Lord Rama (Sree Rama) History-Kalki | Translated by Sreemathy Ajitkumar
Sree Rama: Real History. Kalki reveals the real history of His previous incarnation as Sree Rama. Most important scene from the first part.

Lord Rama History – Kalki | Translated by Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Sree Rama continued, the King has no right to give boon to the queen at any time for the help she had done in the war. The wife need not be given boon for saving the life of the husband. Because both are duties. The boon should not be given for carrying out the duties.

English translation of യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ശ്രീരാമ ചരിതം: പ്രഥമഘട്ട സുപ്രധാന രംഗം – കല്‍കി.

Translated by Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Sreemathy Ajitkumar is a translator

First it was published in Kalki Bhagawan Yugdharma Magazine in 2000 written by Kalki, later on it was published as book by Kalkipuri Publication in 2008. Latest internet edition of original Malayalam written by Kalki is available here.

“My translation is not perfect because I am not a well experienced translator. The depth of the content, style of narration and significance of the matter is exemplarily unique and contemporaneous with symbolic meaning of the original Malayalam book written by Kalki is highly official and as a normal translator I am not able to translate it with its importance and richness. I hope and I pray that the well experienced translators will do the great work for this extra ordinary book which is needed in our society.”

– Sreemathy Ajitkumar

Another translation by Mukundaraj is available here


I respect the fundamental right to know what actually happened. I have only that good intention.

Historical Evidences

Ganyamaay Athanmunnai Manithanaay (1):10:3)
Kadamaiyathu Maaraamal Irukkavendi (1):10:4
Vendithaan SreeRaman Avataramkondu (1):11:1
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Makkalellaam Purunthittar Amaithiyode (1):12:2

Before Sree Krishna, Kalki incarnated as Sree Rama (7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) for the fulfillment of real welfare rule. At that time, You have destructed evil forces and practically implemented the real welfare rule and proved how to do the duties and responsibilities between family members and people as per justice and morality with their position in the country. Lord Shiva informed. Read More

Kalki says "Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now."
“Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now” Kalki

Real History of Sree Rama

Kalki Reveals the Real History of His Previous Incarnation as Sree Rama. Most Important Scene from the First Part.

Situation: Dasharada, the King of Ayodhya has decided to coronate his son Sree Rama as the Prince. The coronation day was also declared. Citizens are fully involved in the celebration. While the arrangements for the coronation was going on…

Kalki reveals what has really happened

“Prince Rama! King asks you to meet him immediately!” Sumantra informed the King’s order to Rama.

“I am prepared!” Sree Rama replied keeping the hospitality.

While getting ready for the journey –

“Come back soon. Arrangements are almost on completion. Only few days are remaining for the coronation, isn’t it?” Sita complained, while dressing on.

Alright! Rama replied.

“Let’s start! Sree Rama told Sumantra coming out from the inner chamber.

“Any special news? Sree Rama enquired.

“It seems King is experiencing intense grief which is unusual. Tear troubled eyes, afflicted state, flying hairs, slipped dresses – all these indicate that the King and the palace atmosphere is entrapped in some serious difficulty. But, don’t know! On the contrary it is being heard that Queen Kaikeyi is in displeasure. Nothing more is known.” Sumantra informed only that he knew out of some doubtful situations.

“Umm!” Sree Rama did not say anything more.

On reaching the palace, Sree Rama entered the chamber to see Dasharadha.

“My son………Rama…”

On seeing Rama, quiet contrary to the usual, grief-stricken King Dasharadha embraced Sree Rama.

King Dasharadha is totally changed as Sumantra had described. But, there is no sentiments in Rama.

With wailing lips, shivering hands and mistaken steps aged Dasharadha talked to Rama thus.

“Rama! I am surrounded in a sorrow. You must tell your ingenious plan. As righteousness should be the base of each and every actions, only Rama the righteous man and the appointed prince should pass the verdict. As per the rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi), I have not informed anybody else.

“Kindly inform me the matter!” Sree Rama enquired in a quiet but firm aspect to King Dasharadha more than to his father.

“Rama! Let me ask before revealing the matter! I am your father and the King of Ayodhya. Rama, my son and the appointed prince, whose words would you obey, the father’s or the King’s?” Though serious, uncertainty was waving in Dasharadha.

“I am the appointed Prince and I shall obey the King’s words if it is useful for the citizen’s welfare as per the rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi), moral, practical and logical; I shall obey the father’s words if it is righteous, practical and morally helpful to the family according to the position and relation in the family. Word should not have bond of affection or discriminations like the King, father. The words of the King as well as the father shall be obeyed only if it is righteous according to the power of the positions. An individual and the relation has no importance. Morality, justice and the position a person exist on have more importance. Sree Rama informed quietly.

“I am delighted!! Only Rama is great! Rama alone is great to be a King! It is the fortune of the people of Ayodhya!!!” Dasharadha soliloquized out of happiness.

Dasharadha who was in sadness a short while ago has now become joyful.

“Long before the King had given a boon orally to one of the queens. Later on that queen demanded the King to fulfil the boon. If the queen had asked for that which would be against citizen’s welfare as per the rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi) and also put the ruling in crisis, then is the King morally obliged to fulfil it?” Dasharadha asked again while clearing his scattered dress. Dasharadha is using the style of hidden meaning.

Kalki says "Not to disgrace is the real graceness."
“Not to disgrace is the real graceness” Kalki

“The King should never execute anything unsuitable to morality and the rules and regulations of welfare nation. Neither a King nor a queen has the power to execute anything that is unsuitable for the country’s security and the citizen’s welfare. A country is not a family property. A family would exist only if there is country. The misuse of the power of a ruler for selfishness is immoral and contrary to the rules and regulations of welfare nation.

Sree Rama continued.

“King and the Queen are positions. Whoever is there on a position, they will have the power of that position. There is no power for the individual. Authority or power is for the position. Individual has only human rights. Any person would have the power based on the position he is placed. An individual should never misuse the power of the position he is placed at. One should not misuse the power of the post for his own likes and dislikes and achievements. An individual at a position should never try for anything that he does not deserve and is not authorised for.”

“An individual has only rights and no powers. At whatever position an individual is placed, only at that time the power of that position will be vested upon him. Individual would have power only for the position. There is no power for the individual. Individual has only human rights. This is the moral rule and regulation of welfare nation (Rajaneethi).”

“King, Queen, Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief, mother, father, doctor etc. are all positions. Each position has its structure and powers. Individual (male & female) at each position will have the authority of that position. Individual should do only that is appropriate and within the limits of the authority of that position. Otherwise misuse of the powers, corruption and unrighteousness would play.”

“If a woman become wife of the King, then she will be the Queen. As per Rajaneethi, the woman who is wife to the man placed in the post of a King has the power of a queen. The positions like husband and wife belongs to family and the positions like the King and the Queen belongs to the country.”

“Always the nation is most important. If a nation exists, only then its own culture and the family relations will exist with importance. Citizens of any country who do not build up in their own culture will have to suffer the slavery of foreign rule. The slavery is in two ways. First, slavery by foreign rule. Secondly, slavery because of foreign culture. Therefore, the nation is given more importance than the family. Any country has its own culture. The success is in maintaining its culture with purity. Only a strong nation is able to maintain its culture. Colonization leads foreign culture in taking its roots. The King, queen, ministers, staffs and above all citizens should be alert to protect the country from insurrection.”

“Family members have authority only in the family matters. The merits and demerits of the family limits within a few people. An individual is a member in the family and at the same time a citizen in the country.”

“All the citizens are included in a country. The problems and the ups and downs of a country affects all the citizens and that of a family affects only its family members.”

“Nobody should use the family relation and the power of the positions to control the individual placed in the post of King of that family. The nation’s security, future, honour, progression and the citizen’s welfare are vested in the King. The King should never surrender himself under the control of family members with their ignorance, greed, excessive desire and crookedness.”

