthy people has to be invited accordingly know ?

The words of Drupada has caused doubt in Yudhishtra.

Sree Krishnan is waiting for everybody there in palace ! Drupada has glanced at everybody.

As the enemies has recognized …. The security is the most essential know ? Drupada  has informed  the seriousness of the matter with anxiety.

Kunti doubted that Yudhishtra will stand against it.

Right ! Everything is as per your wish !!! Yudhishtra quickly obeyed it. The prayers of Kunti to Krishna has brought result.

Everybody quickly started the journey to the palace of King Drupada.

Nobody spoke during the travel. Kunti was noticing it specially. Kunti whole heartedly prayed to omniscient  Sri Parameshwaran and Sri Mahavishnu. As Kunti has the divine blessing of Krishna, everything will happen righteously and in a good manner. She is the beloved devotee of Sree Krishna. She then immersed in the Krishna devotion.

Whatever may be, as Sree Krishna is there, then there is nothing to worry in the case of  Draupadi. Kunti got consoled. What is more shame than to be wife for five brothers?.

Oh ! I cannot even imagine ! What will be the state of  Draupadi if she has happened to be the wife for  five   brothers ? Those who have dignity will not get ready for it. Does the daughter of King Drupadha has lack for dignity ?

Though such heinous matter  has happened, Draupadi was obstinate,unfrightned, independent and she was behaving in a matured manner.She might be longing Arjuna that much otherwise why did the daughter of Drupada invite by garlanding Arjuna itself who was just dwelling ?.This might be the wish of Sree Krishna. Kunti immersed in deep thought.

The chariot has reached the palace. The King has already made arrangements for the guests to take rest. Kunti and Draupadi took rest along with Pandavas. The palace where she was grewn up ! Gesture of Draupadi was like as if she has forgotten it.

Kunti was surprised to see the changes in Draupadi within a day. How did she get this maturity ? Kunti liked Draupadi so much.

Drupada has entertained Pandavas in the sabha with hospitality and as per rituals. Sree Krishna was adorning the most respected position, Kunti consoled.

I have made this opportunity ! The sweet sound of Krishna has flown there. Kunti particularly noticed it.

Heh Yudhishtra ! If you want to sustain in righteousness then you can get relieved from todays problems and so this is the opportunity. Krishna started.

But Yudhishtra did not respond to it.

Arjuna is not just Arjuna now !

He is the husband of Draupadi and son-in-law of King Drupada !!! So definitely that glory has to be sustained. The words of Sree Krishna was with profound gesture and so everybody  became attentive.

It was not yet decided that who and all should be the wife of Draupadi ?

Yudhishtra has declined the words of Sree Krishna and suddenly started justifying. Everybody became astonished except Sree Krishna !!!

Kunti was shocked !

Is there anything special to say such a blunder ? Though the question of Krishna was normal but it sounds ridiculous and this made Yudhishtra in wrath.

We obey the words of our mother. Though the atmosphere was silent but the words of Yudhishtra made everybody unbearable. Kunti recognized that the situation is getting deviated against the peaceful atmosphere and so she involved in the situation suddenly.

Listen Krishna ! While I was preparing food they came here with Draupadi. When Yudhishtra has informed from the verandah that they have bought a special alms then, actually without enquiring it I told them that whatever may be, you all share it equally among yourselves. For that Yudhishtra is telling all these !! The words of Kunti was timely to the circumstances.

The eyes of Draupadi has blossomed and expanded with relaxation. Drupadha,his wife and everybody became apprehended.

Only this much ? The answer of Krishna made Yudhishtra perturbed.

Does the words of mother have no value ? Does it not that be obeyed ? The words of Yudhishtra has become sharpened.

Heh Yudhishtra ! Matha Kunti has revealed a little while before that she has considered it as ordinary alms from her pre-conceived notion and without enquiring the fact. Not only that, the thing which was not known or the matter which is not enquired, examined, not evident, which is told in a general way can only be considered as opinion and not the decision.

Sree Krishna has started to examine the matter in a detailed manner.

Is this an object to be shared, she is the wife of Arjuna now ? Sree Krishna has stated arrowing the question.

