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Kalki won the Kalkipuri Plot Case on 16 Aug 2008

Kalki will win the Kalkipuri Plot Case -Lord Shiva. Kalki won on 16 Aug 2008.

From Kalki Purana Divine Secrets Chapter by Agastya. In ancient times, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, Kalki will win the Kalkipuri Plot case. Original Sanskrit Palm Leaves are not available now. Aadi Tamil translation is known as Nadi Palm Leaves.

Aadi Tamil Stanzas with English Prose Translation

Sikkalathu Aathivazhi Thelivumkittum. (1):18:3.)

Sikkalath=problems (case), Aathivazhi= of own property, Thelivumkittum= will be solved favourably.

In ancient times, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, Kalki will win the Kalkipuri Plot case. As per Lord’s decision, it happened on 16 Aug 2008, Kalki won the Kalkipuri plot case.

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In 2003, during the construction of the Dome of Kalkipuri Temple, one family member (elder son of father’s second elder brother) tried to grab and got a stay order from the court with a fabricated document (No.1720/2001) to stop the dome work of Kalkipuri Temple. On 16th Aug 2008, Kalki won the case [123/2003 & 26/2007 (206/2003]. The total extension of Kalkipuri plot is only 58.472 cents . On 7th March 2013 obtained the building permit for the Dome construction of Kalkipuri Temple and renewed it.

Kalkipuri Temple Dome works started on 5 Feb 2016 and completed on 8 July 2016. Completion plan submitted on 3 Aug 2016 and approved by Vazhakkad Grama Panchayath on 8 Sep 2016. During the process, submitted Structural Stability Certificate by Dr. Shine. C. Chinnan. Ph.D ( https://www.facebook.com/Shine-builders-120711364742644/ ) as per the rules. Insect free bronze oil lamp (Design Patent No.225592) is used in the Temple.


This Video recorded on 16th Nov 2004 from the Nadi Office of A. Sivasamy, S/o V.S.Arulsiva Arumugam, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Nagai (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

Kalkipuri Temple: Dome works 2016

Kalkipuri Temple: Opening: 3am-10pm.
Irrespective of caste, religion, sex, age and nativity, devotees can come with cleanliness and pray.

Kalkipuri Temple in Sep 2016

Kalkipuri Temple in Aug 2016

Kalkipuri Temple in Aug 2016

About Ancient Nadi Palm Leaves

In the ancient time, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi about several people living nowadays which the sages like Agastya, Vishvamitra and Vasishta had seen in their meditation and wrote it clearly in Sanskrit language according to the Lord’s command. Later, Thanjavur King Sharabhoji II (Serfoji 1777-1832) with the help of scholars translated it to Aadi Tamil language and named as Nadi Astrology. Thereafter, though the Britishers acquired possession of these Nadi Palm Leaves, they sold it to some families. Now these Nadi Palm Leaves are available. Nadi Palm Leaves are stored at Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu. Read More




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