“Family members should be kept within the family bounds. If the family members come to the state of deciding the matters of the country, it means the King has become inactive. Such a situation should not happen. That should not be allowed. The King’s inactiveness would cause for the fall in country’s future, security and citizen’s welfare. King should always protect himself from getting perplexed in affections. Only then the citizens will be protected. Just like the state of children fall in trouble when the mother and father themselves do not live carefully, likewise the King and the Queen must be alert for the progression and stability of the country. It should be executed only as per that is proper for the country.”

“Generally a person has a wife when he is married. That ends within the family. But for a person who is placed in the post of the King, his wife is the Queen.  That is in a country. The King himself exists as husband, father, son, brother, uncle as per each and every posts in the family. Similarly, Queen exists in the family as wife, mother, daughter as per each and every posts.”

“It is the citizens who should bear the injustices in the Queen’s doings. The husband and the family only should suffer the mistakes of a wife. It is the same woman who has the authority of a country as a Queen and the authority of a family as a wife. This needs much alertness. Matureness is compulsory. The King should be known that the ardent desire, great longing, wish, egoism and the pride of power in the said woman would endanger the country. The King should fulfil any of the demands of Queen only by considering what is proper and moral for the citizen’s welfare with equanimity. A King should have ideal courage. Individual who is placed in the post of the King should be always alert on not surrendering himself to status, facilities, positions, relations and woman. Citizen’s observance is also unavoidable.”

The King and the Queen are positions. When a man who is placed in the post of the King becomes husband to a woman who is a Queen, then for the citizens the King is father- saviour-son-friend etc. respectively. When the woman bearing the position of Queen becomes wife to the man who is in the post of the King, then the Queen is mother, sister etc. to the citizens. The prime duty of a King and the Queen is to make possible the governing of citizens through ruling suitable to righteousness.”

Therefore, the King and the Queen should not execute anything against the rules and regulations of welfare nation and the citizen’s governance for the sake of keeping the words given sometime before. If the Queen demands in that way, then it should be understood that she has been included in somebody’s betrayal, spy work and is supporting the crooked means for disintegration and unsteadiness of the administration. Thus, the Queen and those responsible for the crime of treason should be questioned before the chief of ministers and the judicial authorities in the assembly and reveal the situation to the citizens and punish the guilty as an exemplary. If it is not done in this way, then the King deceives his own country through the Queen. Disintegration would be the reaction and the result is citizen’s curse.” Rama’s reply which reveals him as a nation’s strategist and doer of destiny created great relief in Dasharadha.

“Answer is great! The people of Ayodhya are very fortunate as they got Rama as the King!! No doubt! They are the lucky ones!!! Stopped a little while and Dasaradha ordered Sumantra to see him.
Suddenly, Sumantra came and stood near the King.

“Do the arrangements for tomorrows assembly. Also specially arrange the facilities to participate our citizens.” Dasharadha ordered Sumantra.

Kalki Reveals the Real Facts

What is the difficulty for those to mutilate the history of incarnation by adding false stories who did not preserve the real photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna (7th  & 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu)?
From an ocean of innumerable people, how can one man be distinguished from another?
Though the general outward appearance may be the same, each individual has a distinct face, shape, structure, finger prints etc. It is only a universal truth that these factors differentiate one from another.
Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are the 7th and 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu. But at the same time Kings and humans. During their times also there were talented artists and sculptors. But the original statues and portraits of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now. So the artists used their imagination and portrayed in different forms, colours etc. as Sree Rama and Sree Krishna. If the original idol and portraits of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are available, then will the present portraits and idols made by several artists and sculptures with different image, face, physical structures and colour be accepted?
If so then, is it that tough to mutilate the real history of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna by adding contemptuous and imagined stories?
The real portrait of Gandhiji is available now then there is no need to draw any picture of his from one’s own imagination and imagine as it is of Gandhiji, if so done then it will be a real disgrace for him.

real facts of hinduism-kalki

In the meanwhile-

“Why calling an assembly in a hurry…” Sree Rama enquired humbly.

“Everything shall be disclosed in the assembly. Dasaradha who replied suddenly, stopped a while and observed Rama. Then he ordered the commander in chief to see him.

“I want to see Vasishta, the advisor for governing rules, immediately. Moreover, the Queens also should be called.” After a deep sigh Dasaradha informed Sumantra.

Meanwhile Commander in chief came.

“Nobody should leave the palace. There should be strict security. Also there should be vigilance throughout the boundary.” Dasaradha ordered the Commander in chief.

“The appointed prince Rama should stay here.” Dasaradha informed Rama who got ready to leave.

“As per your command.” Rama left the place with respect.

******    ******    ******    ******

Next morning in the assembly –

The declaration of the King’s procession echoed in the assembly.

King Dasaradha entered to the assembly. The members of the assembly stood in respect and shouted victory.

King seated on the throne.

“Everybody shall be seated.” Everyone present there obeyed Dasaradha’s command who is also the chairman of the assembly.

“Sit down Rama!” Dasaradha said affectionately looking to Rama.

Laxmana and the Queens are present near Rama who is accompanied with Sita. From the common citizens to the authorities to execute justice, the efficient and skilful ministers, advisor including Vasishta are present in the assembly with special permission.

“Today is the most decisive but significant day in the history of Ayodhya. Both the full moon and new moon is necessary. So is the crime and punishment and the trial for that is necessary.” After the initial procedure King Dasaradha introduced to the members of the assembly.

In between Dasaradha looked at Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi’s state of confusion and fear with pale face drew attention towards her unusually.

“The reason for calling today’s assembly here all of a sudden is to arrange an occasion for the assembly and the people to know the rules and regulations of welfare nation, skill in truth and justice, knowledge of duty and the careful observance of Sree Rama who is going to be appointed as the prince within two days.” King of Ayodhya continued.

“Keeping the assembly as the witness, Rama should answer my questions with righteousness and the members of assembly should also inform their decision about it.” Everybody noted Dasaradha’s declaration with unlimited happiness in anxiety. Fear and anxiety reflected in everyone because they did not know the matter.

“What is the country and the King?” Dasaradha’s question.

“Country is the citizens and the King is the representative of citizens for the protection of righteousness. Geographically, citizens of a country are those who are living firmly in their own culture in a country with correct boundary and clear administration. King is the important position of a country permitted by the citizens for using the righteous rules and regulations of welfare nation through welfare ruling for the wellbeing of citizens. Individual in the position of King should use the power of authority only for the welfare of citizens.” Rama replied without hesitation.

The assembly listened in silence.

“How should be the King?” Dasaradha raised the question again.

“The King should be in morality. King should see good intention and administration of justice as the life. King should not get bounded in family relations nor should he have affections with anyone. Also the King should be strong and unselfish while maintaining calmness and good manner. King should be generally aware of each and every important needs of the citizens. The power of administration should be utilized with perfection for the citizen’s welfare. The position as King is not one’s own, therefore always that post should be self-obeyed. King should be known that it should be the citizens who are to be benefitted with the King’s post. The correct knowledge is the awareness of the position. Rules and regulations of welfare nation should be executed righteously. The protection of citizens is not a business. Ruling is not a source of income. King should never become a business man doing dealings with citizens. King should do nothing with business motive to get in return from the citizens. King should do nothing for an income through his duty. Ruling should be only for the wellbeing of citizens. King is a support and shelter to the citizens.” Rama replied.

“If so, how should be the citizens?” another question of Dasaradha.

“Citizens should be the protector of righteousness. King is the sun that is righteousness and citizens are the rays of that sun.” Rama replied with propriety.

“How should be the ruling?” Dasaradha continued the question.

“Ruling should be for welfare and also to execute wellbeing of citizens through righteous administration of justice. Importance should be given to the basic necessities of life. The things necessary for success in life should be executed according to the moral laws realising the changes in time. Technological progression and defence force is most important. King should not put the citizens in debit. If the welfare ruling is not implemented then the citizens would be owners in direct, renders in result and strangers in real.” Everybody had satisfaction in Rama’s explanation about ruling according to moral laws.

“How should be the King when ruling is in crisis?” King Dasaradha asked Rama the appointed prince.

