Gandhari and Sree Krishna- Real History | Kalki | Translated by Sreemathy

Gandhari was a princess of Gandhara and the wife of Dhritarashtra, the blind King of Hastinapur, and the mother of Duryodhana, Dushasana etc. Sree Krishna says “If the hand of the husband is amputated, then is it chastity for the wife also to self-amputate her hand to show respect to her husband? Is it an exemplary act?”

First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugadharma Magazine in 2000 and later published as book by Kalkipuri Publication in 2008. Then again published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily on 21 Sep 2010. Latest internet edition.

photo of “To know the real history is the most important human right” Kalki

Translation of Malayalam book written by Kalki: ഗാന്ധാരിയും ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണനും – യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ചരിതം . 

Translated by Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Sreemathy Ajitkumar is a translator

“My translation is not perfect because I am not a well experienced translator. The depth of the content, style of narration and significance of the matter is exemplarily unique and contemporaneous with symbolic meaning of the original Malayalam book written by Kalki is highly official and as a normal translator I am not able to translate it with its importance and richness. I hope and I pray that the well experienced translators will do the great work for this extra ordinary book which is needed in our society.”
-Sreemathy Ajitkumar


Gandhari and Sree Krishna – Kalki Revealed the Real History

Gandhari had her first divine sight of Lord Sree Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, at Hastinapur.

Though Gandhari knew Sree Krishna, this is the first time she is getting an opportunity to meet Sree Krishna in person. Gandhari is great in her devotion and greeted Krishna warmly.

She had heard a lot about Sree Krishna but today she is fortunate to have the divine sight of Sree Krishna.

While treating the guest she took the initiative for the conversation.

photo of the message of kalki-Original Photos of Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and Gandhari are not available now.

Mata Gandhari how will you have the divine sight of my physical body if you blindfold yourself? The natural question of Sree Krishna has surprised Gandhari. Sree Krishna continued the questions.

How can you serve your husband and fulfil the chastity if your eyes are blindfolded?

How can you serve the King in the administration of ruling and establish the wellbeing of citizens and complete the duty as a queen if you blindfold yourself?

How can you fulfil the duty of looking after the children as a mother if you blindfold yourself?

How is it possible to carry out one’s own personal matters without depending on others by blindfolding oneself?

A chaste woman is one who has the vow to serve her husband and chastity will be existing in her. For serving, at least the organs in the body should be free from defects. If tiredness, weakness, blindness, physical deformity and diseases are there, then how could she look after her husband?

If the hand of the husband is amputated, then is it chastity for the wife also to self-amputate her hand to show respect to her husband? Is it an exemplary act?

If the husband is sick, will the wife also try to become sick for the gratification of her husband and is it chastity?

When the husband is sick and bed-ridden, then the wife whose duty is to serve, should she try to become sick similarly as her husband or should she get ready to serve him?

If the husband is blind the service of the wife with sight becomes a sight for the husband also.

It is fortunate for the blinded husband to get a lady with sight as the wife. But if the wife who has to serve her blind husband blindfolds her eyes and blocks the sight, then there happens to appoint a female and male attendant to serve the husband and the wife. The authority to look after the husband is wife. How can the husband get the wife’s service from a female attendant? Is it agreeable to morality?

When the blind husband is a King too, the wife is bestowed with the position of the Queen. Then how the King’s wellbeing can be established and how can the administration of the Kingdom be executed smoothly if the Queen blindfolds her eyes?

The sight is a must in completing the duty of a mother in looking after the children, isn’t it cruel, not serving the children by blindfolding own eyes?

The words and action of the King and Queen should be righteous and exemplary, only then the citizens can exist in righteousness.

It is the blessings of Lord Shiva, the Supreme Authority existing in Shiva loka with Parvathi Devi and the Supreme Protection Authority Lord Vishnu existing in Vishnu loka with lakshmi, to see the sight of their creation,which is a rare fortune. If one makes it useless, it is a great sin and pride than any other thing.

I will not support anything that is unrighteous. Therefore, I make it clear in this occasion of the first divine sight that the unrighteous way of blindfolding the eyes will not be approved.

When it becomes clear that there has happened mistake in carrying out one thing and if it is again continued as earlier, then it is unpardonable sin. If the real awareness is attained, then to obey that is an ideal thing.

Only the practical and logical decisions based in pure devotion can be exemplary.

Is Gandhari that proud to reject the sight of my divine form, the eighth incarnation which is so fortunate?

Sree Krishna’s words of justice has helped Gandhari in understanding the real knowledge.

Oh! What I thought to be correct and followed until this time was so foolish, now this has become clear to me only when I heard the divine words of Sree Krishna,the righteous man. Why didn’t the other knowledgeable persons inform me about it? When Gandhari knew the reality, she felt hatred on all others except Krishna.

How can they make it clear when it is unknown to them? The right path is to examine our own faults and recognize it without blaming anybody.

Lord Sree Krishna who knows everything recognized the mind of Gandhari.

Suddenly, Mata Gandhari untied her eyes and had the divine sight of Lord Sree Krishna. She then bowed and offered limitless salutations at the feet of Lord Sree Krishna. Thereafter, Gandhari never blindfolded the eyes to block her eye sight.

photo of the message of kalki-not to disgrace is the real graceness.



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