Kalki Avatar will become World Renowned by My Words -Lord Shiva
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Kalki Avatar will become World Renowned by My Words – Lord Shiva

Lors Shiva informed Parvathi Devi “Kalki Avatar will become world renowned by My words” (From Kalki Purana).

Aadi Tamil Stanzas with English Prose Translation

Avatharam Velippedume Enatharulaale (1):25:2.

MEANING: Avatharam=incarnation, Velippedume=become famous, Enatharulaale=through my divine words).

In ancient times, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, grace and the greatness of Kalki Avatar (incarnation) will become famous by My divine words.

From Kalki Purana Divine Secrets Chapter written by Agastya. Aadi Tamil translation is known as Nadi Palm Leaves.


This video recorded on 16th Nov 2004 from the Nadi Office of A. Sivasamy, S/o V.S.Arulsiva Arumugam, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Nagai (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India.

About Nadi Astrology (Ancient Nadi Palm Leaves)

In the ancient time, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi about several people living in the present age which the sages like Agastya, Vishvamithra, Vasishta etc. had seen in their meditation and wrote it clearly in Sanskrit language according to the Lord’s command. Later, Thanjavur King Sharabhoji II (Serfoji 1777-1832) with the help of scholars translated it to Aadi Tamil language and named as Nadi Astrology. Thereafter, though the Britishers acquired possession of these Nadi Palm Leaves, they sold it to some families. Now these Nadi Palm Leaves are available. Nadi Palm Leaves are stored at Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu. MORE DETAILS

Kalkipuri Temple Dome Works Completed (5 Feb 2016 – 8 July 2016)


Visit: https://www.kalki.me/5169/biodata/

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