“King should be matured and have direct control over the administration giving importance to the wellbeing of citizens. Citizens should get justice. The preparation and planning for performing the administration with easiness should be strictly enforced. King should address the citizens courageously. The cause of the crisis should be discussed and the decision should be taken including those from chief of minister to all necessary ones. The citizen’s opinion should be known accordingly. The King should directly entrust the experts for the solutions. After the clear discussion and analyses the decision should be taken very soon. All that should be informed to the citizens and accordingly their decisions also should be known. Army should be made strong. News should be collected spreading espionage. And then practical and creative steps useful to solve the crisis should be taken. But one thing should be noted particularly. Crisis should be for the ruling only; not on King’s righteous consciousness.” Rama’s reply excited all the assembly members. Dasaradha also got inspired. But only Kaikeyi was found unhappy.

“When the King himself is the husband, father and all others, then how should he fulfil the words and complete the duties accordingly as per each position?” Dasaradha asked Rama.

“Fulfilment of words and the completion of duties should be righteous. There is no discrimination as King or father in the fulfilment of word. It is the individual himself who exists in all positions like King, father etc. Therefore, the morality occupied in the person is the base for the fulfilment of words. Fulfilment of words is the completion of duty. The completion of duty as per various posts like that of King is towards the country or citizens and that of father is towards wife, children or family. King should not have affection either with the country or citizens and likewise, the father towards wife or children. The word that is the completion of duty can be fulfilled only if there is good intention morally as per rules and regulations of welfare nation without surrendering to affections. Surrendering to affection causes obligation which would lead to destruction. Consequently, the self-consciousness would not get enlightened.” Rama continued with his pertaining sweet words.

“While fulfilling the words, the King should maintain King’s duty according to the morality and the father should maintain father’s duty.” Members of the assembly got excited with strong but sweet words of Rama.

“How should be the queen?” next question of Dasaradha, the King of Ayodhya.

“Queen belongs to the country and a wife belongs to the family. The most important intention of the Queen should be morality and wellbeing of citizens. It is the Queen who should help the King to carry out all that is necessary for the citizen’s governance and country’s protection. It is the Queen who must wisely give necessary sentimental support to the King so that he could involve in the administration of country without falling in the family problems. Also it is the Queen who should bravely assist the King in any crisis situation. Nothing should happen from the Queen’s side against morality and that is improper for the country.”

“Everyone’s wife should be in righteousness only. Woman is a companion. A companion to exist in righteousness. Therefore, the Queen should be only in righteousness.” Rama’s reply made Vasishta happy.

“If some Queens are there and in them many sons, then among them whom should the King select as the prince?” Dasaradha continued questioning after watching the assembly carefully.

Members of the assembly looked each other in anxiety. As Kousalya and Sumitra were in eagerness without knowing the matter, anxiety and fear reflected alternately in Kaikeyi only.

“Each and every doings of the King which should be model to the citizens must be based on righteousness. If the King who is to lead the citizens has many wives and many sons in them, then definitely all these are not agreeable to morality, good manner and rules and regulations of welfare nation. Because one should have only one wife. A person has only one father and a mother. It is the inviolable law of the nature. If so only the life would become moral based on good manners. This law should be compulsorily obeyed in a country. Predecessors may have wrong inclinations. But knowledgeable persons should not follow it and cause for bad customs. The country would become the stage of immoral persons if its citizens do not stand firmly in their culture. The King himself should obey moral values in his life and become a role model to the citizens so that such a situation does not happen. That is the great culture of Bharatha. Pardon me, King!” Sree Rama’s reply created changes in everyone’s aspects along with fear and panic. Rama stopped for a while and looked at Dasaradha.

“Go on bravely. Son, you are an idol of morality and your words lead me to the conscious of joy. Continue quickly. Don’t be afraid.  You can even criticize my immoral doings! You can enquire! You can order punishment!!! Dasaradha, who understood his beloved son, Rama’s strict observance of virtue, encouraged him.

Vasishta’s eyes over flowed out of satisfaction. King Dasaradha and Rama’s strong faith to exist in righteousness became much acceptable to the assembly, equally as a role model.

Rama continued.

“Rules and regulations of welfare nation as the Preceptor, duty as the father, protection as the mother, responsibility as the children, righteousness as the wealth, good intention as the reality, evolution as the nature of creation, citizens as the country, ideal as the path, wisdom based on justice and purity as the guide, welfare as the intention, non-violence as the sibling, unrighteousness and corruption as the enemy, practicality as the base, good manners-discipline-unselfishness as the character, to exist always in self observance without getting attached to affections, satisfaction and divine love as reward, and above all, if there is any one among the children of  King who keeps pure devotion to Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu existing in Brahma loka, Shiva loka and Vishnu loka, pure devotion towards the Lords, who exists in the way of life based on logic ,honesty and moral values, who understands nature as the power, who approves worldly affairs as the knowledge, as a student who characterizes self- knowing and realisation as the path of knowledge, one who self-obeys pure administration of justice as the ultimate truth. Such a person can be selected as the prince.‘’ impartially continued Sree Rama.

“The Kingship is not to be inherited. Maturity, the administration of justice without any compromise, unselfishness, efficiency, logic, moral life, practical insight, courage, good manners, ability to work hard, good intention, pure devotion, alertness in being a student always, the ability to execute suitable decisions for the citizen’s welfare, the curiosity in acquiring knowledge, having strong decision for citizen’s welfare as one’s own duty without self-conceit, utmost caution and morality are the general qualities to be a King.”

Free, impartial and balanced observation of law is the saviour of the country. The collection of laws that is righteous for the welfare of citizens should control the country. No set of belief should control the country. Things like belief and devotion belongs only to individual, family and society. Nation only gives protection to the legal, righteous and good intended belief and devotion of the individual. Person, family, society, country is the important structure of the country.

Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation is composing an important chapter in the history of the administration of justice.

Curiosity and confusion grew equally in the King, the queens except Kaikeyi, Vasishta the royal advisor, chief of ministers, other eminent persons, members of the assembly, citizens, and above all, in Laxmana and Sita. Every one watched anxiously without understanding clearly what was happening.

“Great answer!!” Dasaradha whole-heartedly accepted the words of Sree Rama.

“Son! You have to give a clear answer to my next question also.” Dasaradha continued.

“Consider that the King has decided a son to become the Prince with all the qualities that you have explained a little while before. Declared the coronation day and the time to the citizens.

Meanwhile, consider that the queen raises an unusual need out of selfishness in this situation of the declaration of the coronation of Prince to get fulfilled the words of the King given as two boons as a service in return for helping in a war sometimes ago!!” Dasaradha   continued after a short pause to increase the curiosity of the assembly.

“To make one’s own son as the King in substitute to the declared Prince who is noble and rich of all qualities to exile for a certain time is the unusual need of the queen!!!” Dasaradha’s words silenced the assembly.

It’s a state of being witness to the unexpected events. Ayodhya has not faced such a stage until now.

In the meantime, Dasaradha’s words shocked the assembly.

“Hey Rama! Then what should be the King’s decision in accordance to the moral practice of righteousness?”

Everyone’s attention suddenly turned towards Kaikeyi. Her face full of uneasiness, fear and the body movements due to anxiety caused everyone to doubt some serious problems there.

Vasishta was much pleased on the King’s manner of presenting the subject in a very meaningful though secretive. Only he was known about everything. Vasishta is the King’s moral advisor in rules and regulations of welfare nation. Therefore, his presence in the protection of righteousness has importance.

Laxmana also appeared to be thoughtful. Sita examined Rama closely. Citizens paid attention to each and every words in anxiety. Rama continued in a happy but fearful atmosphere.

“Opinion can be changed but decisions are to be enforced and self-obeyed. Here, if a virtuous son is decided to be the prince and also the coronation day is declared, then certainly to fulfil the words given to the citizens, the King should perform the coronation of the Prince without delay. The King must decide a capable ruler as his successor. It is the right of the citizens. The King’s chief duty is to establish and protect the rights of citizens.” Sree Rama continued observing the assembly with serenity.