Is it the culture to share one’s own wife to others ? Is it the morality to share one’s own wife with brothers ? In the justification of mothers word, is it the righteous argument of Yudhishtra to partake in such a heinous act ? Does sharing his own wife to others is the bravery of Arjuna ? Is it the importance  of Yudhishtra and Bhima  to make their brother wife their own ? Is it the path of virtue of Nakula and Sahadeva to share the wife of eldest bother ? Is this the greatness of matha Kunti to share  daughter-in-law to all sons ? Is it chastity of Draupadi to be wife with several people ? Is it righteous of Draupadi to support these immoral things ?.

These cannot be accepted in the comman life and so I, the eigth incarnation cannot be a part to these immoral act. Everybody lowered their head as they don’t have any answer to Sree Krishna.

Draupadi got consoled. From the childhood days of Draupadi, Krishna used to tell about Arjuna to Draupadi. She liked Arjuna from thereon. Whatever may be, she got Arjuna itself as her husband! Drupada whole heartedly paid obeisance to Sree Krishna.

Kunti also got consoled. Draupadi is called as Panchali because she is known by the name Krishna and she is the daughter of the King Panchala. She has become self-gratified with the ardent devotion of the eighth incarnation Sree Krishna.

Though Arjuna was little bit embrassed but he became proud to hear the divine words of Sree Krishna

All the matters of the eighth incarnation of Sree Krishna will be emphasized on morality, practicality and it will be accomplished righteously. Sree Krishna will not support anything which is unrighteous. Sree Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu. Since this matter has reached before Sree Krishna and so this disgraceful matter will end up here. Definitely, Kunti thought about it.

In the meanwhile Sree Krishna continued.

The position of mother is unique with her divine love. A women itself  is upholding different positions as mother towards children, wife to husband, sister towards brothers.In that mother is the most noble.

For a mother children are all alike so the words of Kunti, whatever may be, share it among youselves, should only be considered as just fulfilling the responsibility of the position of a mother.

According to the righteousness and deservingness, each one of them can share it. This is the rule of the country in the state administration otherwise anarchic, unrighteous and evil custom will be staged. As a result, insecurity will subdue that nation.

Any matter should be implemented in a righteous way. Then only the blessings of Lord Parameshwaren Shivan and Lord Mahavishnu can be received.

Draupadi should only be the wife of Arjuna, younger brothers wife for Yudhishtra and Bhima, eldest brothers wife for Nakulan and Sahadevan, according to the righteous of the position and family relation can be shared equally in a practical and logical way. The judgement of Sree Krishna was based on justice and it adorns the caste-mark which pertains to the culture of sages of Bharatha.

Mother gives food to her children equally but the quantity intake of food is varied according to the age and physical structure and so mother will be satisfied only when she abate hungry of her children by giving necessary food to children. Moreover it is not necessary even in children that youngest brother shall take food like the eldest brother. When the quantity intake of food of the eldest brother is more than the youngest brother then, is it righteous to force the younger brother to take food as the eldest brother ? If the quantity intake of food of younger brother is less when compared to the eldest brother then, can we compel the eldest brother to take the same quantity of food as the youngest brother ?As a  result eldest brother will also  suffer hunger know ? The divine words of Sree Krishna has made Kunti consoled.

Draupadi was also seen cheered up. The divine words of Sree Krishna made Draupadi consoled.

Mother gives to all children equally. If it is equal then the quantity to small child and big child is of the same quantity. But it will make more difficult because when it is of the same quantity then, for the small child, the quantity will be more but for the big child it may not be sufficient. Mother will only give food to children by taking into account of their age, body state or health conditions, positions, diseases etc. When food is equally divided ,it will not be balanced and so it is unrighteous. Dharma means equilibrium . Food should be given equally to each children according to their age, positions and health conditions.

The duty of mother is the wellbeing of their children. So mother is giving the sufficient food to her children equally in considering the body structure, age and position. Then only the duty of mother will be fulfilled. Similarly matha Kunti has just told to take it equally and so everybody can take equally as per their positions and relations.

If the Pandavas of the royal dynasty has himself done against the culture then what will be the state  of  citizens ? Sree Krishna paused a while then noticed every body, especially Draupadi.

As a woman, Draupadi was not at all so obstinate  like Yudhishtra to accept as wife for five brothers and to welcome Arjuna as husband. Treacherous ! There is no authority even for the ruler to object a woman from living according to the culture and so injustice  in the Kings family cannot be made effective and it cannot be agreed at any cost and in any names.

Sree Krishna continued.

Righteousness based on true intention, alertness, understanding, observation, analysis and wisdom is most essential for taking any decision in any matter then only those can be implemented logically and practically as per the culture and righteousness.