“It is for the reproduction and to be a companion in practicing righteousness, a woman is selected as the bride and then accepted and protected as the wife. Therefore, either a wife or husband should not ask and execute anything against the practice of righteousness.” Sree Rama’s announcement of verdict changed to an auspicious occasion in the history of Bharatha. Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation stood as a great guide in the assembly and in Bharatha to achieve success in life realising the ignorance maintained until then.

Sree Rama’s impartial and fearless administration of justice became a pride and exemplary to all those in the assembly.

Rama continued.

“Actually the King and the Queen are also citizens. The citizens only appoint the King and Queen as their representatives. Though the Queen’s timely help caused for saving the King’s life and consequently to win the war, instead the King should never give boon to fulfil Queen’s desire. Because by saving the King and arranging the opportunity to win the war also means, saving one’s own country from the enemies. That is the duty of each citizen and for that the King should never give boon to the Queen. In substitute the Queen’s timely   action should be approved. Moreover, deserving position and its power should be given for the bravery. Because such encouragements would arrange contexts to clarify that any citizen has equal position regarding the security of a country. Not only that, any effort taken to save the husband’s life is the duty of a wife. There is no need to give boons while performing the duty. The most important thing is that the common people do not have the power to give boon to fulfil any desires, was ignored by the King. Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu only have the authority to give boons to fulfil any desires. Anything that cause any type of pride which lead to ignorance in common people should not happen in the individual set to be a role model of the King.”

Sree Rama continued watching the assembly for a while, particularly Dasaradha and Queen Kaikeyi.

‘If the King had personally given two boons to fulfil any wishes for saving his life, then definitely, as a person only the King should have to fulfil that. But the individual has no power. The power is only for the position as a King.”

“Though a street beggar has only moral rights and when that beggar himself becomes the King, then there happens change in his power and rights. Therefore, the positions have power. Though the individual in that position has the said authority and rights, that should not be imagined as if it is that person’s or is for that person. Likewise, personally the King also would have only limited power and rights. But as per the position as a King, he is the authority of that country.” Rama, the son of Dasaradha explained the science of virtue based on rules and regulations of welfare nation.

“According to the royal ethics, the King has no authority to execute the Queen’s demand on the boon personally given by the King to send the virtuous prince to forest, and in substitute, to crown her son as King. Individual may have wife and children. The position as a King has only citizens, no wife and children. The protection of citizens is possible only through welfare ruling. Prince shall be the future King. It is the citizen’s right to get a virtuous prince. Therefore, as per the Queen’s demand to send the said prince to forest and bestow an unworthy person to that position is really refusing the rights of the citizens.”

“If the Queen asks to send the appointed prince to forest for a long time, then surely, she should be cross-examined for the crime of treason. Because when one asks to make one’s own son to be the King against rules and regulations of   welfare nation, then a good and strong ruler is lost, as a result insurrection and insecurity forms in the country; citizen’s welfare would come to an end; enemies would conquer the country. Thus the Queen’s demand would cause for the ruin of the country itself. Therefore, instead of supporting that from the Queen to all those included in the conspiracy should be punished. Then one question remains! How can the word given to Queen be fulfilled?” Rama stopped a while and watched Kaikeyi. She is much distressed.

“Father does not have the power to ask the son to be a forest-dweller at any time. Father and mother do not create the son. They only arrange an opportunity for the creation. Moreover, the freedom to live is also the human right. Neither father nor son has the power to kill each other’s moral freedom to live. Instead there is only the permission to do arrangements for living. Only then it is righteous.”

Rama’s reply made many to think. Other’s marked their satisfaction in Rama’s knowledge. Some other’s felt curious and interesting. Some including Laxmana felt it as a sign of bad omen.

“To fulfil the word means, it is moral. But promises should be demanded and given only in accordance to righteousness. Definitely, these two, in result should be fulfilled only if it is righteous according to its positions. Though one is not self-worthy and has demanded unrighteous on account of having achieved two boons, there is no need to fulfil that either personally or through posts like husband- father -King etc. If the father asks the son to lead a forest-life in order to fulfil his unrighteous words, then actually he is denying the son’s right to live. When the King and the father is the same person then according to the position as a father, the King is not worthy even for that.”

“Best and excellent reply, my son!!” King Dasaradha spoke loudly in satisfaction.

“Great!” Vasishta also blessed.

“I would like to know the decision of the assembly.” Dasaradha arranged opportunity for those present there.

“We all agree fully to Sree Rama’s judgement.” Everybody replied unanimously.

“If so, then, I am informing an important decision.” Dasaradha continued.

“Imprison Queen Kaikeyi and Manthara from this moment. Commander-in chief carry out my order immediately.”

King Dasaradha’s order made everyone still.

In a moment the whole assembly became silent in grief. Everybody stared on each other without understanding anything. Only Vasishta became dispassionate.

Rama observed with complete vigilance. Kousalya and Sumitra got frightened. Kaikeyi sat looking down silently.

When the Commander-in-chief and the soldiers reached near Kaikeyi with the chain to carry out King’s order-

“King! Thou please reveal! What is the reason to order such a punishment to Mata Kaikeyi?” Rama requested humbly to King Dasaradha.

“Beloved Rama! Until now I was presenting a true matter with suggestive meanings. What the Queen had asked for the fulfilment of boon was actually demanded directly to me by Kaikeyi. In accordance to the King’s duty I have not disclosed it to anyone except the Preceptor, Vasishta. Also I kept Kaikeyi and Manthara secretly in safe custody.” King Dasaradha explained clearly.

“I had given two boons in words to Kaikeyi to fulfil any desires for helping in the war that had happened many years ago. In accordance to that, now she has asked me for those two boons. First, Bharatha should be crowned as the King. Second, Rama must go for forest-life for fourteen years.”

On hearing Dasaradha’s words everyone including Kousalya, Sita, Laxmana were grief-stricken like a bird in pain shot by an arrow. As it was an assembly everybody controlled themselves. Dasaradha continued.

“If Kaikeyi, though a Queen had a crooked mind to send noble and great Rama, beloved to me and the citizens for a forest-life, then, definitely she should be punished. Also, Kaikeyi is a disgrace to motherhood who has mercilessly asked to send ignorant and affectionate Rama for forest-life for fourteen years. Having done a guilt that caused to misunderstand the way of life as Sanatana Dharma, rich of its culture has reasoned for the punishment” thus declared the judge, King Dasaradha.

Though the members in the assembly were silent, they got inspired with the punishment sentenced to Kaikeyi and thereby the faith in law and righteousness and culture pertaining to the land of sages, Bharatha.

In the meantime-

“King! Kindly allow me to inform some matters by your blessings.” Sree Rama asked humbly.

‘You may speak” Dasaradha allowed.

“Mata Kaikeyi should not be punished in this situation. As Bharatha is not here now, definitely he should be called and make him understand the matters prior to any further executions.

Otherwise, there is no fault if Bharatha thinks it as a fabricated story for seizing the royal power. No one in Ayodhya will be able to answer Bharatha’s question that why wasn’t he not informed even after such serious issues took place. Therefore, it is moral to bring Bharatha immediately. Until then Mata Kaikeyi and Manthara should be kept in house arrest instead of prison. Not only that, it is injustice to punish them only.” Sree Rama continued.

“It is right!” You are talking moral.” Vasishta supported Rama’s words of justice. Chief of ministers and members of the assembly agreed with the words of Rama.

The Queens, Laxmana, Sita and others too agreed with Rama’s words.

“Do the arrangements to bring Prince Bharatha immediately.” Dasaradha commanded Sumantara, the chief of ministers.

“King! There is one important matter in this subject. Kindly allow me.” Sree Rama again requested the King.

“Rama is righteous in determining the judgement also! Kindly proceed quickly!” Dasaradha gave the permission to continue.

“Individual is not judged, instead his deeds are judged. The body which has done the crime is responsible for experiencing the punishment.” Rama continued.

“While passing the verdict, not only the culprit who did the wrong, but also those who were the cause, who gave inspiration and opportunity for such situation should also be included.”

“Perhaps, who did the wrong deeds will not be the culprit but who led to its circumstances is the real culprit. If so, then those who led to the circumstances for the wrong deeds should be given priority in experiencing the punishment.” Sree Rama stated clearly.

“Rama, the son of Dasaradha, the representative of Bharatha and the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Protection Authority reveals based only on rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi) and depending on righteousness- that the actual culprit is King Dasaradha. Therefore, Dasaradha also my father is not eligible and has no authority to judge punishment. Because the King who is the culprit and the first defendant when judges the dispute he too is involved then how can the citizens believe whether it is righteous according to the administration of justice? Boon should not be given for doing the duty. The King has no authority to give boon to the Queen for helping in the war. Also the wife should not be given boon for saving the life of the husband. Because both are the duties. Kaikeyi is Queen as well as a citizen. But they can be honoured and respected giving approval and position of power, but neither the King nor the husband has the right to give words as boon that could fulfil any wishes for doing such helps. Otherwise, it is like misuse of power and doing unrighteous. One can give that is morally suitable and necessary to the deserved one’s only if he is allowed as per the authority and positions. But it should never be boon. Otherwise, the importance of the word would be lost. As a result, the citizens would become the owners of evil path. It is the most important power of the divinity or the divine powers to give boon to fulfil any wish. There is no right for the living creatures including the human-beings of this earth to give boons.”

Family relations and the King or the ruler as a position achieve importance only when the well-being of citizens is executed morally through welfare rule. Sree Rama is practically proving the same.
Complete silence increased the degree of the atmosphere of fear and anxiety. All the members in the assembly watched Sree Rama in wonder. They were blocked up without being able to believe themselves.

Sree Rama continued the righteous announcement of the verdict.

“Here, Dasaradha is the first accused who gave the boon that is undeserved to him. Mata Kaikeyi is the second accused who misused the boon she achieved thus caused for breaking the administration of the country, making the citizens orphaned and in creating faults in understanding morality. Manthara is the third accused who gave encouragement for all these. Thus is the righteousness in rules and regulations of welfare nation. Thou King, kindly excuse me.” Sree Rama’s moral and logical verdict shocked the assembly.

“Excellent! Rama! You are the real King! You are the noblest!!” Aged Dasaradha longing to exist in righteousness ran to Sree Rama and embraced him.

“I am happy! People of Ayodhya are fortunate!! They are fortunate in getting Rama, the righteous man!!! Dasaradha talked loudly in joy.

“Praiseworthy! Your verdict is totally righteous!! As a royal advisor, I fully approve it.” Vasishta congratulated and informed Dasaradha.

“Dasaradha, the King of Ayodhya declares before justice: I am culprit and the King of Ayodhya and am handing over my position as the King to Rama, who is moral and righteous, at this moment keeping the citizens as the witness. All things will be done accordingly on the coronation day. Hail! Rama the King of Ayodhya!!”

Excited of idealism, Dasaradha continued.

“King Rama pass the verdict and order the punishment for me, the culprit. Thus let this culture become the field of righteousness and justice. Let your intention as the 7th incarnation to establish righteousness be completed.” Dasaradha declared excitedly as a victorious King in the battle.

“Victory to King Rama! Victory to Rama, the King of Ayodhya!” The whole assembly applauded on victory.

“Stop.” The sudden command of Rama silenced the assembly.

“It was not for the power, but only for establishing the righteousness as my mission of incarnation. I have just described how to be righteous independently according to royal justice.”

Sree Rama continued –

“When righteousness is not understood because of the fault in understanding that, then by re-establishing the righteousness and making it clear is the establishment of righteousness. And therefore takes incarnation. Taking incarnation is not to kill any particular person as enemy.”

“Who am I to rule? It is only Lord Shiva, the Supreme Organizing Authority and the Supreme Preceptor of this creation who rules. Who am I there? What responsibility do this body and life have to undertake the power? All things are according to the decisions of Lord Shiva accompanying Parvathi Devi. I am just a medium. Everything is in accordance to Lord Shiva’s intention and final decision. Each and every individual must always worship piously to prevent the mingling of their selfishness, pride and physical defects. Also for the pure and pious devotion and good intention.”

“I am not the one to be praised, Lord Brahma accompanying Saraswathi Devi in Brahma Loka, Lord Shiva accompanying Parvathi Devi in Shiva Loka and Lord Vishnu accompanying Lakshmi Devi in Vishnu Loka, in the Light Form in Luminary Bodies must be praised. Jubilation should not be done for me, it must be for Lord Shiva the idol of righteousness. Lord Shiva, the Supreme Organizing Authority and Supreme Preceptor of all Universe, beyond name and fame must be worshipped.” Sree Rama continued the declaration of incarnation with super human aspect.

“The Supreme Genetic Authority Lord Brahma accompanying Saraswathi Devi in Brahma Loka, The Supreme Organizing Authority and the Supreme Preceptor Lord Shiva accompanying Parvathi Devi in Shiva Loka, and the Supreme Protection Authority Lord Vishnu accompanying Lakshmi Devi in Vishnu Loka are to be worshipped. Salvation is attained only in the human birth that is allowed in the process of the completion of metempsychosis or in the last birth by pious devotion. Those who always try and intend to do the duties, responsibilities morally in self- decision without others inspiration at positions like that of father, son, brother and King becomes accepted by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Thus, one must establish pure and unblemished devotion in one’s own life. There is no need to teach to laugh and cry. It is a natural process. Sincere worship and pray happens by continuous deliberation. It must be, anything is allowed to me only with continuous deliberation.”

“Uneasiness, conspiracy, confusion and crisis inside the palace create fear and anxiety in citizens. As a result, the wealth, counter-attack, execution of rules, maintenance of law and order would be failure. So, Sree Rama, the King of Ayodhya judges here, with the rights and power allowed now by King Dasaradha to not undertake the defamation on Ayodhya’s history and the purity of Bharatha’s culture. Here, the cause for these obstructions is the mistake that happened due to the words given by ignorance and carelessness. But nothing offensive happened. Only inspirations and efforts happened there. Since everything is related to me, I am prominent and deserves to judge. Based on these explanations, I am judging morally for the knowledge of the citizens of Ayodhya, legal advisors and chief of ministers. Though King Dasaradha and Kaikeyi have committed the crime, they are exempted from punishment. But Manthara should be punished.”

“After a crime that deserves punishment has happened and while the punishment is judged realising the guilty as per laws, the mental condition of the guilty, awareness at that time, circumstances, context, intention and aim, reasons, evidences, witnesses, records, those included, inspiration, enforced state, casual helplessness, country’s status, common social status etc. are to be analysed logically in detail and even if  the crime is executed, punishment should be given only if they deserve it in accordance to justice.”

“Justice is not for establishing the crime doer as guilty for ever. The duty of the school of justice is to uplift the offender from the aptitude of committing crime and lead to the path of life. That is inviolable law. Hatred, enmity, hostility, personal hatred, jealous should never be an obstruction in the administration of justice. Justice is not a personal possession. The importance and benefits of righteousness will be revealed to the citizens only when justice is executed.  Administration of justice and welfare ruling is compulsory for the worthiness of a country and for the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.”

“The soldier guarding the border might have killed several terrorists and infiltrating treasons. Though that is murder but as the intention is protection of the country and according to rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi) the killing of enemy is permitted, that soldier is not guilty. He does not have to experience punishment. Similarly, the body guards might have brutally killed those who had tried to murder the King. Even then the body guards are not punished. As the intention of murder was to protect the life of the individual in the position of King, which in turn reasons for the protection of the country and so the body guards are not punished. It is the duty and morality of the bodyguards to arrest those who tried to kill the individual in the position of the King or murder them considering the importance and situation of the context. Therefore, the bodyguards are not offenders. Though whatever crime had happened and the guilty is identified, even then there are many things to be examined before executing the judgement of punishment.”