Therefore before accepting any persons words, it should be examined keenly, whether it is suitable as per righteous, can it be accepted as per position, whether it is logical and practical and it should be  examined minutely. Then only it can be decided whether to accept it or to neglect it.

Here what was the object was not even enquired and if  actually, the words of  matha Kunti was examined by  the eldest brother Yudhishtra and upholded righteousness  and culture then this matter  which was totally disgrace would have solved in no time. Not only that, for this silly matter there would not been that importance and this not agreeable to the society know?  Sree Krishna continued about the description of  how should be the righteousness.

All above that, Drupada has counted that skills in martial art is the eligibility for the marriage which is his understandings and it is against righteousness. Actually, the eligibilities required for a fiancé in state administration is that, he  should have definite outlook towards life, righteousness, practical insight, honesty, readiness for  hard working, zeal for effortness, effortness in earning money in a righteous ways, alertness in implementing duties, alertness in doing responsibilities for parents, brothers, sisters and friends. By recognizing superstitious beliefs, unrituals and not getting involved in that, he shall sustain in devotion, his life style  should be based on culture, he should maintain strong righteous social relations, according to the oppurtunities and circumstances, he should skillfully achieve the needs of life according to the changes in accordance with  the time. Active movements with accurate performance, punctuality in work, tolerance, study of science and devotion towards God should be the eligibilities.

It is necessary to have a keen observance on the above mentioned abilities. Marriage is not a competition. As it was conducted here, when the fiancé has selected the groom, as a result it is insulting everybody who has attended the marriage. Marriage is the matter of one’s own personal likings and wishes. It should not be staged in public. Privacy should be there for choosing the life partner. It is the stage where only necessary people and that too who is responsible in the family and friends shall be present and it is the personal ceremony.

When several people are lined up in one stage and at the same time, when fiancé is selecting a particular person whom she liked in keeping witness of the court then definitely it is insulting by inviting everybody and this cannot be allowed. Not only that while insulting only enemity will be there. It will be the reason for all the friendly nations to become enemy and insulted.

Long back ago, I have made clear it to the King Drupada but he did not take this matter seriously. That and all is the decision of their own.On revealing how should be the righteous , at the same time I will not support which is injustice and this is my faith in righteousness. If it is necessary then it can be obeyed otherwise you can neglect it. For everything there will be result of  its own.

I did not attend the marriage but I know what will happen. That is the reason, why I have directly came over to the palace of Drupada  palace for  making know the judgement regarding this matter which is against the righteousness. There should not be any bad tune in the history of my incarnation. I will not support Yudhishtra who has mistake in understanding. So in this matter, how actually should be the righteousness has been cleared and to the gesture of Sree Krishna a profound caste-mark  has adorned. Sree Krishna continued.

All the above, in the present state there is no place for Pandavas to fulfill their basic needs and they are wandering  so first there should be a solution for that. Always there should be righteousness towards problem then only creativeness will be formed.

What did Dasharadha do when Queen Kaikeyee claimed to sent Sree Rama, seventh incarnation to exile forest  for the reason of Dasharadha giving boons ? Dasharadha has enquired Sree Rama and then gathered the  rajasabha, presented the questions in  a indirect way as questioning to Sree Rama in front of the citizens and chief among the ministers. Sree Rama has then implemented  the verdict lawfully. When Dasharadhan has recognized as the culprit then he himself  has withdrawn from the authority of the King, blessed Sree Rama was coronated as the King. Rama examined the situation from where the boon was given, whether it is righteous or not, traced the culprit and finally punishment was verdicted but Sree Rama did not get attached to  relatives, the punishment was verdicted by independently and righteously cross-examing. Though Dasharadhan, Kaikeyee and Mandhara was judged the culprit, but crime couldn’t  be implemented on the basis of evil intentions, they were found guilty in front of the citizens, the insult caused than the duration of experiencing punishment and it is serious so for one crime only one punishment should only be experienced and so on the basis of righteousness, Dasharadhan and Kaikeyee was made free from punishment. The citizen who uses the circumstances as an oppurtunity for treachory , influence others and inspire others to commit crime  then definitely it is necessary to give an exemplary punishment for them and for making others to  recognize this, Sree Rama has punished Mandhara.