“Here, though the boon given by King Dasaradha is the reason for all displeasures and if oneself is not worthy and not eligible to give that boon, but as that has happened due to love, gratitude for saving the life, anxiety, without the consideration of righteous and unrighteousness, the pride felt in maintaining the fame of ancestors through winning the war, that boon which happened years ago, today, here was not intended for a treason, definitely , King Dasaradha deserves to be guilt free, though he is an offender because he had given that boon.”

“As King Dasaradha has not agreed and not approved Kaikeyi’s demand of boon that is unrighteous, cause for treason and country’s ruin, definitely, King Dasaradha who had given the boon deserves to be guilt free since he had no evil intention.”

“When the King who is to execute law judicially is found to be guilty for a certain happening, then, definitely if he had evil intention he could have rejected that and use the power to suppress it. Thus he can become an immoral person. But here, King Dasaradha interested in righteousness approves himself to be guilty and becomes a glory to the history of Bharatha and got ready to abandon his royal power and accept punishment, then definitely it is once again clear from these situations that there was no blemish in his thoughts.”

“King Dasaradha had confessed in front of the citizens in the assembly and therefore the disgrace, loss of honour and then exempted the position, as a result Dasaradha experienced these as punishment for giving undeserved and unrighteous boon. A crime should not be punished twice. The guilty should be punished only after examining the intention and innate state of whatever doing it is.”

“Mata Kaikeyi not knowing that the boon she got was unsuitable and unworthy, in her own beloved son’s absence, when a son of another Queen was proclaimed as the prince whom she too loved as her son in the beginning, that selected son was much embraced by Mata Kaikeyi in abundance.”

“But Manthara’s crooked mind inspired wicked tricks that reasoned to increase fear in Kaikeyi, that she and her son are going to be expelled from the country itself, then Mata Kaikeyi with the only thought of saving her own son did not examine, whether Manthara’s fascinating words are liable to justice and morality. And when she accepted that, her demand of the boon to King Dasaradha caused for the guilt.”

“It is necessary to examine the various aspects of Kaikeyi’s demand for promise. Bharatha must be the King. Rama must go for forest- life for fourteen years. This is the demand of Kaikeyi. If it is according to Mata Kaikeyi’s demand on Manthara’s inspiration, then Sree Rama could never become the King of Ayodhya. The demand of boon is not only, that he should not become the King for fourteen years. The main intention or the essence of Kaikeyi’s demand for boon is that only Bharatha must be the King of Ayodhya always and in his life time. And for that Rama is being send to forest. Rama should be nowhere near the citizens. When Rama stays away from the citizens for a long time and during that period Bharatha could execute good ruling and bring the citizens under his control, this crooked tactic was recited to Kaikeyi by Manthara. And Kaikeyi has demanded for that. It is nowhere in Kaikeyi’s demand for boon that Rama should be crowned as the King of Ayodhya after his return from forest-life for fourteen years. If the unrighteous demand for boon was approved then Rama could never become the King of Ayodhya after fourteen years and also for ever. Or if he becomes the King thus, it would be the violation of promise. The meaning and intention of the demand to make Bharatha as the King is to have life time authority of the Kingdom. Nor did Kaikeyi has demanded Dasaradha that after Bharatha becomes the King for fourteen years, Rama could become the King of Ayodhya when he returns after forest-life later. Manthara tried to execute crooked tactics in a mean way through Kaikeyi so that Rama could not ever become the King of Ayodhya. The crooked and unrighteous demand for boon was planned under the pre-conceived notion that Rama being an obedient son would leave Ayodhya as a forest-dweller according to father’s words. Manthara and Kaikeyi ignored the fact that actually the learned people obey righteousness in accordance to the morality of the state instead of the individual, relation and position. The real knowledgeable person would take the final decision to accept and execute any matter and event only after analysing it minutely and freely that whether it is righteous in accordance to morality of the state. The seriousness of this subject will become clear only when it is seen as the effort taken to obstruct the execution of welfare rule which is the completion of the mission of the 7th incarnation. Therefore, this tendency is not unimportant. Also it is not to be rejected.”

“The assembly members were shocked on knowing the intensity of the subject and depth of the crooked intention! The citizens and the assembly members who realised the importance and danger in the administration of the country beyond family relations, were surprised seeing Sree Rama’s unique skill in handling this complicated matter morally. Sree Rama’s righteous manner and execution of justice without affection towards anything but understanding everybody with due respect was praised by the citizens.”

“Rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi) succeeds when the treason is nipped in the bud stage, not allowing to grow as mountains. Before any individual’s wrong intention unfavourably reflects on the country’s affairs that person’s path should be known and steps should be taken accordingly. The King should not give opportunity to anyone to do or talk anything that could execute wrong intentions. When the country is in critical juncture, in such circumstances according to the rules of the state, individual relations and family relations should not be given much importance and everything necessary to establish citizen’s welfare and the stability of the government should be executed very soon. The ruler should never forget the fact that the citizens would suffer much, because of the increased severity of wrong intentions of that individual though he is unimportant. A ruler who does not believe anyone but believes everyone with limits and execute citizen’s welfare morally according to laws through very sharp observation only could attain progression and country’s security. He should not allow treason to grow and spread its root through family members and enemies. If evil forces act in whatever way and form, it should be identified and strong steps should be taken. The King should not make delay in taking precautions and doing actions.”

Sree Rama continued the judgement-

“As the declaration of coronation should have been done informing all the children and accepting their opinions, Manthara misinterpreted and made effective King Dasaradha’s over interest to declare the coronation of the prince in the absence of Kaikeyi’s son had compelled her to do mean actions due to affection towards her own son.”

“Moreover, when one individual with unusual ability, worldly experience and efficiency is declared as the future prince among several sons of some Queens, then definitely, other brothers also should be honoured and respected giving posts according to their skill and efficiency. Only then the other brothers and their mothers would feel they are not ignored. That was the solution for all apprehensions, uneasiness and difficulties. Since all those were not fulfilled, Manthara’s fascinating words caused to misrepresent Mata Kaikeyi and inspired to raise the base of crime.”

“Thus Manthara’s inspiration that she and her son would be excluded from the palace formed fear and therefore, when righteousness, justice, responsibilities and duties were not recognised by Kaikeyi and that made her uneasy and afterwards Mata Kaikeyi’s all deeds became the base of crime.”

“It was not by her decision, but Manthara’s threaten that she and her son would lose everything, the fascinating words with crooked intention of gaining one’s own achievement and the mistake in the declaration of coronation by King Dasaradha, caused uncertainty and when that gave inspiration, actually, Queen Kaikeyi was made guilty. Not only that, those who happened to experience the displeasure that reasoned for the punishment of the crime done towards someone and if they without other’s inspiration forgive and plead for the life of the culprit and moreover the situation that led for the crime had actually not happened, but was only staged, then, definitely the said guilty should be freed from experiencing the punishment and for this the court and the legal authorities have moral authority.”

“Here, Sree Rama, myself, would have happened to suffer the displeasures. I have no dislikes or hatred towards Mata Kaikeyi. Mata Kaikeyi has succumbed to crime only on the basis of the pressure of circumstances. Based on morality and justice I am informing that only the above reasons should not cause to experience the punishment.”

“As I would have been the person to experience the consequences and as I myself forgives Mata Kaikeyi, she totally deserves release from being punished. Like King Dasaradha, she too was sentenced guilty in the assembly and had experienced disgrace and defame, so definitely that was an open punishment for the crime she did. Therefore, Mata Kaikeyi deserves release from being punished again.”

“I am putting an end to the decisive subject which has been the base for Kaikeyi’s wish and the reason for the tragic scenes by King Dasaradha’s carelessness. Bharatha, son of Mata Kaikeyi also my brother is appointed as the Prime minister of Ayodhya. Let Bharatha, who is capable in the administration attained from me become the King of Ayodhya after my period and fulfil citizen’s welfare. Ayodhya shall be the capital of Bharatha, our great country established by uniting all the scattered states. New song of Bharatha is being composed here. Whole beautiful Bharatha is being born here. Glorious days are nearing for Bharatha.”

“Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is implementing the mission of incarnation on the earth has entered from its initial stage to the welfare rule or true rule which is the second stage. The announcement of the verdict of Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation who uplifted the Sanatana Dharma to a noble rank turned out to be an unforgettable moment in the administration of justice. The culture pertained to the land of sages, Bharatha, has reached its zenith. Sree Rama’s proclamation of the verdict became a rare opportunity to reveal the importance of Lord Shiva accompanying Parvathi Devi and of Lord Vishnu. The 7th incarnation, Lord Sree Rama’s assembly became the platform for the people to know the importance of the nation, limitations of the individual, relevance and authority of the positions.”

Sree Rama continued the declaration of judgement.

“But he who misuses any situation crookedly and that too to destroy the mother land, well- being of citizens, putting the administration in crisis, by accepting evil path to obstruct the execution of welfare and becomes the reason for cheating, conspiracy and treason, then, definitely, if it should not happen further, the culprits should be punished. Manthara who tried to shatter family relations creating mutual hatred gave necessary inspirations for doing the crime. Inspiring to do crime is a serious crime. Any person can be made guilty by inspiration. Individual who inspires to do crime is dangerous than who does the crime. The crime is first formed in the person who inspires to do the crime. Therefore, the real culprit is the person who inspires to do the crime. The person who inspired to do the crime has made the culprit through exploitation. Actually the crime is done by the person who has given inspiration. But the inspiring person is not seen in the front.  Those who had planned the crime first, inspires and insists to execute by giving them encouragement and so those inspired and planned are the real guilty persons. One who planned and encouraged another person to commit the crime is the chief. So, Manthara is such a culprit and she should be given an exemplary punishment. The assembly can inform its decision as to how the punishment should be executed.” Sree Rama gave an opportunity to the assembly.

“Give her life imprisonment. Let the deceitful and the enemy of the state be imprisoned until her death.” the assembly members unanimously demanded.

“I am accepting every body’s decision. Chief of Commander! Imprison Manthara in jail for life time at this moment.” Sree Rama commanded.

“When any matter is solved practically without delay, there by the calamities that might had happened could be avoided.”

Sree Rama, existing in righteousness becomes righteous by oneself. Citizens became the witness of the administration of justice.

“My dear son…. Rama … punish me too… who has done unsuitable for a mother not ever.” Kaikeyi cried of grief.

“Punishments should be sentenced only righteously. It is necessary to examine whether it is righteous or not. The punishment should be judged based on the person’s doings that whether it is agreeable to justice and virtue. While living with good name and fame and in the meantime when one gets disgraced by bad name, then definitely, that is a great punishment. The defame that Mata Kaikeyi had by realising herself as a culprit through the trial in front of the assembly, today, is itself a great punishment.  We should offer our prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for true knowledge.” Sree Rama consoled Kaikeyi.

“Victory to King Sree Rama! Long live Sree Rama, the son of King Dasaradha!!”   members of the assembly unanimously applauded victory.

“The coronation shall be conducted after two days on the day with rituals as decided.” Vasishta informed Dasaradha.

“Yes, we will celebrate it as a festival.” replied Dasaradha.

“The coronation of Rama will be conducted on the proclaimed day with celebration. Everybody should be present.” Dasaradha informed the assembly.

Everyone who knew how the idol of justice will be in each matters from Sree Rama has spread it like a wild fire.

The incident that made a debut in the inner chambers of the palace of Ayodhya was decisive and path to destruction was minutely but totally as practical, righteous and with justice Sree Rama had judged and solved, this execution of Sree Rama has made new belief, enthusiasm and expectations in people and increased their awareness of hard working without selfishness, devotion and virtue. People were satisfied.

After two days –

Ayodhya is celebrating the coronation of Sree Rama.

Today is the coronation of Sree Rama.

Rituals are going on….

Vasishta who gave leadership in all matters is announcing the importance of the culture of Bharatha.

Vasishta then advised Rama to take oath.

Then, coronation was performed.

King Dasaradha worn his crown to Rama. Thus the official leave taking of Dasaradha ended in this way.

“Everyone should fully cooperate so that Rama could execute good ruling that gifts only welfare to the citizens always. Pardon me for all the mistakes happened in my ruling. Let the Almighty bless everyone. I am interested in Vanaprastha stage (renouncing worldly pleasures and going to the forest along with one’s wife to lead a life of meditation and prayer) to live at ease the remaining time. All as to Lord’s will!”

Then Vasishta informed like this. “We all, the residents of Ayodhya are inviting our leader, King Sree Rama, the idol of justice. King Sree Rama will advise about our duties.”

“Blessed…. and the fortunate residents of Ayodhya, Kindly, accept my salutations.” Rama’s words impulse the people in the assembly.

“I am Sree Rama the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Establishment of righteousness is the mission of incarnation. Everybody should be a part of this. In accordance to one’s ability do take part. Welfare rule is the right of the citizens. Everybody must cooperate.”

Sree Rama continued humbly –

“Dasaradha, my father and who was also the King with much knowledge and experience must utilize his experience for the well-being of citizens throughout his life. The minute meaning of Vanaprastha stage (renouncing worldly pleasures and going to the forest along with one’s wife to lead a life of meditation and prayer) should be understood. No one can keep themselves from doing the duties and obligations not ever. The completion of duties with exactness leads to salvation. The greatest good deed is the ability to work out that is always proper for the citizens. Do not retire from doing the duties.”

“Harmonious devotion is accepted.  Devotion and belief should be practical. Devotion and belief should be achievements in the life. For that the clear, minute and real meanings should be understood. The practise of doing the duties without desires is intended with vanaprastha. But with the modus vivendi of vanaprastha, the practise of doing the duties either without keeping away from the duties or without being addicted to obligations is intended. It is not to detach from the duties, family relations and administration of state and lead a lonely life in the forests. But vanaprastha is the severe practice to work out that one has to do knowing oneself without interests and affections. It is not to abscond from the life. I request Dasaradha to continue as the royal advisor along with honourable Vasishta.”

Sree Rama’s words created satisfaction in Dasaradha and the citizens.

“My dear son! You have defeated me there too, is it not so? Dasaradha’s affection overflowed. Your knowledge in truth and righteousness is a great surprise!! I bow to the command of King Sree Rama. Also Ayodhya got a new arrangement permanently according to the morality of the state.”

“The people of Ayodhya are obliged to your good mind.” Rama informed Dasaradha with respect.

“I am appointing efficient and beloved Bharatha, son of Mata Kaikeyi as my Prime Minister and Shatrugna as the assistant. This is the order of the formal appointment of King Sree Rama. Let Laxmana be with me.”

“Praiseworthy Rama! Praiseworthy!! You are the idol of righteousness!!! Undoubtedly you are the noblest man!!!” Vasishta declared cheerfully.

Then began the execution of ruling.

“I am appointing Hanuman who is beloved to me, a fighter, noble among the humans, honour of weaponry as my commander-in-chief. Welcome to Sree Hanuman.” Hanuman who was present in the assembly came to the stage paying respect to Sree Rama.

Completing the procedures in the assembly Sree Rama entered the second stage as the ruler.

“Well-being of citizens shall be enforced through welfare rule. The beginning of citizen’s welfare will be aimed on spreading agricultural industry without business intention. Everyone will become the owner. Tax system will be stopped. The correct documents for everything must be preserved. Do the children have to pay tax to the parents for bringing them up? Giving protection to the progeny is the duty of parents and the rights of children. Parents become business men when they bring up their progeny as the source of income with business motive. Father and mother are the positions. Individuals existing in the positions like mother and father do have just the authority of these positions. Individuals are not positions. Individual has only the human rights. Individual does not have own powers. The position has powers. Whoever is at whatever position then that individual would have the power of that position. Ruler or the King is the most important position of the country. The person who exists in the position as King would have the power of that position. That is not for the person. Citizens are those who should get benefits from the position as King with its power.”