There is no need to obey anybodys unrighteous words and no need to give boon for implementing of duties. The King who is in the position of ruler and who exploits  the authority of the King for his own wishes and family and  those who are doing duties with the criminal inclination should be cross-examined righteously  beyond family relations and positions, as per the state administration and punishment should be verdicted. It is most legitimate and inevitable for the well being  of the citizens and state administration which has made known to the world by Sree Rama in the real history of seventh incarnation is now important here in this situation when crooked steps are planned against the culture and where heinous crimes were planned to implement it and now it is helping here in this present situation of the verdict ( Read the real history of Sree Rama-Most  Important scene from the first part by Kalkipuri Publications)

The divine words of Sree Krishna has made Kunti surprised! Kunti prostrated with devotion. Though Yudhishtra was silent but revenge was taking form in him but he was unable to counter question.

Matha Kunti, Draupadi and including Pandavas can decide righteously on their security and necessary things for the success in their life. The great presence of Sree Krishna should be there! The words of Drupada was apt for the circumstance

Yes ! Everything can be decided in accordance with state administration and in a righteous way. Draupadi is only the wife of Arjuna. Draupadi is younger brothers wife for Yudhishtra and Bhima, Draupadi is eldest brothers wife for Nakula and Sahadevan.Sustain the culture of Bharatha with greatness thus glistening the culture by considering  equally, righteoslly  and lawfully in accordance with family relations.

Draupadi  should only mingle with everybody according to their positions because normally brothers will ever have such ambition. It did not happen as reality but here it has come in the form of  desire. So Draupadi has to mingle carefully as per their positions. Otherwise it will built the base for suspicious , criticism and will effect the life itself. Noblest wisdom is to allow the welfare rule and the wellbeing of the citizens by the state administration through the blessing of God.

Though the divine words of Sree Krishna has caused inconvenience in Pandavas, including Yudhishtra but they were forced to accept it. Kunti salutated on the lotus feet of Sree Krishna for the blessing and making opportunity  for Draupadi to live with dignity as the wife of Arjuna only. For making opportunity and blessing Draupadi to live with dignity as the  wife of only Arjuna, Kunti prostrated on the lotus feet of Sree Krishna !!!

Kalki was Sree Krishna and saved Draupadi - Lord Shiva

Kalki saved Draupadi when He was Sree Krishna – Lord Shiva

In ancient times, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, previously, Kalki had incarnated as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and executed several moral divine activities which are still praised. When Kalki was Sree Krishna, He saved Draupadi (also called Panchali, being the daughter of Drupada-the King of Panchala) to be the wife of Arjuna only, one of five Pandavas.

Original Sanskrit palm leaves written by Agastya Maharshi and Aadi Tamil translation written in ancient Maha Shiva Nadi Sukshmal Sukshmam Chapter Palm Leaves (Nadi Astrology) of Kalki.

image of Kalki said Original photos of Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Arjuna and Droupadi (also called Panchali, being the daughter of Drupada-the King of Panchala) are not available now.

Important Aadi Tamil Stanzas with English Prose Translation

Ithanmunnam Kiruttinanaay Avatarithaay (1):9:2
Paahupada Palaleelai Sheithumelaay (1):9:3
Paarulakil Ariyaathor Undusholven (1):9:4

Ithanmunnam=before this, Kiruttinanaay=as Lord Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu), Avatarithaay=incarnated, Paahupada=without difference, Palaleelai=different kinds of divine plays, Sheithumelaay=that which was performed several times, Paarulakil=in the world, Ariyaathor=which everyone knows, Undusholven=is being read.

Previously, Kalki had incarnated as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and executed several moral divine activities which are still praised. Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi.

Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam (1):10:1

Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam=also there are several other minute divine secrecies like that is informed now.

Lord Shiva said to Parvathi Devi, when Kalki was Sree Krishna, there were several divine secrecies.

Udaviyathu SheithavanNee Panchalikkum (1):10:2

Udaviyathu=save (help), Sheithavan Nee=you (Kalki) have given, Panchalikkum=to Draupadi (wife of Arjuna only, one of the five pandavas).

Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, when Kalki was Sree Krishna, He saved Draupadi (also called Panchali, being the daughter of Drupada-the King of Panchala) to be the wife of Arjuna only, one of five Pandavas).

To know about the original history of Sree Krishna and Draupadi, read “ദ്രൗപദീപതി അര്‍ജ്ജുനന്‍ മാത്രം- ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണന്‍ . യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ചരിതം കല്‍കി വെളിപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു.“ in Malayalam and English “Arjuna, the sole husband of Draupadi- Sree Krishna. Kalki reveals the real history.

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