“The person existing in the position as King should use the ruling power for the citizen’s welfare. Then only the welfare rule is executed. Ruler or the King must not do business with the citizens. Ruling is not a source of income. Ruling is not a business. Nor citizens are the source of income. Ruling is the solution granted by the Lord to execute welfare for citizens. The King or Ruler is the most important position of the country that allow power for ruling. Welfare of the citizens are not to be executed by collecting money from the citizens. Parents should not collect money from the children to bring them up. Parents should be self- capable to bring up their children. Then only it would become efficient with mutual respect.

“The activities for developments should be project based. Governing should not be for the ruling but to establish the citizen’s welfare. Place, facility, direction and arrangement ends up in prosperity. When welfare is enforced as equilibrium with sufficient wealth, sumptuousness, consequently equality is executed. Thus through welfare ruling citizen’s welfare could be enforced practically. Welfare to all as per each and every position is intended through equality. Welfare ruling is for that. Worker and the capitalist are just two positions the person exists. Worker and the capitalist are just two stages of the person. Centralisation should be towards the position as owner. All citizens must be owners. The citizens who are the owner should be ready to become worker and capitalist in necessary situations.”

“Centralisation should be towards the position, not affection. With love and affection, the hope for the rewards in return, with the bondage that it is mine and so its worries. With the position there happens the execution of duty, self- clarification, freedom, good intention and there is no hope for rewards in return. If self-clarity, freedom and salvation is intended then the best way of execution is by position, not affection. Anything would be worthwhile only if each and every position has its power. When it is understood that whatever should be done as per the position, is being done then we come to the clarification that we are doing our duty without getting bonded in the affections of I, my and for me and without expecting anything in return and live peacefully with Lord’s blessing.”

“If the welfare ruling is not executed then the citizens would be owners in front and renders in effect and strangers in reality.”

The brief explanation about the reformation in the ruling of King Sree Rama was a new experience for all those present there.

Sree Rama continued.

“The mission of the 7th incarnation has entered the important stage as the ruler or King. The mission of incarnation shall be executed in these stages like country, world, Universe and the whole universe with everything in it. Not in the stages like person, family and society. Everything happens only according to the decisions of the Supreme Authority Lord Shiva and the Supreme Protection Authority Lord Vishnu. The welfare rule executed must be practical, agreeable to reasons and completely for citizen’s welfare and therefore project based so that citizens get food, clothes, house, education, medical treatment etc. at free of cost.” Sree Rama gave clarification about the reformation in ruling.

“Even though poverty is abated by welfare rule, if a person is to starve according to Lord’s decision, then definitely due to some reason he would have to experience the unbearableness of starvation. But that is not poverty. May be that person has to bear it at that time. There will be several minute reasons including past birth actions as far as the soul is concerned. This is Lord’s decision. In the same way whatever there is and if that should happen as per Lord’s decision will happen without any change. Nobody can cross over it. Everything is under Lord’s control.”

“Therefore, I am not introducing new claims. King is the supreme position of a country’s administration to enforce citizen’s welfare. Individual in the position as King should be very careful so that the citizens get those good things without hindrance that the Lord has intended to give them through that position. There should not be any kind of affection and hatred towards anyone. King should be ready for the execution of rule independently. He should not have obligation towards anything.  Only then the citizens would get what the Lord has allowed for them.”

“I am doing nothing new. We will be able to do only what Lord Shiva had already decided. Nothing is of my decision. Everything is of Lord Shiva’s and Lord Vishnu’s decision. My mission is only to know that and put into practice.”

The assembly members and the citizens became happy when Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation informed them the essence that how should a King must be so that the citizens could get good ruling. They were welcomed by the hopes for a better tomorrow.

Sree Rama continued –

“The roadways both in urban and rural areas should be reformed using the available technologies. Every steps should be taken to establish trade and commerce with the neighbouring countries. Foreign policy should be cordial. The means of transportation is necessary to improve mutual contacts and relationships with the neighbouring country, Lanka. That would be possible   only with Lord Shiva’s blessing. The Lord would have also arranged the means for that. Firstly, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu must be pleased and idol (idol in stone or metal with Cylinderical shape -Dheergha Dhandakrthi) should be installed at Rameswara and will become world renowned. Thus with the Lord’s blessing we would be able to construct bridge between India and Lanka. Efficient and energetic youths should be with Me. Then definitely it would be possible with Lord’s blessing. India’s fame is the spirituality and welfare ruling that allows well-being for citizens. The welfare and prosperity attained by the citizens through a King shall become a role model to the world. This is only a brief description of that to be executed. The perfection is in executing it out, not in promise.”

“Lord has allowed ‘space’ for each and every one. The success in life is when it is possible to know how and where is that ‘space’. That is there in each and every moment. Success is possible only when it is identified by Lord’s blessing. That is the trick for success.”

“To sacrifice one’s life on someone’s unrighteous words is equal to a suicide attempt. An ideal courage is not an effort to gain sympathy for being blamed for some other’s fault. Each step should be taken with utmost care. Carelessness comes in an enemy’s attire. Each situation should be utilized as an opportunity to exist in morality and live righteously according to the rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi). That is the ideal courage and patriotism.”

“My salutations to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu!!”

Sree Rama completed announcing the judgement.

King Sree Rama began the ruling.

Devotees and believers got the blessings of Lord Sree Rama as much as possible. Citizens became happy knowing the welfare rule not achieved until then.

As Dasaradha’s ruling was only average, the welfare of the citizens was not achieved. Good ruling cannot be had only by sincerity and dreams. Courageous steps must be taken.

The deserved soul undertakes the leadership as a ruler and executes welfare when he has determined interest, efficiency, boldness, courage, pure devotion along with his fate and Lord’s blessing. Solution will be made by Lord’s blessing for poverty and sufferings. That is the culture of India.

The citizens respected, honoured and worshipped Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation. Sree Rama, the incarnated man living in morality without fear surprised the people of Ayodhya. Sree Rama who handled the moral of the state very minutely was accepted by all members of the assembly.

Excessive alertness in politics, cleverness in war, knowledge in law and execution of justice increased the importance of Sree Rama the 7th incarnation. Sree Rama’s determination was much praised for not deviating a bit from righteousness even in the crisis situation. Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu who got ready for the administration of justice independently without being self-bonded, though he considers one’s own and relations became the citizen’s apple of the eye.

Lord Sree Rama gave the most important knowledge to the world as to how to examine whether the persons’ doings are righteous according to the power of positions based on the moral of the state. Though it seems to be the matter of Dasaradha, Kaikeyi and Manthara, this situation and incident has become an inspiration and model to reveal to the world, how the duties should be completed according to the positions.

This moment led an opportunity to reveal to the world as to how the King, Queen, husband, wife, father, children, citizens and the common people should be self-alert and righteous according to the rules and regulations of welfare nation. Without the consideration of time, place, personal relation and fear of the power of state administration how should one obey observance of law and morality without leading to country’s disintegration was made clear to the world by Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation and this auspicious moment made its debut in Ayodhya.

The beautiful scenes which revealed that the welfare of citizen is important than the family relations to the world made its debut in Ayodhya’s assembly.

Sree Rama’s announcement of justice turned out as a mile-stone in the history of the administration of justice. Sree Rama who completes the duty without being perplexed in affection of relations became the direct example of rules and regulations of welfare nation (Rajaneethi).

Lord Sree Rama conveys to the world through this situation that however wide is one’s worldly knowledge and if he has no administration of justice and morality in his life, he can’t achieve nobility, salvation and virtue.

How each situation can be used as an opportunity to gratify life existing in morality and righteousness was revealed to the world through Sree Rama in this context in the assembly of Ayodhya.
The Supreme Authority Lord Shiva and the Supreme Protection Authority Lord Vishnu revealed administration of justice and the execution of laws for the benefit in the world through Sree Rama, the noble person.

Lord Sree Rama, the good mannered person has completed his own duties humbly in the first stage to the world by executing what is proper to divinity.

Lord Sree Rama instead of trying to command and make to obey, he has revealed to the world the utmost vigilance that should be kept in the execution of laws by self- obeying.

Lord Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation revealed how it is possible to execute laws without depending others and without enmity but freely to the world has spread the fame and importance of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu throughout the universe.


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